Sunday, October 31, 2010

Death of the Orange Ball

For Howl-a-ween I thought I'd share a weird event that happened yesterday...

Mom and dad went to the store, and then they came home with two orange balls.

Thet set them outside, then they brought out KNIVES!! Then they STABBED the balls and then began tearing out their insides! OMG it was horrible! I thought mom and dad had turned into orange ball cereal killers! But then I tasted a part of the insides and realized they were quite yummy...and tasted like the canned pumkin mom gives us from time to time!!

So this is where canned pumkin comes from!! Mom said they had to carve the pumkins for the trick or treaters who would come by last night. So, since there was a job to do, I supervised!!'re a KILLER! I want no part of this!

Oh wait....nom nom...this is yummy!!!

Here, you missed a spot...let me get that for you!

Hey, it's got a handle!

Mom stopped me before I ran off with the pumpkin's top!!

TA-DAH! Mom and dad's work or art. Mom did the spooky one, dad did the cute one!

Here they are outside all lit up! Mom has no idea why dad decided to sneak in the back of the pikture!!

We had A LOT of trick or treaters and I got to stay and watch them. I only woofed a few times. Mom and dad were handing out candy in between watching the Auburn Tigers win their game! The streak of the lucky collar lives on!!
Have a great day, dont' eat any of your peoples candy, it's not good for puppers!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Howl-a-Ween!!

I hope you all have a happy Howl-a-Ween weekend!!! Tomorrow is going to be a BUSY day! Mom and dad have to carve pumpkins that morning and not only are the trick-or-treaters coming tomorrow night, but the Auburn game is also on, and I HAVE to wear my good luck collar, we're #1 with it now!!!! Go Auburn!!!

Mom usually puts us in the bedroom during the height of the little peoples in costume time, then as they get a little less I get to come out. Our house is in a neighborhood with two schools, so we have TONS of little peoples that come each year. Mom has to buy A LOT of candy and work hard at keeping dad away from it!

Depending on how mom's church schedule goes Sunday, she and I might go hiking. But we'll play that by ear.

Have a wonderful spooky and safe Howl-a-ween! Watch out for anyone dressed up like Dr. Vet!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kitties Are Weird..duh

Kitties are weird. I know that sounds redundant, but it's true. They poo in boxes, sleep all day, are mystified by boxes and strings, they're just weird.

As you know, I have three kitties in my house. Simon, Alley and Mia. Simon and I are cool...Mia and I have gotten pretty close, but Alley still makes devil noises from under the bed at me.
Mia is very odd. Even mom and dad know it. She likes to get in the tub before mom takes a bath...I have no idea why. I thought kitties hated tubs and water. What the crap??

When I go to ask her what the crap she's doing in the tub, she swats at me, then she rubs against me and purs then she runs off. How am I supposed to read this?? I'm so confused...

Here's Alley. Alley likes to sleep on Dunc's doggie bed...but she's a kitty. I think she does this because she's part demon-cat. Dunc is scared of the kitties, so he'll lay on the floor instead of making her move! So it's up to mom and I to rescue Dunc's doggie bed from the demon cat.

And then there's Simon. He's pretty normal. He'll lay with me, let me put his mouth in my head, etc. Actually I THOUGHT he was normal until I uncovered a dark secret....

...he's a crossdresser!!!! Not really, mom and dad made him wear this shirt one day, he wasn't happy about it! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I soooo shoot kibble out of my nose whenever I see this photo!!

Weird weird kitties!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home Remodeling Update

Hey all! The construction continues at our house, but mom says there's a light at the end of the tunnel! Last time I wrote bout our home remodel, it was for our's some before ( and here's the after!

After that was finished, mom and dad started taking down all kinds of walls!! Apparently we had some "wood paneling" that mom didn't like so they took that down, and they're converting a spare room into a master closet! Finally a proper storage area for all my toys!

This is/was our dining and dad made a lot of the rooms look like this, then they re-hung sheet-rocks. Then dad said they were going to hire someone to "mud and tape the sheetrocks". Now I knows mud, but dad said it was a different kind! Whatever! So yesterday some peoples showed up and we were put outside. When we came back in, Dunc found this:
Hmm....mud in buckets?? That's not real hardcore Anna mud!
Simon and I talked it over...we're not sure about mud in buckets....

Then I looked at the floor and saw the awful mess!! I mean, the carpet is horrible AS IS but now it's got white footy prints all over it!

Mom said not to worry, she told them not to worry about the floors, cause she hates them. She said when mom and dad bought the house, the carpet was horrible, but they looked at the "bones" of the house and saw the potential, so they've lived with it and we're getting new floors! Here's a sample of the new carpet we're getting, it passes my Anna Bitey test! We're also getting some new wood floors!

Then mom said after the mud is done, we get to paint! Here's some colors they've picked out.

I think it will look really good! The orange is for the eating area, the tan for the living room/hall, greenish for bedrom and blue for a bedroom. I'll update with more photos as this moves head supervisor it's my job to document the progress!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scary Things

For Howl-a-ween I thought I'd look at things that scare me. Like I knows what scares mom, she's scared of aliens and roaches. Seriously. She screams anytime she sees one of those buggies and won't let me near it. Dad is terrified of snakes, and screams like mom when he sees one and makes mom get rid of it. Weird huh?

