Tuesday, December 23, 2014

July in Christmas

So you ever seen those commercials in the summer when they say they is having a Christmas in July sale? Well, guess what, I just got July in Christmas!

We've had a lot and I mean A LOT of packages delivered to the house. Mom does all her holiday shopping online. Between that and the last package being for the kitties, not me (boo!), I didn't really pay any attention to the mail yesterday. Until mom said: Look Anna! A package for you!

I was like, what??

So mom did open it for me and I read the card.

It did be a gift from Noodles! I had won a wacky hat contest back in July. This is was awesome timing on Noodles part, since I didn't receive my monthly Chewy surprise. So way to go Noodles! Now, on the the presents!

Check out this swag! Swag I don't have to share with kitties (in fact, mom shooed THEM out of the house so Winston wouldn't try to eat my stuffs!)

Check out these pawsome, homemade doggie treats! NOM! Wait, what's behind me...oh that do be Duncan sniffing the noms. He may be deaf, but his snooter knows good noms when he sniffs them.

So, I does share with the old man. I don't know if he actually even tasted them...

I did....they were delicious! Props to the chef!

Then I played with the squeaky bone!

It was fun! The BP even threw it around for me! Thanks Noodles! It was a great, and delicious surprise!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May it be filled with love, laughter and delicious noms!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Chewy Kitty--No Cubelets

So our Chewy.com item for review came in! Yay! But, what the what...mom said it was for the kitties?!?! I feel so betrayed! And if that wasn't bad enough, I was shooed out the door so mom could let the kitties try out the item. Humph. Santa better make up for this, and this better not happen again---I'm looking at you Mom and the (nice) peoples at Chewy that allowed this slip of insanity to happen.

Oh well, here it is. Mom chose the Wellness Divine Duos kitty noms. These feature a Chicken Pate and Diced Duck cubes. It's all real ingredients and Mom was so happy to see that this meaty, wet kitty nom did not have the nasty ingredient carrageean in it. Mom learned all about it when Simon got older and sickly. It's very bad for kitties,can cause inflammation, intestinal cancers, bad poops (which is what we think ended up taking Simon from us) and so on.

It is very common in wet foods (even people foods, so watch out!) to make it gelatin like, and trust us, it's hard to find a wet food that DOESN'T have this stuff in it. Mom read labels after labels after labels and it was hard to find. So, she was so happy to see it wasn't in this kitty nom.

I think Winston knew this was just for him!

Initial Winston reaction: He was all over it! But then he kinda slowed down, and took his time to nom it up. Which mom liked. But then we noticed something...

He ate the Pate stuff, but wasn't into the cubes. In fact, he kinda played with them. Winston, stop playing with your food!!

Winston says: I gives it 2 out of four paws, I'd give it three if it was just the mushy pate stuff, I don't think I'm down with the cubelets.

So then it was on to Mia to try this out.

Mia was being a diva and insisted that her food be served to her by the light of the Christmas tree. Ugh, kitties.

Mia nommed nice and slow. But guess what she did....

Yep, she left the cubelets too. So, I guess there you have it folks. Kitties are picky, whereas Duncan and I would have just inhaled it all. Final verdict: 2 of 2 kitties agree, pate only, no cubelets. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Crying over a White Christmas

Last night mom was moving groceries in and this happened....

Mom was close to crying (That's $6 organic whole cow juice on the floor....)

While Winston and Duncan thought it was the most magical, exciting Christmas gift ev-er! Sigh, I guess we did have a White Christmas after all!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tis the Season

It's that time of year again, when mom and dad go a little bonkers and bring a tree in the house!

Saturday, after the Turkey Day nomming, they put a tree in the house. It's a new tree, since out old one was like 10 years old and had some lights out and stuffs. Anyhoo, I was all "Here we go again" time to take a nap:

 While the two youngest members of the family, Bald Puppy and Winston, were all:


Winston do think it's like the best thing effers. He can be inside with the tree even while it's rainy or whatnot. He acts like no one can see him under there, but we don't has the heart to tell him, he isn't exactly camo-flaged under the tree....

The BP likes to look at the ornaments, but now he's a little more used to it and not all up in it like he was at first...which is a good thing. 

Also this year, dad did put up lights outside the house. Okay, even I have to admit, this is pretty cool. Santa Paws will be sure to find us and all our Christmas Spirit!! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Little Wild Chicken Bits

We is finally getting around to our review of our Chewy.com item this month! The holiday season does get crazy! And it's not even the holidays! Wow!

Anyhoo, we decided to try out the Blue Wilderness Trail Treats, Chicken Wild Bits-- since we do like to hike on the trail and were interested to see how wild and crazy these chickens do be. Duncan checked out the package...

He thought he looked just like that wolf on the front. Pfft...okay old man! While he was admiring "himself" mom did look at the package and made sure that it was all good stuffs, which it was. No grains, colors, preservatives and junk like that. Mom was pretty sure it would be okay, since we used to eat the Blue Buffalo dry noms before we went on the raw diet.

The only thing mom didn't like in the ingredients was Maple Syrup and potatoes. I, personally, see no problem with Maple Syrup!!!

Now these are kinda like training treats, they is pretty small. Mom told me to sit so I did, then she took too long to take the picture so I showed her my next trick of going PFFTTTTTTTT! GIVE ME NOMS!

I did nom them up, they was pretty good.

