Friday, September 25, 2009

Vacation Day One

So last night mom and dad packed up everything we own in preparation for our "vacation". Duncan said the last time he saw so much crap go in the car it was for Christmas when mom and dad load up all the presents.

So this morning I wake up all excited. Mom and Dad wanted to sleep so they put me outside, so I just barked outside their window....they took the hint. We finally got loaded up...then I realized that "vacation" means staying in the car for a looong time with occasional breaks. At first I thought this was pretty lame, then we finally arrived.

Kudos to mom, the beachhouse is pretty top notch and very fitting of my diva and Duncan's pimp status. It's like something off MTV doggie cribs! We FINALLY made it to the big water...Dad warned me it was like the biggest creek ever and holy crap was he right!

At first I ran away from the waves then I jumped in and started swimming....other than the fact the water tastes like complete butt, it's really cool. I even saw some little bird thing and wanted to chase it but dad said no. Anyway, here's some pics from my day, the beach is pretty cool and Duncan and I mucho tired!

Dunc and I are big pimpin on our patio!

What is all this stuff???


Don't fall for it Dunc!

He totally fell for it...

This is the biggest creek ever I think!

Dunc says LIFE IS GOOD!!

Yeah, I think I can get used to this!


  1. That last pikh is WAY BIG KHOOL!

    I'm glad woo are living The Vida Lokha!

    I've nevFUR tasted that kind of creek water but Mom is nodding yes in agreement with woo!

    Have fun AND don't furget your sunblokhk!


  2. Looks like a really great place, Anna - wish we were there too.

    Tail wags and have lots of fun, the OP Pack

  3. Looks all too great!!! Have a wonderful time..all of you!

  4. In light of your most recent post, the "holy crap" is so right!!!