Thursday, December 30, 2010

Duncan: Diva and Left Ear Lopez

There's a new diva in our house...and it's not me. Nope, it's the old man...Duncan has now earned the new nickname Aretha.

Dad said to just give him a Snickers! (here's the commercial he's regarding). See, apparently in his old age Dunc has decided he wants things done his way when he wants them done. He decided this this week.

He's always loved to eat, but now he's become quite vocal when HE decides it's time to eat dinner. He'll bark at mom and dad and even nipped dad's booty the other day to urge him to go inside and feed him. Once inside he stands in the kitchen just giving a look....

Then there's the whole bed thing. Mom bought him this awesome memory-foam bed for his author-itis. At first he wouldn't go near it, but when Alley started sleeping on it he got all "Oh no you didn't! That's MINE!" Now, he wont' sleep on ANYTHING else.
While at Granny and paw paw's for Christmas, mom and dad went to dad's parents for dinner. Mom forgot to get Dunc's dog bed out of the back of the car. Dunc decided at 8:30 he wanted to go lay in the bedroom on his bed, so Granny took him in there and he stared at the floor, back to granny, to the floor, back to granny and just HUFFED and gave Granny the stink eye!!! Granny gave him a nice comfy quilt to use and he sat, looked at her like "WTF??" and finally, laid down. And pouted. Wow.

He also now requires that a light be on in the room if he decides to go lay down before the rest of us go to bed. Next thing you know he'll want caviar and bottled water!

This brings us to yesterday. Mom got home, let us out and Dunc and I were wrestling...err...playing nicely and mom heard a yelp. She thought it was me, but when she came over we both were just standing there like "what? did you hear that bird yelp like a dog??".

Mom shrugged it off and went inside to cook dinner. Later when dad came home, mom was petting Dunc and noticed dried blood on the top of his head and side of his face! She got out the First Aid kit aka the Duncan kit and looked all over. No punctures, but he had a small tear on his ear. I have no idea how this could have happened, we play so gentle!

So mom hydrogen peroxided it and cleaned it and put on some neo-spore-in. it's a small tear, but now Dunc thinks' he's all Gangsta and is going by the name Left Ear Lopez. He thinks he's hot cause as he says "chicks dig scars".

Sigh. I don't know if the house is big enough for two divas.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mom's NYE Revolutions

Guess what I found! Mom's list of New Year's Revolutions!! It's not about losing weight or promising to do something, it seems that mom may have learned something from doggy-dom!

1) It's not the expensive, material items that count, sometimes you can be just as content with a sock and spending time with your family.

2) Greet the day by showering kisses on whoever happens to be nearest your nose, and start the day by assuming it will be the best day EVER!

3) Assume that the best spot on the couch is meant just for you, and if someone is already sitting there assume they want you to snuggle with them.

4) Always forgive, forget and look for the best in people, no matter what someone may have done to you.

5) When life sends a cold, wet, miserable rain, don't complain about it; dig a giant mud pit and woller in it. It's more fun that it sounds.

6) Just because something looks good enough to eat doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

7) Always try to please those you love the most, and let them know how happy you are they are in your life by greeting them like they've been gone for a bajillion years when they come back after a five minute trip to the store.

8) Trust your instincts...your gut is usually right.

9) A wet kiss covers a multitude of sins.

10) See the world as a whole new place to explore, make every experience count and always bound out for adventures.

Wow, not bad mom! I wonder where she could have learned all of those GREAT things from?? Hmmm?

I guess I need to think about my own Revolutions...but how do you mess with perfection? Seriously! Okay, okay, maybe I need to start with humility! Nah! :)

What are your NYE Revolutions for 2011?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Booty! And Boo Mr. President!

No no no you dirty minds, not MY booty, but the swag I scored at Christmas!! I got pressies from Santa, Granny and Pawpaw and from one of our message board friends! It was awesome! Maybe one day I'll be like Buttons (although I won't de-hair my toys like some one...hee hee) and have TONS of toys!

So I got a Christmas Grr-affe, two balls, a purple Bobo, a Christmas pengwin, a purple rope and a giant oct-toe-pus! But somethings

AHH! COOOKIES! Nom nom..wait, I can't get into them!!!!

Back off from my noms Simon!!!

Simon glares at my stash...he's okay though, he got TWO cans of canned kitty food on Christmas, and snuggled with mom a lot. Although, I'm keeping an eye on him and my toys!!
On a sidenote, mom saw this story where Mr. President called Evil Michael Vick's (EMV) new boss and congratulated him for giving EMV a second chance. Mom lost her lid. Seriously, she threw her hat.
Mom says how come EMV gets praise, but all the groups and organizations who have worked so hard to clean up the mess EMV caused don't get ANY credit, not even a thank you card from Mr. President. Mom is quite mad, so is dad. Mom suggests that Mr. President read the book The Lost Dogs and learn about what this nice guy did to his dogs.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A White Christmas? It's not a dream!

A very very very rare thing happened over Christmas...we got SNOW in Alabama!!

