Monday, December 27, 2010

A White Christmas? It's not a dream!

A very very very rare thing happened over Christmas...we got SNOW in Alabama!!

Okay, so I know it's nothing compared to what some of my friends have been getting, but it's the first white Christmas down here in like 100 years! So we were all pretty excited about it! It was quite pretty, until we turned the yard into a mudpit. So here's some pics of Dunc and I in the snow with our cousin Rebel!

Dunc says: ICK!! This stuff is getting my paws all wet! Seriously?? (he's becoming a diva in his old age)

The holidays are full of uncomfortable family situations: Umm...I don't think you're supposed to be under there....

Holidays always start off great: How about a hug??
But then quickly turn bad: Merry Freakin' Christmas!! Grrr!


Rebel and I at flying reindeers practice!

I may have had too many sweets...does that look like a cavity to you??

Whoa! Dunc says GAME ON!!!


Dunc (the diva) says: I see you woman and that stupid flashy beastie! Sigh....

There! Now you're gone!!

It was a great Christmas! We had a lot of playing and by the day after, I slept most of the day! I even didn't really play too much with my new toys, which I'll show off tomorrow. It was just a fun laid back time.
I hope you all had a great time with your families! Now I'm off to check up on everyone and make sure everyone is suriviving the Snowpocalypse!!


  1. Those woz some zoomies you had going on there! Last nite afore our snow gotted way deep, Dixie and I did the bitey face snow zoomies and mom did a video but youtube maded it so dark you cannot see nuttin. All you hear is growlies, all in good fun of course.

  2. That is what Christmas is all about - friends, family, and wrestling in the snow.

  3. What a great Christmas! It looks like you got the perfect amount of snow. That little Rebel looks like he's playing with fire!


  4. We love the pictures!!! Action packed!! Rebel looks cute under Anna!!! Dunc is thinking "what is this stupid white stuff out here!" Lots of love, Holly and mom

  5. Woo you got snow too!! The dogs must have been so happy! Of course, I'm partial to the little sheltie in the photos :) Is Rebel yours?

  6. Glad that you got your Christmas snow!! We got snow in Tennessee too! Moms says it the first time that she can remember a white Christmas (and she's really old BOL!!)

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three