Thursday, October 9, 2014

Back from Vacay! Hike 1: Guys in Yellow Jackets are Buttholes

Hey everybody!!! I is back from vacay! Man, I sure needed some time away to unwind, run, roll in mud, smell animal poo and just hang loose! Mom and dad said they really needed it too to get away from the world, since our cabin has no "connecktivity" with the interwebs and stuff. So, after I write this I is going to go back and try to catch up on Bloggerville.

So, I is starting with our first hike. It was on our favorite trail...the SPOOKY trail! We've done it several times (not always with good results...ahem) but we were ready to go! It was a kinda foggy day, so we knew it would be perfect for good spookyness!

We got out and there was NO ONE there, so the Bald Puppy and I got to run free!

Then I heard an "Uh Oh and CRASH"

It's okay, the BP just got excited and kinda, um..rolled off the trail! BOL! It's okay, we can handle that!

(By the way, way to go Mom of the Year, taking a photo instead of helping! BOL!!) So then we got to the stream on the trail. It's awesome. So I went to go get my feets wet, and mom and the BP stopped to do some "selfies" by the water.

Then it happened. We does not have photos for this, so here is the down low on what went down. So, mom and BP were taking "selfies" when dad said "What's going on with Anna? Anna is you Okay??" And to answer it nicely no I was NOT OKAY!! WE CANNOT HANDLE THIS!!!

Mom looked up and saw me kinda running/scooting and jerking my head back. Then mom said "Something is on her...." Yes, something was on me and putting the bitey on me...and then it put the bitey on the BP and he started screaming...then mom realized and said BEES!!!!!!!!!!

She picked up BP and we all ran down the trail, we stopped and dad was trying to get the bitey bees off me and mom got them off BP but they were still following us, we went further and they was still there, finally about 30 yards away we was safe.

But they wasn't bees, they were Bees in Yellow Jackets. And bees in yellow jackets are buttholes.

BP was only stung twice, once on one ear and behind the other ear. Me, I don't know how many times they bit me. Thank dog for long, thick furs! Mom got bit on the hip, shoulder and back...and dad...well, it in the butt (which I have to admit, mom and I giggled at this).

At this point, we was done. So mom carried BP to the car (thank dog mom has strong yoga arms) and dad kept an eye on me since I got the bitey a lot. We got home, took bennydrill and passed out.

Later that day, mom, BP and I went for a hike on the property, property with no guys in yellow jackets.

We was all feeling much better...well except dad with his butt, so he stayed at the cabin. Mom took another selfie with BP... cute! So I decided to get in on the kissy action too...

Whew! I have to say, this was the most adventurous of our hikes. Everybody was fine and dad's butt was okay by the next day. So I'll have more of our non yellow jacket butthole hikes this week! Off to catch up!


  1. OMD I know it is Shocktober but that was super scary. We don't like stingy things in yellow jackets and thank God you were all OK. Next time hope you seriously give them a swerve dude. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Eeeeppp that would of terrified Mom especially as she allergic to wasps - you are so brave Anna Banana - we would of been whining all the way to the vets :)

  3. OMD Poor Boy Puppy (BP) and Poor ANNA and Poor Mom POOR DAD's BUTT.
    OMD we agree Yellow Jacket guys are SURELY ButtHoles... SQUIRREL BUTT holes no less. HOW DARE THEY do this to our furends.
    Pee S Hope your dad didn't want you to kiss HIS boo boo Butt. Just sayin.

  4. Those yellow jacket guys sure can ruin a hike. Glad to hear nobody had a serious reaction to them.

  5. Oh dear, those guys in yellow jackets are really nasty!!! Their stings can really hurt. But we are glad they weren't able to spoil your vacay.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Oh Anna, I held it together until we got to the part about your dad's butt and then Mom and I both started laughing like loons! I'm sorry! That sounds like way more excitement than I ever want to experience on a hike. Ever! I'm glad you're all okay!


  7. Furstly, Anna, "Uh oh and CRASH" be always furry bad. I woof this from experience coz the BP did a great impression of my mom, BOL. Yes, sad, but true, she do fall off the trail all the time. Anywho, OMD, the guys in yellow jackets got all of YOU. How lucky we is that we sneaked by when they was all sleeping still on our hike a couple of weeks ago, whew! At least you did not break your "not with good results" record on that SPOOKY trail. Glad you all survived your adventure and got some pawsome selfies out of it!

  8. Those bees be bad. How dare they spoil your hike.