Friday, October 22, 2010

Where's the Sun?

For some reason, mom has been waking up in the mornings while it's still dark outside. Boo.

Mom said it's the right time to wake up, but for some reason it's still dark outside. I do not like this. Duncan does not like this. The kitties don't like this. This sucks.

It's so hard when you're all comfy, snuggled in between mom and dad, dreaming of chasing squirrels or of de-stuffing toys the BAM! Alarm clock!

And mom doesn't get up the first time the radio goes off....nooooo! She hits the Snoozes button like four times, and you get like 9 minutes of sleep between buttons. Nine minutes? How is that supposed to be enough? Bah!

Mom said the time "will change" in a few weeks, then the sun will be back. I hope so, this is really messing up with my beauty sleep!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We've got a big Auburn Tiger game Saturday versus some other Tigers (from Lou-ee-see-anna!) then we're going to go off hiking Sunday. You know I'll be wearing my lucky Auburn Collar!!


  1. Our Momma gets up WAY too early too. We go back to bed as soon as she goes to work though. AND what is up with that snooze button?


  2. I'm hoping our hiking this weekend isn't foiled by rain! I don't like getting up so early, either!


  3. I don't like waking up at ALL in the morning! Dark OR light! I like to sleep in...

  4. We know the feeling! That alarm clock has been hit so many times that it should be broke by now. We like light outside...not dark all of the time! We hope your team wins and also hope you have a great hike this weekend!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  5. I know this must drive my girls crazy - they pop up, expecting breakfast any minute now....
    Alas, more snoozes. Gotta wait.

  6. It's really funny that the sun doesn't stay long these days and I do understand the many times your mom hits the snoozes button, it happens here too.
    Hope you have a great hiking Sunday and your
    lucky Auburn Collar is so beautiful!!!

  7. We don't like it, because Moms gets up that early too! Not one bit!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  8. Hey Anna we don't like getting up in the middle of the night either. But soon it will be getting dark way to early and we don't like that any better. The days are too short already!


  9. Hard getting up when it is still dark. That snoozer button must be hard to live with. Just about the time you get back to sleep ---- there it goes again. How's a pup to get the beauty/handsome sleep needed?

  10. Be careful wot you wish fur, Anna. When you gets the sun back in the morning, it be going away faster in the night time. Big boo. Hey, did that Tommy Edison guy invent that snooze button too? Big boo.