Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up

So the holidays are come and gone, I hope yours were as wonderful as ours! We got a lot of rest, relaxation and nomming in! Okay, maybe I didn't get a lot of rest in, cause I was playing with my cousins, and maybe we didn't get too much relaxation cause of tornaders...well, here, let me just show you!

We drove up Sunday to Granny and Pawpaws to start the festivities. Mom and dad went to dad's parents and left us with Granny, Pawpaw, Dixie and Rebel, so I has no photos, but here's what it sounded like, k?


There was lots of that and lots of click clicking of our feets on the wood floors as we ran amuk. It was good times! Then Monday, we did Christmas at Granny/Pawpaws. There was some good nomming...Dunc and I got to split the good turkey parts, like the neck and stuff, that peoples don't want. I has no idea why! Then it was present opening time. I have to say, the BP did pretty well, I was impressed!


Then, after that, we heard some bad weathers might be coming, so we all loaded up and came on home. On Christmas Day, Dad had to work, which was bad, but then SANTA came, which was good!!

Oh, what's this??? A sock monkey!!

Nom nom...what's this???

Oh, a GIANT rubber chicken with a LOUD squeaker! Dad will LOVE IT! bahahahahaha!

Santa knows Dunc don't do toys, so Santa brought him noms...DOG noms Simon, not kitty noms!

NOM NOM NOM!! Don't feel bad Simon, he didn't even share with me either, and I'm not a kitty...

Then it got rainy and nasty...and later that night we heard a WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It wasn't Santa coming back, it was a tornado siren! Safe place everyone!!!

Mom sat in the tub with BP who was passed out...luckily nothing happened. Mom says that's the first Christmas she's ever had to take cover from a tornado and hopefully the last!

So that was our Christmas...lots of noms and just a wee bit of rest and relaxation! Maybe we'll get more for New Years! Hope your Christmas was wonderful and you have a happy NYE!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Card Photoshoot

So, mom wasn't going to do a Christmas card this year, but everyone was like "You have a new Bald Puppy! You have to!" And what does mom do? She sets up ideas of grandur of a magical Christmas photoshoot...sigh.

Mom was all ready to go, she had the tree ready, got me into position and placed the BP on me...after some mild slobbering from both me and the BP it was about to be perfect!

Then dad had to come in and mess it all up! See, mom was about to do the "Anna" cue which I know is my time to turn to the camera and work it. I got this down. But dad apparently hadn't worked with such talent before, so he did this: Anna! WHISTLE!

So what did I do? I stood up, thinking this meant I needed to go somewhere, and when I went up, BP went down....and faceplanted on the floor. 
He was fine, just smiled. Mom and dad laughed a lot! But after that, it was hard for either of us to focus...I mean, I was working with young, talent. VERY young talent. So this is the best mom got. Hmm...what to do...then mom found the PERFECT card!!
We think it's perfect and hopefully will spread some cheer this year! Inside is the good picture above and then mom wrote:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our Family to yours!
Maybe it be filled with laughter and joy!
P.S. Never work with kids and animals...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Toy Craze--Cabbage Patch!

Mom was telling me that YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS ago when she was a little girl, that her parents and grandyparents were part of the Christmas toy crazy of the Cabbage Patch Kids. That, while she didn't understand the big deal cause she was a little puppy, it was apparently a VERY BIG DEAL and peoples were going crazy over them! Like fightings and stuffs!

So, mom said that she got me a cabbage patch kid of my own!! What?!?! Really!?!? How cool!!!

Hmm...let me check it is this considered a kid??

Time to put the bitey on this....

Hmm....I'm thinking I've been fooled to the entertainment of mom and dad....
Yep...instead of a Cabbage Patch kid, I got a crappa-patch....seriously mom and dad?!?!? I almost had the last joke on them, until mom read real quick that crappa-patch kids can give puppers GAS so they took it!!! I better rack up with Sandy Claws after this.....

Monday, December 3, 2012

Turkey Day Smackdown 2013

Man, what a week!! Holiday recoup, contest winners, mom making weird noises in the potty room  (mom is good now!)...I'm kinda glad it's over! Now we can get back to normal! Well, normal-ish for us anyway.

This Turkey Day was pretty awesome. We went up to Granny and Pawpaw's and I was all excited to play with Cousin Rebel, but mom was like "Remember little Dixie? She's grown now so I'm sure you can put the smackdown on her." 

