Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did we move??

My peeps and I live in Alabama. We like it here. Lots of trees, close to the beach and the mountains. It does get hot in the summer, but we have lots of creeks and stuff to play in. It's kinda cool and it's how we roll.

But I think maybe in the dead of night, mom and dad might have moved us. I don't know how they moved the whole house AND the kitties, but it's all I can figure. Here's some support for my claim or relokation:

Polar bears are roaming the neighborhood....

And with the bears come the penguins...

Giant frozen squirrels who have merged with the penguins to for a super-villain group....
Mom said I'm imagining all this. But I do know for a FACT that it is waaaay colder than it should be here in Alabama. We even had snow flurries!! Earlier this week it got down to 12 degrees!! It didn't even know it could do that here! That's why I think we must have moved!
It does make it hard for all of us to get up out of bed each morning. The warm snuggly-ness of the bed is so much more tempting than the brrrrrr of the outside. I do my business in record time and I think I'm officially growing something called a "winter coat" which I've never really had before....lord, move us back to the warmth of Alabama!! :)


  1. I had better go have a sniff around the nayborhood to see if'n I can find you coz I think your fambly mite has moved up here by me in Noo Joisey. BRRRRRRRRR.

  2. It's getting cold from here but mom got me from the "North Country" which is further up north and WAY colder. Although we get pretty cold here too :)

  3. It's vetry cold here in Virginia! That squirrel is funny with the penquins!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  4. No worries Anna! We are frigid here in SC too. If we were closer, maybe we could cuddle. I mean, if you wanted to...


  5. The weather is so mixed up, isn't it? We want snow but it seems to go all around us and never lands in our yard:( Stay warm, we hear it is pretty cold in the South.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Are you our new neighbors? We have so much snow and cold that I'm almost afraid that I'll wake up in an igloo!

    Mom's grandma lived in Alabama, and she says she can remember being down there around Christmas time and seeing the daffodils blooming. That's waaaaaay different from here! Even Morgan is ready to start wearing a coat outside!


  7. Yes it has been cold in Alabama here. Brrrrr....I just stay inside all day! : )


  8. How do you guys do it.I want that dream too..

    Personally, I don't mind moving to a snowy country for a day!

    Merry Xmas!


  9. Yup! They either moved when you were sleeping OR that is one pawsome dream you are having.
    Definitely cold...

  10. Just remember us this summer when we claim that heat wave reached 80 at the house.