Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eye not Happy

Well, looks like I'm going back to Dr. VET today. I can't let Holly get all the eyeball attention!!

A week or so ago, mom noticed I was having a lot of eye boogers...like a lot more than normal. She's always been on eye booger patrol, removing them from me and Dunc and Simon. I dont' know why, but that's what she does. Anyhoo, on her booger patrols she noticed I was getting more than normal...she chalked it up to the weather changes.

Then she noticed my eyes were also getting a bit "puffy" and she didn't think cucumbers would help...and now they've gone to full blown Mach Stage III Puffy...we're on full Eye Alert!!

Mom thinks it's puppy-pinkeye...or conjunc-tee-vite-us. Some peoples told her to get some artificial tears to put in my eyes, but after straring at the eye bottles at the farmacee for 30 mins, trying to figure out what to get without having a mental breakdown, mom just gave up, afraid she'd give me something that would cause me to go blind or become rabid or whatever.

So this morning she called Dr. Vet and made an appointment for this afternoon. She'll try to take pics of my visit now that she FINALLY has a new cool phone with a camera on it (way to enter the 21st century there Amish mom!).

What's going to be real fun is watching her and dad try to put eyedrops in my eyes! Bahahahahahaha! Now, will someone pass me my Doggie and Gabana sunglasses? :)


  1. Those infection look preettty damn bad.. Brig on those stylish doggie N gabbanas shades!

    You've got style gal…

  2. Fortoonately I has nefur had to has the drops in my eyeballs but I has seen mom wrangle many a foster dog into a corner for eyeball medicashun torture. I has to woof, howefur, that it did make the snotty eyeballs all better. You could has also gotted an alien object in your eyeball mebbe brought in by that freak snow you had, so if'n that be it, mebbe Dr. V-E-T can pull it out and you be all cured instantly.

  3. Oh no!! That's what my eye looked like. Scary looking isn't it!! Mine went away without treatment but that had to be a Christmas miracle or something and then my butt got all messed up instead. Let us know how you are doing please!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  4. What in the world Anna! You and Nikki with your ouchies!! Mamma had to put eye drops in my eye for a long time and I fought it every time. Prolly if I just let 'em do it, I'da been cured in like a week or something. Hope you feel better soon!

    Wiggles & Licks,

  5. Anna- you are the funniest ever! Thanks for visiting me and wishing my sickies well. I went to the vet many times during that and unfortunately- yes- I do not where they take your temperature! Unfortunately, they do other checks there too!!
    I had eye an eye infection when I first came to my mom's (see my post on it if you want) and it was an eye infection likes yours- lots of eye goobers and reds eye. They gave mom an eye cream annibionic that she had to put in my eyes, harder than eye drops and I didn't like it.
    Good luck and I hope your eyes get better. Or I'll have to come treat you :)

  6. I meant to say " I do know where they take your temp". Sorry- damm lack of opposable thumbs!

  7. We sure hope it isn't serious and that you get the puffy eyes settled down soon! That's not a good look for a diva. We're hoping for video from that vet's office visit!

    I did lick the ice! I'm not sure about Morgan, but I did. After we made it all the way to the waterfall I found myself in need of quite a bit of liquid refreshment!


  8. One of Mom's other Sibes had dry eye and she got some eyedrops or a regular basis -

    Ladygray was furry furry good about it -

    Hope all went well!

    PeeEssWoo: Do woo want me to give Shep your number when I see him again?

  9. Mom says she hopes you got ointment instead of drops, she thinks it is easier to apply. Just be a good girl, Anna, and let them do the meds if you need them. And tell the pawrents that lots of tasty treats will help a lot.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. Best of luck at the vet - I bet it's something that can be fixed with just a little bit of medicine (hopefully not the eye cream kind - because who wants THAT?!)

  11. I hope the vet appointment went well!

    I'm so sorry to hear that your eye is getting you trouble and hope the vet can sort it out so your eye is bright and good again in no time!

    Mika has dry eye so we have to give him lots of eye gels and cream and we use eye drop to wash his eye a couple of times a day too.

  12. I love you Anna - you always make me laugh. I hope the eyes are better from a Booger Patrol to another ;)