Monday, December 20, 2010

Bug Huntin'

I'm back! Sorry for the delay in blogging, but I'll explain that in a minute.

First off, mom tricked me with a car-ride Wednesday by taking me to Dr. Vet for my annual checkup. Hmph. Merry frickin' Christmas to me!! But it went well. It was good to see Dr. Vet again. She said I'm in tip-top shape at a lean 62lbs. Sixty-two pounds of FURRY!! Muwhahaha!

Then later that night mom started to feel icky...she said she was worried she had caught the flu-bug from a coworker. Ruht-row! The next day, dad took her to his other job at the human Dr. Vet office and they gave her a bunch of drugs to combat the bug.

But then I got to worried...was there some sort of horrible bug running around our house?? Licking toothbrushes and spreading it's nasty buggy germs?? Mom hates bugs! How did this happen? How did those stupid kitties let some mom-killing bug run around the house? I knew I'd have to take action on my own.

I started my search in a very important toybasket. Lots of squeakers, but no bug...
Then I looked in mom's shoes...bugs like to hide in shoes, but nope, nothing...
Duncan kept an eye on the sky, to make sure it wasn't a flying bug that would attack from the air...
Nothin' under the bed....hmm....

Shower's clean too...well, it is a shower, but no buggies
Not under or on the blankets either....oh no!

I was afraid the bug of doom was planning to ruin Christmas, so I checked under the tree and in the presents, but no sign of him...I guess I scared him off with all my searching, cause by Saturday mom was much better.
I laid by her and guarded her most of the time, preparing to put the bitey on a bug and giving the kitties stink eye for slacking on their "kitties attacking small creatures and vermin" role. Seriously, it's the ONLY thing they're asked to do! Everything is sleeping and eating! Grrr kitties.

Mom said I was so good, that she was sure Santa would come see me! I can't believe the big guy comes this week!!! Score!!!


  1. Excellent defense! You can never be too careful about those bugs because humans seem to get them at work a lot.

  2. Anna, you and Duncan did a fine job of looking for bugs!! We hope your mom is much better now. Those bugs seem to catch us this time of the year. Excellent report about you at the VET!! We hope you and your family has a wonderful Christmas!!! We hope everyone has a wonderful one!!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. Ah! I got bit by a buggie last month! It gave me bumps EVERYWHERE! Hope you did scare that buggie off!

  4. I try so hard to put the bitey on those bugs so they dussn't get mom but the boy keeps bringing them home from his werk. It must be a bug making company. Mom werks from home so she dussn't bring home bugs. Hey, we weigh about the same! I think I be 63 the last time I had to get on that weigh thingie.

  5. You go, Anna!! There were tons of bugs in our house but Eva ate them all up!

  6. Those bugs know better than to mess with 62 pounds of pure muscle and wit!


  7. OMC u iz a gr8 bug hunter. I hopes ur mom gets betterer right qwik!

  8. Oh, those bugs are so darned sneaky! You have to be very vigilant!

    Are you sure we can't send Morgan on a vacation?


  9. So cute! I love you, Anna! Sounds like what Nyxie would be up to, patrolling the perimeter and all. Glad you're feeling better. Nothing worse than being sick, especially when there's so much to do...

  10. Sounds like you were a VERY good helper to your Mom when she was sick. Good job! Santa just HAS to bring you lots of squeakies now!

  11. You are so good to try to help your Mom by finding that bug. Our Mom has her fingers and toes crossed that no bugs come here over the holidays, but already there are sick kids:(

    We are very sure Santa is going to reward you well. Thanks too for the kind words and ideas for Phantom. We have never had tripe, but it is a good suggestion. Mom isn't sure she can take it.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara