Monday, February 14, 2011

Eye had a buzy weekend!

Wow, what a weekend! So much to talk about!

First, mom took me to my appointment with Dr. Eye Vet to see about my possible Pannus. We waited in the waiting room for a while, but I was so nice and calm, and even got to met two little baby puppies that someone had just dropped off at someone's house in the cold night! How horrible!! Everyone laughed when these two little puppies backed me into a corner! They were hard core puppy fighters! Everyone called me a "chiken" but thought it was great how sweet I was with the little fellas!

On to Dr. Eye Vet. She was cool. Mom said she had a good vibe. She looked in my eyes, even turned the lights off! When she turned the lights on, she told mom I was an overacheiver, that I had both types of pannus! One affects my 3rd eyelid and is more cosmetic than anything. The other is typical pannus and hurts my cornea and could make me go blind! Oh snap!

But Dr. Eye Vet said with eye drops it can be controlled and I won't go blind. I'll just have to get drops for the rest of my life. That's better than going blind, so we can handle that. She said the rest of my eye was very healthy and she felt good about things. She even really liked my Doggie and Gabbana sunglass photos!

I did get a shot in each one of my eyes, but they numbed it up before hand and I didn't feel anything. I was so good, I didn't flinch or anything! After mom got the bill she said "Thank GOD for that puppy insurance policy I bought!!"

After that, me, mom, dad and Dunc went to the woods to run around since I was so good at Dr. Vet. It was great! I got to show dad my trails and my spot at the lake. On the way, Dunc tossed his cookies, but other than that it was a great time! After the long day at Dr. Vet and running around the woods I passed out!!

Sunday, mom painted the last room in the house in preparation for....dun dun dun!...the new floors that are coming in today!! Mom was so excited! We'll have a photo recap tomorrow! Oh, and today is also Duncan's Gotcha Day! Here's mom's write up last year about how we got the Big D!

Mom has to go by the store and get something special for the big guy...and also apparently buy dinner for her and dad since it appears dad has forgotten that today is a special day...Valentine's Day. Dad may not be with us for much was fun while it lasted pops! :)


  1. Oh boy- dad must do something amazing to stay in da good graces!
    Sorry to hear about the eyes but glad to know they will be ok with some medicines.
    A post without even one pic of you? And on V-day? I was sad not to see your pretty face :)
    Happy Valentine's day to you and your peeps!

  2. Lady is scared of puppies too, how funny! I'd first observed this with the neighbor's new lab puppy, after happily taking her down there for a little playtime. Lady is ALWAYS trying (unsuccessfully) to get Lucky to play. A puppy! How wonderful, I thought! Wrong. Then yesterday we were out hiking again and came across another tiny lab puppy. Again, she couldn't get farther away. ???? What the heck? It is strange to have a German Shepherd with puppy-phobia. Glad the vet visit went well. The idea of shots in your eyes made me cringe. Glad it wasn't bad though.

  3. Ahh! Just got back from reading Duncan's story. What a wonderful boy...sounds like a 1 in a million dog ;) (And a smart hubby for knowing when to give in!)

    I'm glad to hear that the meds will control that nasty Pannus. And you look so good in your shades (love that pic from the header of the blog)!

    Happy Valentine's Day to fantastic family!

  4. All in all, we think your visit was a good one. It must be so reassuring to know that some drops can control that nasty pannus. We are so happy for you, Anna.

    And Happy Gotcha Day to Duncan - hope you all get cake.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you from all of us.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder,and Ciara

  5. Glad to hear your eyeballs can be controlled! So scary when things happen to our eyeballs!
    ps. Happy Valentine's Day, Beautiful!

  6. OK, I so need a snooze after reading all that. Now furstly, I totally get the puppies backing you into the corner thing. I mean rilly, if'n one of them yipped, whether you had done something or not you would be in SOOOOO much trubulls so why take a chance the little buggers mite set you up to take the rap? Dubbull bummer about your eyeballs but good they can be kept unner control. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY DUNCAN! and ♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥ to you and Duncan and you mom but not your dad. That will teach him the errors of hims ways.

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  8. Good to hear the eyes can be controlled with the drops. Blindness is no good, though some dogs, even when they do go blind don't seem to have too much trouble with it. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Talented K9

    ps. Sorry for previously deleted comment they need an edit button!

  9. Happy Valentine's Day!! Anna, we are very glad that your eye condition can be controlled with the drops. We just came home from the vet today for the annual visit plus some other issues. We ran into a couple with a German Shepherd that looked so much like you only the dog is a male and him and Holly became Valentine's buddies. Clearly he was interested (in many ways) in Holly.....and she played timid in a few ways but she was really wanting to be all over him. Another woman with a dog jumped up and ran when they walked in with the dog which made me laugh thinking of your post about people asking if you were a wolf! We read the post again about Duncan and remembered it from last year...we are so glad you got him! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  10. I'm glad you caught that pannus early enough that you can take care of it with eye drops! I admit, I felt a little light headed when you talked about the shots, though.

    Your dad got Duncan for Valentine's Day and he didn't remember this momentous event in history?! I am shocked!


  11. So happy to hear that the meds work and your eyes are under control. It's so scary!!! Well, I admire you a lot, Anna. You look really cool with your shades on. I asked my mom to get me a pair like yours but she said my eyes are perfect and I don't need them. So I just wonder whether you will still wear your shades even your eyes are 100% cured?
    Happy Gotcha day to Duncan. We just read about his story and so glad that he is with your family.
    Bty, Happy Valentine's Day to you, Anna. Any Valentine???

  12. Oh wow! I shiver when I think about getting a shot in the eye but thank goodness the Dr. numbed your eye first! I never even heard of pannus before and am very glad yours can be controlled with eye drops!


  13. Hey!! Where is your pretty faccccccce?? I was looking forward to see you again.. Thanks for updating us on your eye although I wish it was a super good news.. Lets take baby steps..and I am still very happy you are doing better and the jab didn't scare you..

    BOL !! you got picked by puppies.... and mommy didn't try to save you? We need a word with her on that.. :P

    Take care and post your pretty face please


    PeeS : I hope daddy wont be away for too long