Mission accepted.

Last time I saw Cousin Dixie, she was a weetle thing, see:

Mom was a little nervous about how Dixie would react to me now and how all us puppers would do with the BP. But no worries mom! The BP was good, getting all "ooohhhed and ahhhhed" by the peoples, and after Dixie's initial shock of "What the heck is this giant (and gorgeous) black thing!" it was game on!

First we started off with some tuggin'

Hey, what are you doing under there?!?!?!

Dixie was funny, she'd be tuggin and tuggin and I just stood there...when I had enough, I'd just take a step back and she'd be jerked my way. Must be my super muscles!

At one point, Rebel joined in and we became a ball of fury, fur and teefers and mom said "Okay, outside puppers!!" Sweet!:

At first Dixie tried to hide in the camo-flage....

But then it was runnin time. I know many things, including fashion, but I also know about runnin!

Nice teefers for playing a game of bitey face!!

 Hmm....does this look familiar...where have I seen this before???

Oh yeah! Some things never change!! It was a great trip. We was all pooped when we got home. And I'm ready to do it again for Christmas!!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Views Choice Winner!

We has a in the viewer's choice TongueTacular contest!

Starbuck, Nari and Alpha!!!
If you guys will email me your mailing address, mom will get your prize package ready! Send it to annagsd at gmail dot com!
Thanks for everyone who participated! It was awesome! Till next year!
In other news, I have some photos of me laying the law down on my cousins during Turkey Day, but I'll post them next week, cause this week, mom got invaded by a stomach bug and has been out of commission...but in good news, she thinks she's lost some of that lingering Bald Puppy weight!! BOL!
Have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Semi-Wordless Thankful Wednesday

Some of the things mom is thankful for...even if Simon is sticking his tongue out!
We hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
And that you get some wonderful Turkey noms!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Viewer's Choice Tongutacular

Okay, so here's your chance to Bark the Vote! Below are all the piktures of the contestants (minus Eva, you can only win once!!) Then vote on the poll on the side --->;

We'll give until Friday Nov. 30 for this, since there's a holiday and all, and we might be como-tose from nomming on all that turkey!! The winner will also receive a Anna-approved prize package!

1. Denny

2. Reilly

3. Jackie

4. Starbuck, Nari and Alpha

5. Jake
6. Baby Girl

7. Sara, on behalf of Finn

8. Gracie

9. Ginger

10. Lexie, the artist formerly known as Megan on behalf of Khyra!

11. Shawnee

Good luck to everyone!! You have until Next Friday Nov. 30!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The 3rd Annual Tongue-tacular Winner is......

Drumroll please....

We had a lot of awesome tongues this year! Thank you for all the entries!! As promised, I drew the winner this weekend, and later this week, we'll open up the polls for the Viewer's Choice winner!

Okay, I know the aticipashion is killing you, so here we go!

The names!!

Mom whips out the offishial drawing bowl...

Making my careful selektion!

Uh oh, we haz a problem!!

I drew two names, mom said nope, so we had to have a run-off...

To make sure we had no more problems, Duncan came to supervise...

The final results get the Old Fart Stamp of Approval...and the winner is........

Congratulations Eva!! I need you to emails me your mailing address to annagsd at gmail dot com so we can send you your prize!!

Thanks everyone, but there's still a chance for everyone else in the Viewer's Choice poll. Good luck!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tongue Tacular Entries Pt. 2

Okay, so here goes the final entries! I'll be selecting the winner this weekend and will post on Monday....ooooohhhh the anticipashion is killing me!!!!

1. Ginger

Check out my new friend's tongue!! Holy crap, it almost touches the GROUND!!! And she's not even trying! It's just like BAM! Awesome tongue droopage!!!

2. Megan/Lexie on Behalf of Khyra!

Okay, did you get that straight?? See that is Megan who is now Lexie who was a hitch hiker on Khyra's mom puppy transport USA....whew! But it's one happy little tongue who found her forever home! Say it with me...AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

3. Shawnee

You know Shawnee, she is always doing massive hikes and seeing all kinds of AWESOME things so she, of course, has the most seenick tongue! I mean, the places this licker has seen!! And I can vouch, I've seen it in's impressive!!!

So there you goes...can't wait to see the lucky dog (even giant horsey ones) wins this on Monday!!!