Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vacay Hike: Over, Under and Over the Hill

For the last several years, when we go on vacay to North Carrylina, it's during mom and dad's b'day week (and right after mine). So on one of the days, her b'day, mom always picks a long "I ain't old" hike. I think this means she is in denial, but we all somehow get sucked into it.

In fact, mom snuck this one in. It was right after our beautiful Rough Ridge overlook hike and mom was like "So, let's do the Green Knob trail, we've never done it, it doesn't look to hard."

So we were like "We got this!" but I think we do need to be reading mom's hiking guide and looking at the levels, this was Moderate/Difficult and between 2.5-2.7 miles.

There was some really nice forests on the trail, with lots of creek waters. So this isn't too bad!

Then there was lots of ups and downs, which weren't too bad, we even had to make it over (or in my case, under) a tree that did fallen on the trail.

Then we did go under the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Then the landscape did change, it was no more creeks.

The BP made it about 1.5 miles in (on top of the other half mile he had already done! Wow!) when he decided it was time for a Goldfish Cracker Break. We all agreed and nommed on Fishes.

Then when we got regoing, we came out in a big grassy field!! That was unexpected!

There had been cows there recently, because of fresh cow poops. I never saw a cow, but the BP did see the poops and said "EWWWWW! NASTY!" BOL! About this time, the BP had enough and rode in his BP carrier the rest of the way.

Then the trail changed again and we went into a pretty hardwood forest.

Then we came out into a nice wildflower field! It was full of buzzy bees, but no mean guys in Yellow Jackets. :) 

And we ended back at the pond we started at.

It was a great hike, so pretty and different, even if it was long. But, I guess that just proved that mom isn't too over the hill to go up and over all those little hills. :)


  1. What a most beautiful hike!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  2. What a beautiful hike! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That looked like a great hike and stunning views and cow poop too. Nice one. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. What a great hike! And hey...we take little Fishy crackers on our hikes too. So yummy! Beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  5. Anna, fresh cow poops and you did not teach BP how to go in for the big roll, rite on top of the cow poop patties? What was you thinking? Such a missed oppawtoonity. Udder than that, pawsome hike!

  6. Didn't you teach the BP to roll in the cow poop? Anna, we're quite surprised! But it sounds like a fabulous hike and I'm glad your humans all made it (and that there were no jerks in yellow jackets)!


  7. You're doing a good job teaching BP to hike. Maybe rolling in cow poop is the next lesson?

  8. Wow what a beautiful hike! If you don't mind my asking, what stroller are you using that can withstand dirt trails like that? I'm pretty much stuck to bike paths right now.

    Hope you'll join us for NaNoWoofMo. We really need help to finish the story!

    1. We don't use a stroller, but we does use a little person backpack carrier that mom got off eBay. It does be awesome!