Duncan did nom with a quickness...in a blur the treats in mom's hand is gone! He may be an old fart, but Duncan don't play when it comes to noms.

We even shared with my girlfriend fence neighbor Abby. She did like them too.

Overall, these were pretty good. We ate them, but mom said we didn't go CRAZY for them like we have some other items, so the Wild Chicken name isn't too appropriate. But, this might be good for training treats, they did enough to get our attention, but not enough that we couldn't think straight because we was drooling like Nom Zombies.

We does give it 3 out of 4 paws and think it would be good for training.Also, we is not paid for this review or our modeling services. We participate in bloggy reviews for Chewy.com and just receive the item to try out.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Creature of Habit

Hey all. I've been MIA again, mainly due to mom doing some traveling and then the Bald Puppy catching a stomach bug then sharing it with mom! Wasn't that nice of him?

Anyhoo, on to today. So, I think most of the country is like us right now, flippin cold. Which is fine, we like cold. It feels better outside and feels really good on the couch with the heater on. But this morning, it was the first COLD cold of the year. And it caused problems.

Let me first start with our morning schedule:

1. BP wakes up
2. Mom wakes up
3. Me, Duncan and usually a kitty or two go outside, do our business and patrol the perimeter.
4. Mom and BP do things inside involving clothes and stuff.
5. We get fed outside (cause of the raw noms)
6. Mom and BP leave for the day and we go back inside to chill or go back to bed with dad.

That's it. It's a great little schedule. Can you see where there might have been a problem with that schedule this morning? Mom didn't think much about it, until she was on step #4 when she noticed this staring at her:

And he doesn't just stare. He huffs and pants and then walks off then walks back. He's very determined. Mom was "like what the crap?" then realized, oh yeah, because it was so cold outside step #3 was shortened and we were brought back in after we pottied. But since we bypassed step #5 before coming in, the old fart was not happy.

Mom tried to explain this to Duncan, that she saved him from the brutal, arctic tundra, but he didn't care. He gave her the stone cold senior stinkeye of death.

I guess old farts just get set in their ways. I don't know what his big deal is, I, on the other paw, was relaxing comfortably on my the spare bed, warm and awaiting noms.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vacay Hike: Over, Under and Over the Hill

For the last several years, when we go on vacay to North Carrylina, it's during mom and dad's b'day week (and right after mine). So on one of the days, her b'day, mom always picks a long "I ain't old" hike. I think this means she is in denial, but we all somehow get sucked into it.

In fact, mom snuck this one in. It was right after our beautiful Rough Ridge overlook hike and mom was like "So, let's do the Green Knob trail, we've never done it, it doesn't look to hard."

So we were like "We got this!" but I think we do need to be reading mom's hiking guide and looking at the levels, this was Moderate/Difficult and between 2.5-2.7 miles.

There was some really nice forests on the trail, with lots of creek waters. So this isn't too bad!

Then there was lots of ups and downs, which weren't too bad, we even had to make it over (or in my case, under) a tree that did fallen on the trail.

Then we did go under the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Then the landscape did change, it was no more creeks.

The BP made it about 1.5 miles in (on top of the other half mile he had already done! Wow!) when he decided it was time for a Goldfish Cracker Break. We all agreed and nommed on Fishes.

Then when we got regoing, we came out in a big grassy field!! That was unexpected!

There had been cows there recently, because of fresh cow poops. I never saw a cow, but the BP did see the poops and said "EWWWWW! NASTY!" BOL! About this time, the BP had enough and rode in his BP carrier the rest of the way.

Then the trail changed again and we went into a pretty hardwood forest.

Then we came out into a nice wildflower field! It was full of buzzy bees, but no mean guys in Yellow Jackets. :) 

And we ended back at the pond we started at.

It was a great hike, so pretty and different, even if it was long. But, I guess that just proved that mom isn't too over the hill to go up and over all those little hills. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vacay Hike: Where I Wasn't Supposed to Be

I'm almost done wrapping up our hikes from vacay. This hiking day will be a two part post. The first part was on the Rough Ridge trail, which isn't too long, but gives spectacular views! It was trail 1 of mom's b'day hiking.

So anyways, why we loves the Blue Ridge Parkway is they do be very puppy friendly. Which is good. But mom and dad saw something on this trail we'd never seen before...a sign that said "No Dogs on Trail."

What....the....crap. Guess what. We ignored it. We ignored it so good, we don't even have a picture of it. Now, we're not big on breaking the rules, but it said nothing of this dog-discrimination in our trail book, in fact look at this picture:

That dog don't even be on a leash! Of course, this might be a little dated, since the peoples look like they stepped right out of a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode, but oh well. So up we started!

A little after we started, here came two peoples real fast up the trail, and guess who one was? It did be a Park Ranger. Oh snap! So mom put me in a sit and we hoped he would be distracted by the cuteness of the BP and he just said hi and kept going! Whew!

Do you know that BP climbed up that whole trail?  I was impressed, but was getting more impressed as we noticed the leafs were changing colors.

Then we got to the top and WOW!

Mom and I even took a selfie!

We ran into Park Ranger up there and he said Hello again and that I was pretty. So I guess it was my looks that got me by! Whew!

Mom tried to take a picture of Dad, BP and me, but I guess neither me or the BP was in the mood...

On the way out, we did see a sign that we followed, it said "NO BODY COME UP HERE!" so we listened and got ready for trail 2!