Saturday, September 19, 2009

Therapy Friends

My mom wants to thank you all for the get well wishes. She's not 100 percent, but she's much in she finally put on her "face" and went out of the house today! Go mom!

She took Duncan and I too see Dunc's therapy friends. Duncan is a therapy dog and visits nursing homes. They were on the "off season" but are gaming up for another year of visits. I went on one or two last year, but I was just a little pup and don't remember much about them. I do remember I was more interested in other dogs than the people!

Mom says I may get to go to some this year, although I'm not a "natural" like Dunc is. He just sits there and will be petted for HOURS and makes the people he visits really happy. So, in order to be awesome like my big brother, I got to meet some of his therapy buddies.

Duncan said he'd teach me to "work the crowd" like he does...he's such a pro!!!

These are "the poodles" Duncan's nemisis although he doesn't pay them any mind.

I thought someone had drug in and killed a bear....

OMG it's a dog!! I thought I was big, but holy crap!!! (he drooled.. A LOT!)

Checkin' out the puppies and peoples

This husky was just rescued...they had to shave her cause her coat was so matted and nasty. I like huskies!!

All in all it was a good day. It stopped raining enough for us to enjoy the picnic. Mom is getting me ready for my b'day party tomorrow and made some doggy cupcakes. I'll show them to you tomorrow...I taste tested one, it was delicious! Shhh!


  1. Hey Anna
    We thought we'd stop in a woof "hello"

    So cool that Duncan is a therapy dog and you're following in his pawsteps.

    Princess Eva & Brice

  2. Woo are sooooo furry smart fur liking US!

    PeeEssWoo: Poor thing!

  3. Therapy work is very rewarding. Marge is not the right dog for it, as you know, but I hope I'll be able to do it in the future with another dog.

  4. That poor husky, he must be so embarrassed to be so naked. But good that he got rescued and cleaned up. Hope you get to do some therapy work too.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack