Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eye Thank You for the Support

Well, mom's had a day to digest the Pannus info and she's doing good. She did some research and thinks what I have is Atypical Pannus (typical? Pfft! No way!) which actually affects my third eyelid, not my corn-ea. Good thing is, this is less likely to lead to corn-eal scaring or blindness.

Mom almost had a small come-apart yesterday while doing her research and saw all the horrible piktures on the internet. Why do people put the WORST photos EVER of something online? Why can't they post the normal "see it's not that bad?" photos? Seriously??

Luckily one of our GSD message board/facebook friends hooked mom up with two GSD owners who have dogs with Pannus and they helped set her straight. She felt much better after chatting with them.

Right after mom almost lost it, she did some retail therapy to feel better....look what I'm getting next Wednesday!!!!
Yes, those are my new pink doggles complete with rhinestone hearts that are in the mail right now! Dad says there's no way I'll wear them, but mom thinks I will. And if I do wear them, well, she's going to get me another pair of black ones for the days I want to go incognito! How J-Lo will I be?? Fergie ain't got nothing on me! I'm thinking this should be a very interesting blog post next week!

I'm glad mom is less freaked out....I swear, the woman's like a crackhead rabid bear when someone/something messes with one of her kids. This morning while we were snuggling in bed I snuggled extra close to let her know everything was okay. I'm fine, really. This stuff ain't bothering me...I'm in no pain and I'm getting cheese four times a day! But I guess that's just what mom's do. I need to make dad buy her something extra special for mother's day this year!


  1. Sweet Anna, you are going to be okay! I can understand your mom getting upset over images and pictures that people post of the absolutely worse case in history. I get very upset myself and wonder what in the hell is wrong with somebody to post something like that for others to see. If it's on a vet site, that's different. But on a blog or something for everyone to see...that's just sickning and freaks me out too. I am really not familiar with that eye problem although with the third eyelid, it sounds like something like cherry eye only not cherry looking. My last dog had cherry eye and it was horrible looking and he had to be operated on and was fine. What you have looks so much like what Holly had that one night that I lost it and raced to the ER vet only to find that it went away and was an infection of her anal crazy is that. I think you will look just extra cool and snazzy with sunglasses on you...really! You see all these cool dogs on TV in movies wearing sunglasses and they are looking really snazzy and down right cool!! You just take care of you mom and keep her calm because you are going to be just fine and as beautiful as always only now with sunglasses on, you are going to be one cool doggie that people are going to want a pawprint from!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  2. It's good to hear your mom is calming her brains down a bit. The internet scares all of dem. When I first cracked my toe mom went searchin and she was in such a panic I almost had to go to the doggie hospital- geez!
    Love the glasses you sexy girl :) Think this is gonna make more competition with the fellas. I think my cousin Dillon has a crush on you too :)

  3. I've never heard of that eye thing! I hope you get all better soon! I can't wait to see you rocking those pink shades! You stylin' girl, you!

  4. Hey Anna, I have a pair like that, and they're totally cute, but I have another pair that look more like aviator goggles that are also pink, that would probably be better for your pannus. The other kind offer more protection from UV rays. They're super cute, too, don't worry! I just think that the kind you're getting are the more look good on the town type. We got ours because we were afraid Blueberry was getting pannus, so we did a little research, too. I totally cannot wait to see pictures of you sporting your Doggles! You'll be the coolest girl around!


  5. Hey, tell your dad to go fur matchie pink shades with rhinestone hearts fur your mom fur Mudder's Day - wouldn't she LOVE that? We akshually met a dog once wot refused to ride in the car unless he had hims doggles on. He woz the kewlest looking dog EFUR.

  6. Anna, we love your new shades - you are going to look so cool. Now that your Mom has learned more about Pannus, tell her to write down all her questions so she will be ready for the specialist. We hope everything works out well for you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Oh Anna! Oh mom! Will love you no matter what.
    Love the shades, you will look fantastic in them, and we may all be ordering a pair to follow suit! We do hope for the best in this situation.

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  8. Your dad is quick and good and so your pink doggles are on the way now. I am glad that your mom has calmed down a lot too. I know women as I'm a woman too. I hope all these work well and everything is alright at last.

  9. I understand your fears as my vet says boo to me and I worry like a "crackhead rabid bear". It does sound that this was caught fast, which is always a good thing. And going to the opthamologist is your safest bet, as they surely see alot of cases. As you probably know, increased exposure to ultraviolet rays can worsen this, so Doggles are a great idea. While the ones in the pic are so very cute, be sure to get really good quality ones that block ultraviolet rays. Does Oakely make sunglasses for dogs?
    Hang in there, we're here for you!

  10. Oh, yes, the hu-dad gets upset when anything happens to us. But we think you will look quite styling in those doggles.

  11. Ok. I've never heard of Pannus..Im sure mommy is making that up to buy you a cool pink goggle.. What ever it takes to earn a retail therapy.. My mom make things up all the time for the same reason..

    My dad agrees with ur daddy too..