Monday, September 7, 2009

Spa Day

You ever have those days where you feel kinda blah and you need to be rejuvinated? Well even puppies have those...and what makes a girl feel better than a spa day?
Now, I'm not into manis-and pedis. I don't want cucumbers on my eyes and facials just get my hair all sticky...what oh what can I do? Oh I know! A relaxing mud bath! It's good for your skin and stuff, and I need to keep shiney cause I love being shiney!

So as I eased into the calming mud spa, closed my eyes and I was whisked away to a land of no kitties or squirrels. There were tons of yummy chiken and bully sticks and all the toys were covered in squeakers. Ah, serenity now....
Then mom got home. (que sound of a scratching record)

Mom was not amused or relaxed about my spa day.
Okay okay, I admit it, my spa day was actually me playing in my giant pit (that I work so hard on digging) after a three hour rain shower. But other than that, it WAS really relaxing and calming!

The following bath in the tub with a mom repeatedly asking me "HOW did you get so DIRTY!!?!?!" was not calming.

Now my pit err spa has been condemed by a giant piece of tin over it that mom put out in a huff. I ask you, do these pictures not look like a high quality spa treatment???

My spa!

My butt was really dry, so that's where I focused my spa treatment

But I also got a facial!

Man I feel good!!!

All that high quality spa mud going down the drain! Geez mom!

After my bath mom was like you're so clean and shiney! Well DUH! I'm shiney because of my mud treatment!!! I think mom would be a lot less stressed if she went and rolled around in my mud pit...


  1. I think there is a song about pawrents just don't understand!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo do look fantastikh!

  2. Ha rooo rooooo- Anna, you might have a clever idea there for the Mom. And did she also stop to think of all the extra work she made for herself with having to clean the tub.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  3. I think your mud bath was fab! I has had many in my life and you would never gess me to be 8 years old, would you? I is telling you, mud baths is the doggie fountain of youth.

  4. Mmm. Mud baths. I haven't had one of those in awhile. Lucky you!


  5. BOL! Mud spa treatment! I don't understand why our hoomans don't appreciate our efforts to maintain our good looks!