Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring and Glamour Shots

This weekend was super! I think that ground squirrel/hamster/varmit/thing was right when he saw his shadow. The birds are singing, trees are budding, Duncan is rolling around in the grass. Yep, spring is here! As you can see by our gardinia bush, it's become a lot more colorful around here!

Mom says the trees should have leafs on them by the end of the week!

Mom, Dad, Dunc, Cousin Rebel and I decided to hang around in the backyard most of the ball!

Hey, where'd my ball playing partner go??

I just stopped to smell the flowers!

Uh oh, it's glamour shot time!

Yawn...a diva-model's work is never done!

Rebel struck a pose too! (if his ears look a little slobbery, I assure you, I have NO idea where the at could have come from...whistle whistle)

Duncan said Glamour Shots were for sissy's...pfffffft!

But he gave in with a distinguished gentleman pose...very George Clooney-esque, no?
It was a great weekend! Mom didn't get any play photos of me and Reb cause everytime we started she didn't have the camera...well, that's what she says, but in truth she was taking a nap in the sun!! And Cousin Rebel goes home today. Boo!!!!

I've received some great Tongue-tacular entries! I will be posting round one of photos later this get your Spectacular Tongue-Tacular on! BRING IT!!! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spectacular Tongue-Tacular is BACK!!


A year or so ago I held the Spectacular-Tongue-tacular contest, and I've decided to bring it back!

It's very very simple actually. To enter, post about this contest on your blog and feel free to post your favorite tongue photo! Then comment back on here so I know you've entered. You get an extra entry if you post this cool logo on your blog entry and link it back to here so more people can enter**. All entries must be in by noon on Friday March 11th. Then on March 14, we'll take all the entries and do a big ol' random drawing to declare the winner

What do you win other than the title of 2nd Annual Spectacular-Tongue-tacular winner? A goody box with some toys and treats will be delivered to you via da mail man! And mom knows how to shop...I've trained her well!!

So find your favorite tongue-tacular pics and remember:

Does your tongue hang low?
Does it wobble to and fro?
Can you tie it in a knot?
Can you tie it in a bow?
Can you throw it o'er your shoulderlike a continental soldier?
Does your tongue hang low?

**note, if you're a people and your doggie doesn't have a blog, you can still enter and win the prizes for your puppy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pins and Needles

What a great looong weekend. Mom was off Monday for Presents Day (whoops, she called it President's day...whatever). She needed it after running her 5k! She did it in 36 minutes! Go mom!

Cousin Rebel also came down. Yay! And Granny and Pawpaw brought something else too...a late Christmas present (see, maybe it was Presents day!) for mom...and guess who was on it?? Me and Dunc!!

Granny is a quilter, so she hand quilted me and Dunc for mom! How flippin cool is that?? AND she got my GOOD side!! I couldn't believe how much she captured my diva beauty!

And Dunc's charm! Although she left off all his greys! BOL!

Mom loved it! She couldn't believe how much the quilt looks like us! Granny did one for Aunt Temple too, it has cousins Lola the wonder corgi and Amos on it. Mom asked if Granny would sell these, she said she'd make them, she just needed pictures of the people's dog(s) and she'd do it. So if your people's want a one of a kind quilt with you on it hit me up yo! Or check out Granny's Etsy site and send her a message about what you want....all for about $130-$150!

Okay, enough for shameless plug. Mom was a "tad" sore after her run so we just hung around the house and played at home most of the weekend. Dad got the worm-bug yesterday, so he stayed home as well. And Rebel is here until next Tuesday! I'll get some play pics up soon!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mom Has Worms and new Counters

Wednesday night, as mom and I got ready for bed, all was well. Then about an hour later mom wakes up and starts walking around the house. She did this a few more times...I was quite concerned so I followed her around the house.

Apparently mom was having horrible tummy cramps. It lasted all night and into the morning. Poor mom, got no sleep so I stayed up with her while the kitties and Duncan snoozed away. When dad got home the next morning and saw that mom was still in bed he was quite worried. Mom said she had a tummy bug....and I was like "Oh nos! Mom has worms!!"

