Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring and Glamour Shots

This weekend was super! I think that ground squirrel/hamster/varmit/thing was right when he saw his shadow. The birds are singing, trees are budding, Duncan is rolling around in the grass. Yep, spring is here! As you can see by our gardinia bush, it's become a lot more colorful around here!

Mom says the trees should have leafs on them by the end of the week!

Mom, Dad, Dunc, Cousin Rebel and I decided to hang around in the backyard most of the ball!

Hey, where'd my ball playing partner go??

I just stopped to smell the flowers!

Uh oh, it's glamour shot time!

Yawn...a diva-model's work is never done!

Rebel struck a pose too! (if his ears look a little slobbery, I assure you, I have NO idea where the at could have come from...whistle whistle)

Duncan said Glamour Shots were for sissy's...pfffffft!

But he gave in with a distinguished gentleman pose...very George Clooney-esque, no?
It was a great weekend! Mom didn't get any play photos of me and Reb cause everytime we started she didn't have the camera...well, that's what she says, but in truth she was taking a nap in the sun!! And Cousin Rebel goes home today. Boo!!!!

I've received some great Tongue-tacular entries! I will be posting round one of photos later this get your Spectacular Tongue-Tacular on! BRING IT!!! :)


  1. Well, we had sort of a spring day yesterday. Heavy fog, then lots of rounds of noisy t-storms, and now lots and lots of mud. We aren't seeing any blooms yet, but maybe soon.

    We are still working on those tongue shots - they aren't that easy to catch on the flashy beast:(

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. You doggies are very photogenic especially you, Anna. OOOh I'm so tempted to participate in the contest too! Wait for my entry photo!!

  3. You has flowahs? We dussn't has flowahs yet but the green stuffs wot belongs to the daffydills and two-lips is poking up out of my yard. I wonner if'n that unnerground hog be pushing them up to make us think he be rite about spring.

  4. You got Spring??? Woof! We could use some of that.
    It is raining and windy and cold.
    Looking for the sun..
    Great pics of you all.

  5. Hey Anna! Are you tired? Because you've been running through my mind all morning... Those Glamour Shots are just too much for me...


  6. Miss Anna, the groundhog was WRONG. When he sees his shadow there's supposed to be six more weeks of winter. Well, almost the very next day warm weather arrived, and it hasn't gotten cold again since. Even my roses are leafing out - Feb. 28th!! Crazy! Great ball playing weather though, huh? And those are some mighty fine glamour shots!

  7. Somehow, I wasn't following you according to my google acct. I'm so very confused! Anyway, I did get your comment and I'd be honored to make a wash room sign. Let me know what color background you'd prefer and I was thinking letters in a more cursive style. And of course, a kitty. Anything in particular you'd like it to say?

  8. Anna, those glamour shots are wonderful! Duncan looks like George Clooney is his handsome way! It's warm here but raining hard. We know you will miss Rebel! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  9. We'll only be dreaming about flowers for a couple of months still here! Your glamor shots are fabulous! You were born to be a model!


  10. Beautiful and awesome glamour shots, Anna! Three of you are marvellous and like the famous Three Musketeers.
    I bet it's so beautiful there with those flowers out and the green plants! So glad spring is there at last!

  11. Great weekend there Anna!!! Love backyard hang out time!!
    Have a great week...sounds like a fun contest you have going on there!!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose