Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm worried about mom and dad...I think they have hairballs!!!

They keep coughing. But no furballs come up. They just cough. And cough. Then lay around. I didn't even get a walk last night!

So after realizing one of my worst fears might be coming to pass, I asked mom, "Mom, are you turning into a kitty??" and she said no silly, that mom and daddy were feeling under the weather. That they must have caught a bug from somewhere but they should be better soon.

After hearing this, I've gone on bug patrol around the house....going after any sort of bug. Flies, ladybugs, moths. I ain't takin the chance of them getting to my peoples! Then after a small bug massacre, mom explained that it's not an actual "bug" but a cold. I still have no idea what she's talking about so I just nodded my head and kept looking for bugs.

I hope they feel better soon. We leave for the beach in a week-ish and we're going to Granny and Papa's this weekend for b'day celebrations. Until then, I'm on bug patrol. I've even wrangled the kitties to help me watch out for bugs, since the kitties need the peoples for foods!


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  2. You need to help your 'beans get all betters. Cuddle wif them and check their temperature by licking their foreheads. Encourage them to drink chicken soup but only after you have had some to check on the quality. With your nursing skills they should be all betters soons.

  3. Hope your humans feel better soon - there are so many bad bugs around now.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  4. Maybe woo need to make an appointment at their V-E-T!

    PeeEssWoo: and arrange fur some special tests!

  5. Oh no.... I hope you catch all those crazy buggies!