Mom is also watching all sorts of scary movies right now, but I don't get it. Why is you scared of a guy in a mask when there are much scarier things out's some of my top scary things.

1. New People.

I don't do well with peoples I don't know. I'd rather stick to my peeps. And the more a new people TRIES to make me like them, the more creeped out I get. I've watched Lifetime movies, I know you don't talk to strangers or take anything from them...they could be a phsyco killer, lock me a way and steal all my toys and noms.

Once I get to know you and I see that mom and dad like you, I'm good. But until then, I'll keep my eyes on you!

2. Plastic Wheels on Concrete

I HATE the way this sounds. I hate going on walks and getting near skateboards, rollerskates, strollers, etc. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me, I hates it and it creeps me out!! I'm fine with bikes, but anything that makes a lot of noise drives me crazy with fear!

3. Things up my butt.

I like Dr. Vet. Dr. Vet is pretty cool. Until they put something up my butt. Then I'm ready to GO! I think most people can understand this though, no one wants anything up their butt. If you do, I don't want to know you!

4. Zombie Squirrels

They're out there. I know it. Be prepared my friends, be prepared.....

That's the main scary stuff...I don't like sudden bumps/noises, but that's about it. These fears are waaaay more justified than aliens, don't you think? What are you scared of?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mount Cheese-ha

Great weekend! The good Tigers won (all due to the fact I wore my lucky Auburn collar) and then mom and dad took us to go hiking to Mount Cheese-ha. I was quite pumped...a mountain of CHEESE!! Why haven't we gone there before?? Hmmmm??

We got out, but didn't see any cheese...maybe that's where the trail leads??

The leaves were the color of cheese, so I figured we must be on the right path!

Photo op time with mom! Doesn't Dunc look pretty noble in this photo?? Oh, and please excuse mom's scary ass white legs. I told her to cover those things up!!!

No cheese yet, but more beautiful leaves! The colors were unreal!

Me and my dad. I love climbing rocks with him, which is good, it was a pretty rocky trail...not littered with cheese though...hmmm.....

Okay mom, enough with the scary legs, let's go find cheese!!!

Mom thought this tree was cool...Dunc wanted to pee on it, but we pressed on!

What the crap?? CHEA-HA park?? Not cheese?!?! (This is where we left Cheaha state park and entered the Talladega National Forest) Then what are we walking for?!?!

Oh, this!!!

A scenic overlook that looks over Alabama! Pretty snazzy!

Whoa, that's a far way down. And no hiding cheese...I just had to double check.

Some peoples had been here before and had a fire on the rock!! (Dunc's taking a water break)

Then we heard buzzing and looked at this tree....

Inside that hole on the tree was a wasp nest!! They were flying all around it!

One last look then time to head back.

The trail from the was jungle like. See that thing in the bottom left corner? It's white? Yeah, it was somebody's underpants!! EWWWW! Dad said he wasn't taking that back with us, I was already carrying one of Dunc's poo bags (seriously big bro, poo BEFORE we hit the trail!!). But that was the only trash we saw on the trail...wonder how the underpants got there? Mom said NOT to think about it!

One last photo on the way out, mom and I are both getting tired, but it was a great hike!!

Even though we found no cheese, we did see a lot of other trails we want to try out. It takes about 2 hours to get to the park, so it may be a once a month type thing. I like hiking though...and I wasn't called a wolf this time, but lots of people asked if I was a service dog in training, cause of my backpack. Mom and dad laughed at this. What's so funny???

Friday, October 22, 2010

Where's the Sun?

For some reason, mom has been waking up in the mornings while it's still dark outside. Boo.

Mom said it's the right time to wake up, but for some reason it's still dark outside. I do not like this. Duncan does not like this. The kitties don't like this. This sucks.

It's so hard when you're all comfy, snuggled in between mom and dad, dreaming of chasing squirrels or of de-stuffing toys the BAM! Alarm clock!

And mom doesn't get up the first time the radio goes off....nooooo! She hits the Snoozes button like four times, and you get like 9 minutes of sleep between buttons. Nine minutes? How is that supposed to be enough? Bah!

Mom said the time "will change" in a few weeks, then the sun will be back. I hope so, this is really messing up with my beauty sleep!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We've got a big Auburn Tiger game Saturday versus some other Tigers (from Lou-ee-see-anna!) then we're going to go off hiking Sunday. You know I'll be wearing my lucky Auburn Collar!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time Machine Thursday: Turn the Light On!!

Time to fire up the old time's a little dusty, but still works.

Today we're going back to Oct. 21, 1879 when Thomas Edison invented a workable incandescent electric lamp!

I think Tommy got the idea for the giant phonograph thing from my ears, but that's okay, he can have all the credit!
Man, have things sure changed since Tommy started tinkering with bulbs so long ago! Now mom and dad have little tiny radios with music and satellite radios! And now we have all these piggy-tail looking bulbs in the house which are supposed to save money and energy, but all I care about is the money, cause you know what that means! More money means more NOMS!!!