Friday, February 18, 2011

Mom Has Worms and new Counters

Wednesday night, as mom and I got ready for bed, all was well. Then about an hour later mom wakes up and starts walking around the house. She did this a few more times...I was quite concerned so I followed her around the house.

Apparently mom was having horrible tummy cramps. It lasted all night and into the morning. Poor mom, got no sleep so I stayed up with her while the kitties and Duncan snoozed away. When dad got home the next morning and saw that mom was still in bed he was quite worried. Mom said she had a tummy bug....and I was like "Oh nos! Mom has worms!!"

I was worried mom was going to start scooting her but across their lovely new carpet, but dad said it's not worm bugs, but like a virus bug. Mom got up, went to work for a few hours cause dad and counter top dude were installing our new kitchen countertops (photos below), then came home when they were done. Since we were both up alllllll night we both passed out on the couch.

This morning mom is bug free, which is good for mom. She doesn't want to even KNOW where Dr. Vet sticks the thermometer!! And which means she'll be in tip top shape for when Granny and PawPaw come down Saturday bringing cousin Rebel!!

Mom also has a 5k she's attempting to run that day. Mom has a busy weekend, but she's off work Monday so it will be some good times! Here's the before, during and after of the kitchen. Mom and dad are so glad it's all over with!!!! I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


  1. The kitchen looks great.

    Sorry to hear your mum was poorly but I bet you did a great job of guarding her and keeping her company.

    I saw you on Houndstooth's blog and thought I'd come over and follow you too.

    GSD's are some of my favourite dogs I meet on my walks.

    Love and licks, Winnie the Greyhound

  2. We are glad your mom is feeling much better! Having a tummy virus is never fun and we are glad you were there for her Anna!! your kitchen is beautiful.....very beautiful! I bet your mom is so proud of the house!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. Kitchen looks great! Mom keeps talking about redoing ours but dad keeps saying "yea... ok... soon" ... I think he's lying. Hope your momma keeps feeling bug-free!

  4. Your countertops were PINK?? My goodness, I bet you had a countertop burning ceremony afterward. Sorry about the bug, I could totally see Miss Anna following you around - aren't shepherds great like that? They won't sleep if you can't. The whole house could burn down around Lucky and he'd be snoring away, but Lady's in tune with everyone and everything! Have a fun weekend Anna!

  5. We hope the Mom will be good for the weekend for the company and the run. Love, love, love the kitchen. Great job.

    We hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. You are a much better nurse for your mom than Morgan was! I have to keep that duty for myself because Morgan is a little too thorough in her checks. I'm sure glad your mom is feeling much better!

    There was much oooing and ahhing over your new kitchen from here! I think it looks beautiful! Do you have new food bowls to match the new decor?


  7. Thank you fur putting that pikshure in my brain of your mom scootching her butt across the new carpet, BOL, BOL. Well, glad she be better now and that no longer be an ishoo and yay for the beeootiful noo counters. How is they fur counter surfing? Good trakshun or no?

  8. The new kitchen is beautiful. The old one was much better looking than ours, too, for that matter.

    It sounds like you've had your paws full lately. I do know how that is. With my humans being on the old side, something is always going wrong with them and I have to look after them. Our work is never really done, is it?

  9. Your kitchen is so beautiful and the picture of it made my mom wants to have a facelift of her kitchen now! Oh no, I'm going to persuade her not to try this idea but I guess Daddy has just started telling her 89,394 reasons why she shouldn't.
    YOu're such a wonderful nurse, Anna.

  10. Anna, you're so good to keep a close eye on Mom. Good girl! I know Nyxie would've been my shadow while Arwen would keep a close eye on my proximity to the kitchen. Glad the tummy bugs are gone. The counters look great - sleek and clean! Good luck on the 5K!

  11. Sorry your mommy had worms -

    I'm glad she's better now -

    The kitchen looks pawesome!


  12. Woo - our hu-dad has been sick a few times, but we have never seen him do the butt scoot across the den floor. Glad your mom is better.