Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RIP Turquoise Nighmare Part II

Well, it's all gone...the plushy-turquoisy carpet is dead!! Mom almost cried when she walked in yesterday and saw the new carpet!!

Prior to new floors (you can see my lazer eyes if you look closely!). We don't understand the magical linoleum brick road that curved through, so we got rid of that!

Ta dah! Dunc and I like this new doesn't try to eat your soul like the other devil carpet!!

The dining room before...wood paneling and rose trim...why would we ever get rid of that??
Demo was fun!!!
Almost there...again, mom says ignore the construktion mess!

MUCH better!!!! Mom is ready to get a new dining set and china cabinet!

Now mom says it's time for new furniture!

I think we all enjoy it...even dad! I think he collapsed from home-improvement-itis.

It's quite nice. Simon even rolled around on the new carpet. All of mom and dad's hard work (which I supervised!) has paid off. Dad is doing the new counters tomorrow and there will be NO MORE pink in the house!! Do you hear that??? Those are angels singing!! Mom and dad have been remodeling the house, tearing down walls, painting and everything else since May of last year...I'm glad it's over! Well, they still have little odds and ends of baseboards and stuff, but the big stuff is DONE!

And in BETTER NEWS mom said Granny and pawpaw are coming down Saturday to see the house AND bring my cousin Rebel to stay with us for a whole week!! Granny and pawpaw are going to Vegas so mom and dad will be puppysitting. SA-WEET!!!

So far my puppy-sneaking skills are still good...the floors aren't giving me away too much...yet, although I did just have my nails clipped.


  1. Hi ya Anna! Wow wow wow! Love the transformations, and we can see all the tremendous effort and sweat that went in to the projects! Beaufitul results and some fantastic color choices! Enjoy :) Mom's brain started spinning into remodel possibilities here as we read your post!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  2. Your house looks awesome!

  3. We just love the new look!! Everything is beautiful!! We imagine your dad wanted to just lay there for awhile after all of that work along with your mom! And Rebel is coming to stay for a week too on top of are so lucky!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  4. You should take your remodeling show on the road and come ofur here to do our house. After you is done playing with Rebel, of course.

  5. It all looks so beautiful. Sometimes all that home remodeling takes time but it is so worth it when you see such wonderful results. Congrats!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. I likes ur new carpets and all da remodelin wot u did looks beary nice.

    Mehbe u shuld gib dad sum CPR (carpet peepl resusitashuns).

  7. Wow, it's amazing what new floors and remodeling can do! House is looking amazing with those nice floors! I would love to have wood floors when we get a house, definitely the way to go, especially with animals!

    Motivating Your Dog

  8. That looks beautiful! Mom says she's been waiting longer than five years for that bathroom to be fixed, though.

    I can't wait to see the adventures you have with Rebel! You lucky, lucky girl!


  9. Nice!! I had to laugh at that magical lineoleum pathway. Don't you wonder sometimes what on earth people were thinking?? Looks great now though! This post is inspiring me to go ahead with the hallway painting project. We got rid of the lemon meringue yellow in the living room in 2007, but sadly it has lingered in the hallway for years now.