Thursday, December 30, 2010

Duncan: Diva and Left Ear Lopez

There's a new diva in our house...and it's not me. Nope, it's the old man...Duncan has now earned the new nickname Aretha.

Dad said to just give him a Snickers! (here's the commercial he's regarding). See, apparently in his old age Dunc has decided he wants things done his way when he wants them done. He decided this this week.

He's always loved to eat, but now he's become quite vocal when HE decides it's time to eat dinner. He'll bark at mom and dad and even nipped dad's booty the other day to urge him to go inside and feed him. Once inside he stands in the kitchen just giving a look....

Then there's the whole bed thing. Mom bought him this awesome memory-foam bed for his author-itis. At first he wouldn't go near it, but when Alley started sleeping on it he got all "Oh no you didn't! That's MINE!" Now, he wont' sleep on ANYTHING else.
While at Granny and paw paw's for Christmas, mom and dad went to dad's parents for dinner. Mom forgot to get Dunc's dog bed out of the back of the car. Dunc decided at 8:30 he wanted to go lay in the bedroom on his bed, so Granny took him in there and he stared at the floor, back to granny, to the floor, back to granny and just HUFFED and gave Granny the stink eye!!! Granny gave him a nice comfy quilt to use and he sat, looked at her like "WTF??" and finally, laid down. And pouted. Wow.

He also now requires that a light be on in the room if he decides to go lay down before the rest of us go to bed. Next thing you know he'll want caviar and bottled water!

This brings us to yesterday. Mom got home, let us out and Dunc and I were wrestling...err...playing nicely and mom heard a yelp. She thought it was me, but when she came over we both were just standing there like "what? did you hear that bird yelp like a dog??".

Mom shrugged it off and went inside to cook dinner. Later when dad came home, mom was petting Dunc and noticed dried blood on the top of his head and side of his face! She got out the First Aid kit aka the Duncan kit and looked all over. No punctures, but he had a small tear on his ear. I have no idea how this could have happened, we play so gentle!

So mom hydrogen peroxided it and cleaned it and put on some neo-spore-in. it's a small tear, but now Dunc thinks' he's all Gangsta and is going by the name Left Ear Lopez. He thinks he's hot cause as he says "chicks dig scars".

Sigh. I don't know if the house is big enough for two divas.


  1. Bwaaaaaa ha ha ha ha! Fifty Milkbones says Duncan and Lilac went to the same acting school! OMD! He sounds a heck of a lot like the old lady here. She expects Mom and Dad to move her fan where she wants it in the summer, spring and fall and to know when she wants her bed fluffed, or her dinner fixed. Her list goes on and on and on! Mom says Lilac is lucky she's old!


  2. So sorry to hear about Duncan's eye - must have been one of those squirrels. Sorry we have been MIA - too busy here for keeping up with the blogs, but we are trying to get back on track now.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. I has a notch out of my ear like that where a dog put the bitey on me once. It do be a badge of honor (the boy told me that). Duncan and I has matchy ears now. Mom did the same thing with the cleaner outer stuff and the anti-cootie stuff and my ear did not fall off so Duncan be good to go.

  4. Dunc is funny!! Or should we say Aretha! Or left ear Lorez!! When they want something, they want it now!!! One diva, two divas, three divas....oh well....there's always room for more divas!!! Hope the ear gets better! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  5. BOL!! That is hilarious!!!! Dunc is such a drama queen!!!

  6. Well well well Duncan (or should I say Left Ear Lopez?) has found his voice! Chicks do dig scars. Me and McIver both have a couple!

    Wiggles & Licks,

  7. BOL!! Dillon got my eye once and it was bleeding. We play :)
    I didn't think of the patch though....snazzy!

  8. Ha! My GSDs, Reyna and Duncan (love that name!) play ever so gently, with never a tooth or snarl to be found. Or so they claim.

    (Licks and wags from Reyna, Duncan, and Kodiak!)