Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hiking Pics 3- Top O' the World!

So heres some more hiking pics! Like I said yesterday's spooky themed photos--today's pics are themed "On Top o' the World!" cause we was!!

We went up the Beacon Heights trail (I thought it was Bacon Heights and was dissapointed when I was informed there was no bacon....) From there you can see everything!!

We were on this giant rock on the side of the mountain. No fences or gates or anything! Mom was a bit of a scaredy cat and wouldn't go anywhere near the edge, so we just sat and enjoyed the view!

Stupid radio tower! Messin up our view! Dunc wanted to go pee on it, but dad said it was too far.

It was soooo pretty!

Even the old man enjoyed the views!

Dad said it was "super cool" and we have to agree!

Dad got artsy with the camera...

Further down there was another big rock overlook...and this big sittin rock was on there. Mom wanted a photo of me and Dunc on it, but some ANNOYING peoples showed up with screaming kids and a dog off leash! What the crap? All dogs in the park must be on leash, and as much as I want to run free, I know I have to obey the rules...doggies like this can ruin the parks being dog friendly! Boo on you!

Further on down the road we found another overlook trail...Dunc went first to check it out.

Then we had a family photo made. It doesn't look like it, but we're WAAAY far up....

See? All those big trees look like little trees WAAAAY below us! We even had an eagle fly by!

Tomorrow will be our visit to the creepy Elk River Falls...and our encounter with the Mountain Chicken!

Also, my cousin Rebel is coming to stay with us tonight for a few days!! Whooo hoooo!!! AND I have to show you guys my new Auburn collar! Tomorrow might be a busy post!!


  1. Anna, it is sooo good to see you back! Those are some amazing views!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  2. What beautiful views!! We love that rock and are sorry the dog off the leash and the screaming kids messed it up for you. We know that all dogs have to be on leash on the Blue Ridge Parkway. That looks like a rock Holly would love to sit on! She loves rocks....I'm scared of heights! Looking forward to the next round of pictures of your trip! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. Whaaaa? No bacon? I say you woz ripped off big time. At least you gotted the pritty seeniks. We run into so many irresponsibull peeples wot is the reason fur us dogs not being allowed anywheres. I duss get to go off leash when we is hiking but only when we is way far out in the woods where there be no udder peeples. The minit we gets to where there be udder peeples, I goes back on my leash coz we not wants to be the cause of anybody complaining. Altho I would like to file complainings about annoying screaming childruns wot is off leash... Duss you know I has had childruns run at me screaming and waving sticks at my hed twice now. They is so lucky I is not the type to put the bitey on them. (But mom almost put the bitey on they parents.)

  4. Hi Anna!

    We are glad to see you again. That's really a beautiful place. Thanks for taking us there. We look forward to read about your next stop.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  5. I am in envy that you got all that fabulous scenery! It would be hard to leave all that behind.

    Mom is still wishing she'd gotten that sign we saw on vacation about pets being welcome, but children must be leashed! I hate how irresponsible people ruin it for all of us!