I was worried mom was going to start scooting her but across their lovely new carpet, but dad said it's not worm bugs, but like a virus bug. Mom got up, went to work for a few hours cause dad and counter top dude were installing our new kitchen countertops (photos below), then came home when they were done. Since we were both up alllllll night we both passed out on the couch.

This morning mom is bug free, which is good for mom. She doesn't want to even KNOW where Dr. Vet sticks the thermometer!! And which means she'll be in tip top shape for when Granny and PawPaw come down Saturday bringing cousin Rebel!!

Mom also has a 5k she's attempting to run that day. Mom has a busy weekend, but she's off work Monday so it will be some good times! Here's the before, during and after of the kitchen. Mom and dad are so glad it's all over with!!!! I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RIP Turquoise Nighmare Part II

Well, it's all gone...the plushy-turquoisy carpet is dead!! Mom almost cried when she walked in yesterday and saw the new carpet!!

Prior to new floors (you can see my lazer eyes if you look closely!). We don't understand the magical linoleum brick road that curved through, so we got rid of that!

Ta dah! Dunc and I like this new doesn't try to eat your soul like the other devil carpet!!

The dining room before...wood paneling and rose trim...why would we ever get rid of that??
Demo was fun!!!
Almost there...again, mom says ignore the construktion mess!

MUCH better!!!! Mom is ready to get a new dining set and china cabinet!

Now mom says it's time for new furniture!

I think we all enjoy it...even dad! I think he collapsed from home-improvement-itis.

It's quite nice. Simon even rolled around on the new carpet. All of mom and dad's hard work (which I supervised!) has paid off. Dad is doing the new counters tomorrow and there will be NO MORE pink in the house!! Do you hear that??? Those are angels singing!! Mom and dad have been remodeling the house, tearing down walls, painting and everything else since May of last year...I'm glad it's over! Well, they still have little odds and ends of baseboards and stuff, but the big stuff is DONE!

And in BETTER NEWS mom said Granny and pawpaw are coming down Saturday to see the house AND bring my cousin Rebel to stay with us for a whole week!! Granny and pawpaw are going to Vegas so mom and dad will be puppysitting. SA-WEET!!!

So far my puppy-sneaking skills are still good...the floors aren't giving me away too much...yet, although I did just have my nails clipped.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RIP Turquoise Nightmare

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! Mine was pretty awesome...and dad is still with us. Not because he saved his butt by doing anything for V-Day (way to step up dad...ever heard of flowers? Ahem...) but because mom was so enamoured with our new floors she didn't care!

Any of you that have read my blog for a while may have noticed that our floors in our house are horrendous! The carpet, while quite plush, is a horrible turquoise leaf pattern, with a lovely white and turquoise linolieum. Mom hates these floors. They haunt her at night. They've killed three vaccum cleaners with their leafy-plushness. They refuse to die. But in our final stage of complete home remodel, her dreams came true...they went RIP.

On Sunday Night, Simon and I paid our respects to the turquoise nightmare....

Can you find Simon's head?? How does he do that??

The old kitchen floors and carpet...blah!

Mia is paying her final respekts...

The hall...yeah, it's pretty bad!

Viola!! Check that out!!!

I approve these new floors. The kitties have less traction when I chase them. Muwhahahahaha!
They didn't get all the carpet out and replaced with the new carpet yet, they're doing that today. Dad and I will once again stay outside and supervise. Mom is so happy...RIP horrible floors!!
And thank you all for the good eye-mojo!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Eye had a buzy weekend!

Wow, what a weekend! So much to talk about!

First, mom took me to my appointment with Dr. Eye Vet to see about my possible Pannus. We waited in the waiting room for a while, but I was so nice and calm, and even got to met two little baby puppies that someone had just dropped off at someone's house in the cold night! How horrible!! Everyone laughed when these two little puppies backed me into a corner! They were hard core puppy fighters! Everyone called me a "chiken" but thought it was great how sweet I was with the little fellas!

On to Dr. Eye Vet. She was cool. Mom said she had a good vibe. She looked in my eyes, even turned the lights off! When she turned the lights on, she told mom I was an overacheiver, that I had both types of pannus! One affects my 3rd eyelid and is more cosmetic than anything. The other is typical pannus and hurts my cornea and could make me go blind! Oh snap!

But Dr. Eye Vet said with eye drops it can be controlled and I won't go blind. I'll just have to get drops for the rest of my life. That's better than going blind, so we can handle that. She said the rest of my eye was very healthy and she felt good about things. She even really liked my Doggie and Gabbana sunglass photos!

I did get a shot in each one of my eyes, but they numbed it up before hand and I didn't feel anything. I was so good, I didn't flinch or anything! After mom got the bill she said "Thank GOD for that puppy insurance policy I bought!!"

After that, me, mom, dad and Dunc went to the woods to run around since I was so good at Dr. Vet. It was great! I got to show dad my trails and my spot at the lake. On the way, Dunc tossed his cookies, but other than that it was a great time! After the long day at Dr. Vet and running around the woods I passed out!!

Sunday, mom painted the last room in the house in preparation for....dun dun dun!...the new floors that are coming in today!! Mom was so excited! We'll have a photo recap tomorrow! Oh, and today is also Duncan's Gotcha Day! Here's mom's write up last year about how we got the Big D!

Mom has to go by the store and get something special for the big guy...and also apparently buy dinner for her and dad since it appears dad has forgotten that today is a special day...Valentine's Day. Dad may not be with us for much was fun while it lasted pops! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

What I Is

Reading Bunny's Post yesterday about Blueberry's color got me thinking about all the times I've been called something other than a German Shepherd due to my fancy coat coloring.

Most people know GSDs by the traditional Black and Tan, or Rin-Tin-Tin look. That's what mom and dad knew before they got me. They also knew of the solid white GSDs. Then, after meeting me they were introduced to the whole new world of GSD coloring!

I'm what they call a Bi-color's one of the rarest GSD coat colorings. I only have tan on my legs and a little bit around my bum and some brown tips in my ears and on my belly. Other than that, I'm all black. This pattern makes most people think that I'm either a:

1. Petite Rottie

2. Some sort of Doberman

These are the most common things people think I'm mixed with. But on occasion, I've heard some doozies! Like when we were hiking in NC and I was wearing my blue backpack and this woman freaked out saying: OMG THAT WOLF IS WEARING A BACKPACK!! ON THE TRAIL!!!

Do what? Does this guy look like the blue-backpack, coordinated pink leash and collar wearing guy to you??

I think the best though, and mom's alltime favorite, was when a woman actually stopped her car, backed up to us and asked mom if I was a Jackal. Mom was dumbfounded and looked at the lady like she had an arm growing out of her

There are also sable GSDs that do look kinda and dad think they're very pretty! Then there's the solid blacks and blanket-blacks that have a lot of black on their bodies, but not enough to be a bicolor.

Mom and dad also got a lot of "You cropped her ears to be like that, right?" I'm guessing because I looked like a Dobe. Mom would reply "If this is what her ears look like cropped, how big do you think they were before?!?!?!?"

So there you go...I'm not a Rottie-Dobe-Wolf-Jackal cross, just a plain ol' GSD!

Bike Season!

Hey all! Hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was pretty laid warmed up to the mid 50s Sunday, so mom took me to the woods to burn off some energy. Dad was working so he didn't get to go, but I had fun anyway! And I found some new PREY! Muwhahahahahaha!

See, I was in the woods by my little part of the lake, when I sensed a disturbance!!

What's dat?

I hid among the mud and reeds...waiting...

Come on mom!! Gah, you're crampin' my style!

Wait...I hear something with my giant supersonik ears!!!

I'll a huntin dog...there it is!!!!

Can you see my prey??

Biggiefied, it's a biker on a trail!!

I wonder if he'd fit in my backpack??

No worries, I won't hunt the bikers, I just like to look at them. The trails are hiking/biker trails so they're out a lot, but they're all pretty nice! Some of them even bring their doggies to run alongside them as they bike. I don't see this happening in our future, but it's cool to look at!
In other news, a week from today is not only Valentine's day, but it's also Duncan's gotcha day AND the day we're getting new floors in the house!! What a busy day that's going to be! Mom may take off work and maybe we can all go to the woods while the workers install the new, dad, mom and Dunc! That sounds pretty cool!