Friday, October 15, 2010

Hiking 4- The Mountain Chicken and my AU Collar!

It's Friday! Whoo hoo! That means tomorrow is FOOTBALL day and I get to watch the Auburn Tigers play on the TV with mom (dad's!). Auburn is UNDEFEATED this year and #7 on the poll...which is a good thing and makes mom and dad very happy.

You know why they're winning? Cause I've begun wearing my lucky AU collar during every game! Check it!

A lady my Aunt Temple works with makes them and sells them! She's on the Facebook under Trucks Collars and she makes them in all kinds of collors and patterns. Isn't it tooo cute? I may need a pink flower one for other occasions!

On to Hiking story 4! This one is a little spooky, just in time for Howl-o-ween! Mom and dad decided to find a waterfall that was off the Blue Ridge Pkwy. We drove and drove and came through this little town...drove down a spooky road, saw some...umm...interesting peoples walking on the side of the road (I head mom use the words "inbreed and/or meth heads").
We got to the falls place and there was a car there...but we never saw these peoples...weird eh? Mom said it was like "The Hills has Eyes"

From here it just looked like a was doubting mom's skills at choosing trails!

But we finally made it to the waterfall! It was quite pretty and there was NO ONE else there!

So mom and I struck a pose!

The trail was pretty, but it was kinda rough, but Dunc made it, so we all thought that was pretty cool hiking.

We made it back to the top of the falls...

Dad thought he heard a banjo...

This photo was taken after mom slipped and fell on her butt...the rocks were slick. I laughed but then I fell TOO! What the crap?? We were both okay, but mom had a bruised hiney.

Dad and Dunc had no problem with the slippery rocks....boys are stupid!

Okay, time to get back to civilization! What was weird as we were packing up, some car came in the parking lot...stopped, stared at us, then backed out. Mom and dad said let's go!!!

Then on the way back we saw the wiley Mountain Chicken. It was a poo head. It would not move out of the way of the car. Mom was afraid it was some sort of backwood chicken-highway robbery set up. I said to just run over it, throw it in the car and I'd eat it for dinner, but they said NO! Finally it moved off and then mom took a picture and when she snapped it, it back talked her! It went BAWK!!!! then started to come TOWARD the car! We was about to get attacked by a mountain chicken!!! We drove away fast!!!

Ah! Back at the safety of the cabin! We didn't go anywhere off the BRPkwy after that!!

Have a great weekend all! Rebel is down and we played ALL NIGHT last night! I'll get some picks of our good times. And I'll have one more Hiking Photo story, the story of the LAKE!


  1. Wow, a mountain chickun! I did not see one when I woz in North Crayolina. Mebbe there be only 1 and it be the one you seened. Wonnering if'n he be an inbred methhed. If'n so, I dussn't think he would has been good fur nomming. Best you did not has him fur your dinner.

  2. That is a furry khool khollar fur woo!

    I'm glad it has brought such good lukhk fur them!

    Thanks fur the pawesome pikhs from your inkhredible trip!


  3. I really like your new collar! No wonder Auburn is having such good luck! You wear it well, Miss Anna!

    I am glad you didn't have any more close encounters out there in the mountains. I've heard that if banjo music starts playing, you have to get out of there immediately!

    We're really glad you saw the mountain chicken and not us!


  4. Anna, we LOVE your collar - hope it continues its magical powers for your team.

    Another great post of your adventures on the trail. Sounds like you were surrounded by some strange peeps and chickens:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Annabelle, you are lovely in any setting. Thanks for sharing and congratulations. But your award does not surprise me. German Shepherds, after all, are the BEST dogs in the world. Hugs and a scratch behind your ears from one of your FF's(Faraway Fans).

  6. Anna, what a beautiful waterfall!! Kind of scary with those weird people though and chickens? We are sorry your mom is very slippery on mom found out the hard way many years ago when she thought she could climb to the top and down she went. She doesn't do that anymore thank goodness. We love your collar and love your pictures!!! Most of all, we are glad that you are back! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  7. Hi Anna,

    I am glad you had fun on your trip! It is great to hear from you. Wouldn't the collar be better in red and white? I think so!

    Rolltide my friend,

  8. That is all so beautiful and quite different than anything I've ever seen. But it's kind of intimidating, too. I mean, that's a whole lot of nature, isn't it?

    lotsa licks, Lola

  9. So glad I found you visiting the mountains where I spend a fair amount of the year. Chewy picked the right time to send me your way!
    Y'all come by!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  10. Hi!!!! We are enjoying a tour of your trip photos!! What a grand place for hikes and swims! Looked like cool temps, and nice crisp air. Fantastic!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose