Monday, February 7, 2011

Bike Season!

Hey all! Hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was pretty laid warmed up to the mid 50s Sunday, so mom took me to the woods to burn off some energy. Dad was working so he didn't get to go, but I had fun anyway! And I found some new PREY! Muwhahahahahaha!

See, I was in the woods by my little part of the lake, when I sensed a disturbance!!

What's dat?

I hid among the mud and reeds...waiting...

Come on mom!! Gah, you're crampin' my style!

Wait...I hear something with my giant supersonik ears!!!

I'll a huntin dog...there it is!!!!

Can you see my prey??

Biggiefied, it's a biker on a trail!!

I wonder if he'd fit in my backpack??

No worries, I won't hunt the bikers, I just like to look at them. The trails are hiking/biker trails so they're out a lot, but they're all pretty nice! Some of them even bring their doggies to run alongside them as they bike. I don't see this happening in our future, but it's cool to look at!
In other news, a week from today is not only Valentine's day, but it's also Duncan's gotcha day AND the day we're getting new floors in the house!! What a busy day that's going to be! Mom may take off work and maybe we can all go to the woods while the workers install the new, dad, mom and Dunc! That sounds pretty cool!


  1. I betcha it not be efurry dog wot can say they gotted noo floors fur Balentimes Day! Hmmm. That be kinda catchy. "Show how much you care by installing new floors." "Nothing says "I Love You" like new floors." Nah, I think the fambly hike do say "I Lubs You" better!

  2. I wish it were warm enough for us to go on walks!

  3. Fun! That's what Lady and Lucky did this weekend too! Wasn't it great to be outdoors? It's amazing how warm 45-50 degrees can feel after its been so cold. I sure miss being able to hike with my dogs "off leash." My last German Shepherd Jessie would have been positively insulted hiking on leash. But Lady and Lucky... *sigh*... Lady would have been after that biker like a speeding bullet. Not to hurt him/her, just to "herd" them. That instinct is SO overpowering in her. And Lucky, well, he just follows his nose... off into the the sides of cliffs.... But, we have fun anyway! :)

  4. Nice that you got to go for that great walk on such a nice day. The Momster doesn't like most of the bikers on our trails because they just come up behind us really fast and never give a warning. Bad manners.

    New floors? We can't wait to see what you are getting. We need to have our floors done too, but it is hard to decide what is the best way to go. Mom wants to put in all new prestained hardwood so we don't have to deal with the dust and smell of stripping and restaining. Huge project.

    Happy early Valentine Gotcha Day.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Anna, it sounds exciting!! Walks through the woods, new floors, gotcha day for Duncan and Valentine Day!! Can't beat that!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  6. Hi ya Anna! What a great hike!! Very neat that hikers, bikers and doggies can be on the same trail :) I always pay attention to bikers too, as it might be my dad! I give 'em the sniff check to see....
    Have a nice week!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  7. Your woods look like a much better walk than our trek through town! I think I'm going to order new floors if it means I'll get Mom and Dad taking us out for an extra day! That sounds perfect.

    Supersonic ears! That sounds like Morgan!


  8. The weather looks so good there and you look great in the wood. What a nice and warm day for a good walkie, glad you had a good time there.

  9. Loooking,,, looking.. squinting and squinting.. are u sure it's a biker and not a blue squirrel on the tree??