Okay, so I know it's nothing compared to what some of my friends have been getting, but it's the first white Christmas down here in like 100 years! So we were all pretty excited about it! It was quite pretty, until we turned the yard into a mudpit. So here's some pics of Dunc and I in the snow with our cousin Rebel!

Dunc says: ICK!! This stuff is getting my paws all wet! Seriously?? (he's becoming a diva in his old age)

The holidays are full of uncomfortable family situations: Umm...I don't think you're supposed to be under there....

Holidays always start off great: How about a hug??
But then quickly turn bad: Merry Freakin' Christmas!! Grrr!


Rebel and I at flying reindeers practice!

I may have had too many sweets...does that look like a cavity to you??

Whoa! Dunc says GAME ON!!!


Dunc (the diva) says: I see you woman and that stupid flashy beastie! Sigh....

There! Now you're gone!!

It was a great Christmas! We had a lot of playing and by the day after, I slept most of the day! I even didn't really play too much with my new toys, which I'll show off tomorrow. It was just a fun laid back time.
I hope you all had a great time with your families! Now I'm off to check up on everyone and make sure everyone is suriviving the Snowpocalypse!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, it's that time of year, Christmas!! We'll be leaving for Granny and Papaw's tomorrow and be up there through Sunday....which means I get A LOT of quality time with my cousin Rebel! Score!

I also heard mom say last night that Santa finally made it to the store, so I'm guessing that means I've been good enough to get a visit from the man in red. Double Score!

I have been pretty good this year....I didn't even eat any presents like I...err....the kitties did last year! (see last year's blog)

So, I hope you and your peoples and fellow critter siblings have a wonderful holiday, full of love, laughter, hugs and noms! I can't wait to see all the loot everyone got when I get back!!

Merry Christmas, licks and love,


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Simon--the CatFather

You know how yesterday I talked about how the kitties were in direct violation of the "kitties catch/kill vermin and bugs" role that they have? And this resulted in my flu-bug hunt and stink eye to the kitties? Well, the kitties decided to show me up.

What do you know, Mia the little fuzzbutt one up-ed me by catching and killing a mouse. In the house. Now she's a flippin hero! Hmph!

I mean, seriously. What's the chances of this happening? I know she did it just to show off. She probably had it in a little box somewhere, waiting for the perfect moment to release it just to make me look bad. Here I was spending my weekend hunting the stupid flu-bug they let in the house and get mom to begin with, and she trots her furry butt and catches a cute little mouse that is in NO WAY attacking or killing anyone and now she's getting called great things like a "awesome mouser" and a "natural hunter."

For real?? This is the same kitty that jumps IN THE BATH TUB! Doesn't sound like a kitty genius mastermind to me! Sigh.

Because of that very reason, I know Mia didn't think of this by herself...she's not that bright. It had to be Simon's master plan. He's like the Godfather of the kitties. He wants nothing more than mom to himself so I know he used Mia as a pawn in his sick little game. Well I'm on to you! I'm keeping my eyes and giant ears on you!

So for now, the kitties are getting the glory of saving the house from the impending mouse-pocalypse, but Ducn and I am on to them! Go Team Dog!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bug Huntin'

I'm back! Sorry for the delay in blogging, but I'll explain that in a minute.

First off, mom tricked me with a car-ride Wednesday by taking me to Dr. Vet for my annual checkup. Hmph. Merry frickin' Christmas to me!! But it went well. It was good to see Dr. Vet again. She said I'm in tip-top shape at a lean 62lbs. Sixty-two pounds of FURRY!! Muwhahaha!

Then later that night mom started to feel icky...she said she was worried she had caught the flu-bug from a coworker. Ruht-row! The next day, dad took her to his other job at the human Dr. Vet office and they gave her a bunch of drugs to combat the bug.

But then I got to worried...was there some sort of horrible bug running around our house?? Licking toothbrushes and spreading it's nasty buggy germs?? Mom hates bugs! How did this happen? How did those stupid kitties let some mom-killing bug run around the house? I knew I'd have to take action on my own.

I started my search in a very important toybasket. Lots of squeakers, but no bug...
Then I looked in mom's shoes...bugs like to hide in shoes, but nope, nothing...
Duncan kept an eye on the sky, to make sure it wasn't a flying bug that would attack from the air...
Nothin' under the bed....hmm....

Shower's clean too...well, it is a shower, but no buggies
Not under or on the blankets either....oh no!

I was afraid the bug of doom was planning to ruin Christmas, so I checked under the tree and in the presents, but no sign of him...I guess I scared him off with all my searching, cause by Saturday mom was much better.
I laid by her and guarded her most of the time, preparing to put the bitey on a bug and giving the kitties stink eye for slacking on their "kitties attacking small creatures and vermin" role. Seriously, it's the ONLY thing they're asked to do! Everything is sleeping and eating! Grrr kitties.

Mom said I was so good, that she was sure Santa would come see me! I can't believe the big guy comes this week!!! Score!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did we move??

My peeps and I live in Alabama. We like it here. Lots of trees, close to the beach and the mountains. It does get hot in the summer, but we have lots of creeks and stuff to play in. It's kinda cool and it's how we roll.

But I think maybe in the dead of night, mom and dad might have moved us. I don't know how they moved the whole house AND the kitties, but it's all I can figure. Here's some support for my claim or relokation:

Polar bears are roaming the neighborhood....

And with the bears come the penguins...

Giant frozen squirrels who have merged with the penguins to for a super-villain group....
Mom said I'm imagining all this. But I do know for a FACT that it is waaaay colder than it should be here in Alabama. We even had snow flurries!! Earlier this week it got down to 12 degrees!! It didn't even know it could do that here! That's why I think we must have moved!
It does make it hard for all of us to get up out of bed each morning. The warm snuggly-ness of the bed is so much more tempting than the brrrrrr of the outside. I do my business in record time and I think I'm officially growing something called a "winter coat" which I've never really had before....lord, move us back to the warmth of Alabama!! :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Maggie Memories

Two years ago today, mom and dad had a different kind of family. They had Duncan, and the kitties, but they also had my big sister I never met--Maggie.

Maggie was mom's first furkid she had on her own. Mom adopted Maggie when she was in college in Auburn. Mag was mom's second dalmatian, she had another one when she was growing up.

Mom says Maggie was way different than me. She was STUBBORN! But they didn't mind. She was very smart though and very caring. She was terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks. She grunted and made all sorts of noises. She loved toys, sneaking on the bed and going for car rides. She liked to sit on dogs smaller than her, she loved mud--she was almost human in the way she would look at you and be like "seriously??" She was a perfect time-keeper and knew exactly what time was feeding time, when mom and dad should be home, etc. She was a master at stealing toys and bones. She was an esape artist and could jump a 6-foot privacy fence in a single bound, but she'd always come home.

Two years ago today mom got a frantic phone call from dad...saying she needed to come home NOW! Mom had never heard dad sound like this and refused to come home until he told her what was wrong. He said he thought Maggie was dead. Mom said to meet her at Dr. Vet's and she rushed out of work and drove to Dr. Vet. She went waaaaay fast and beat dad there, when dad arrived carrying Maggie they rushed in. Dr Vet's staff was FAST and did everything they could, but Maggie was gone at the age of seven.

Dr. He Vet said he tought she'd thrown a clot...there was nothing we could have done. Mom and dad were so upset. Mom took off work that day. She and dad just stayed home and cuddled with Duncan and tried to wrap their heads around it.

A week later I came into the pikture. Mom, Dad and Dunc couldn't take the emptyness in the house anymore. I remember them saying I had a lot of "Maggie-isms" but I had no idea what that meant at the time. Dunc wasn't sure about me, he was so used to Maggie bossing him around, but I think it helped all of them cope in losing Maggie Dog.
I never met my Rainbow Bridge Big Sister, but mom does show me the pikture and paw print that Dr. Vet's office made for mom and dad. So Merry Christmas Big Sis! You're still deeply missed!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I haz don't

Hey all! We are in full fledge-Christmas-Festivus-mode at our house! Whoo hoo!

Well, wait, let me back up. At first, we didn't have our tree up...then mom through a pissy fit and ta-da! The tree was put up this last Sunday night. Mom was NOT happy that we waited that long to put the tree up. She's a day after Turkey Day kinda gal, but with all the house painting and stuff going on it got pushed to the side. But it's up, mom's happy, dad's alive, all is well!

But then I started to get mail. I got some Christmas cards from my bloggy friends!! Mom was pea-green with envy! So was everyone else...what gives??

Oh! I haz mail!! Time to open it!! La la la!

What nice cards!! Hey, why are you looking at them like that??

Simon tried to steal my cards! I fought him off, be as he walked away defeeted he stuck his tongue out at me!! Boo kitty!!!
Oh no mom! Not you too! These is my mails!!!!!!
It was a wicked battle, but I still has my mails! Maybe with a few extra bitey marks on them, but I have them!! Mom has only received one Christmas card, I've received five!! Wowzer! I hope this doesn't affect my Christmas presents, I mean, I know the big man (aka Sandy Claws) is watching, but I had to protekt my mails!!
Oh, and PS! Go Auburn Tigers! We're playing for the National Championship!! We have to wait till January, but I hope my kitties beat up the Ore-gon ducks!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Zooming my 200th Post!

Holy crap!! This is my 200th post!! That's lot!

To celebrate, here are some photos of me and Rebel ZOOMING around during Turkey day. Yes, we pretty much did four days of the following photos. I was konked out when we got home on Saturday!! I hope you all had a great Turkey Day!!

Nom nom...Rebel tastes like chiken!!

I've started boxing, it's a great way to stay in shape!

Duncan stays out of it....

Time to pose! Model time!

Back to nomming....Rebel says: HALP!!!!

Now it's time to ZOOOOM!!!


Duncan being handsome!

As we zooooom on!
In other news, our Auburn Tigers beat our hated state rivals the Crimson Tide Elephants. Yay! We have a big game this weekend, so you know the good luck collar will be worn!
I've also received some mail, as part of the Bloggin Xmas Card Swap! I'll be showing that off tomorrow. I LOVE getting mail!!!