Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Simon--the CatFather

You know how yesterday I talked about how the kitties were in direct violation of the "kitties catch/kill vermin and bugs" role that they have? And this resulted in my flu-bug hunt and stink eye to the kitties? Well, the kitties decided to show me up.

What do you know, Mia the little fuzzbutt one up-ed me by catching and killing a mouse. In the house. Now she's a flippin hero! Hmph!

I mean, seriously. What's the chances of this happening? I know she did it just to show off. She probably had it in a little box somewhere, waiting for the perfect moment to release it just to make me look bad. Here I was spending my weekend hunting the stupid flu-bug they let in the house and get mom to begin with, and she trots her furry butt and catches a cute little mouse that is in NO WAY attacking or killing anyone and now she's getting called great things like a "awesome mouser" and a "natural hunter."

For real?? This is the same kitty that jumps IN THE BATH TUB! Doesn't sound like a kitty genius mastermind to me! Sigh.

Because of that very reason, I know Mia didn't think of this by herself...she's not that bright. It had to be Simon's master plan. He's like the Godfather of the kitties. He wants nothing more than mom to himself so I know he used Mia as a pawn in his sick little game. Well I'm on to you! I'm keeping my eyes and giant ears on you!

So for now, the kitties are getting the glory of saving the house from the impending mouse-pocalypse, but Ducn and I am on to them! Go Team Dog!!


  1. I really want a kitty of my own...but I don't know if I could handle my kitty showing off like yours. That's a definite lack of respect to you as the head pet of the household. I think you need to show those kitties who's boss. Go catch a squirrel or something...that'll show 'em.

  2. Anna, there is no doubt that the kitties had that planned. The kitties in my house do the same thing to show me up. Don't give up because we know you and Duncan have got what it takes for a real attack!!! Lots of love, Holly

  3. Hm... glad I don't have kitties in my house! You're way above them in my eyes! hehe

  4. And here I live in a house where no kitteh has efur catched a mouse but my sis Sydney, a DOG, has brunged all rodents on our block to extinkshun. Mebbe you need to borrow her to show those kittehs of yours they should be skeered, furry skeered of wot dogs is capabull of. I send Sydney rite ofur.

  5. Anna, Morgan wanted me to let you know that if you need an extra set of eyes and giant ears that she was available for a trip to Alabama! We all support Team Dog!