Thursday, February 18, 2010

School Crush!

Had a great night at class tonight! Mom is very proud of me...and so is my boyfriend! Chewy!

I've mentioned him before, and tonight my mom and Chewy's mom finally got a photo of us together...some people say it's an odd romance, and that it could never work, but I say PFFFT! to that!

I don't see what the problem is? Sure, I outweigh him by like 55 pounds, but we work so well together! But now I'm feeling the pressure...our school EXAM is in two class next week then the GULP exam. Chewy's mom said she wants to go to the next level class as well, so if Chewy and I want to continue our school romance we both have to pass!
I think we will, but we'll have to see....should be interesting!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anna and Rebel 2; Stuffies 0

Stuffie stuffing??? What Stuffing?!?!

Rebel says he don't see now stuffin...that's left over snow..yeah, that's it!

Uh oh...stuffie pinata time!

No noms, just stuffing....

Rebel is RABID with stuffing! He's UNSTOPPABLE!!!
Notice the creepy, possessed red eyes!!

Ah, basking in our glory of a stuffing filled floor!

The End.

P.S. Mom said she's not sure how many more toys will make it until Granny and Pawpaw come to take Rebel away next Tuesday!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Training aka a lot of Sittin

Mom was off yesterday for some sort of holiday...I don't know what it was, but I'm glad she was off! I like spending time with mom.

She ran some errands then came home and said it was time to "Go for a ride to do some training!" SCORE! She got my little training pack, I jumped in the back of the car and off we went to a local park. NO ONE was there so we had it all to ourselves.

Mom worked on my sits/downs and sit/down stays. It was cool out, but after running around a little bit, it was really nice up there. AND I was teknically following the leash law cause I was wearing my leash! Here's some photos:

I sit and stay and mom gets really excited...sigh.

Down/Stay and guarding the bag which holds extra noms!

Off leash (well, not teknically since we have a leash law...I'm a rebel!) come

Preparing to slobber all over mom!

Using my super sonik radar detekting ears!

It was a lot of fun, I chased mom and wrestled in the grass with her. Then I got home and wrestled with Rebel. I passed OUT last night! I never moved! Hope you all had a great weekend, I'm off to nap. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Duncan Dog Day!

Mom here, I'm hijacking Anna's blog today (with her permission of course) while she runs around like a freak with Rebel.

Today to many people is a romantic holiday--Valentine's Day. For me, today is more than that, it's the day we got one of our heart dogs--Duncan.

To start out, I was in college and my husband (then boyfriend) had been dating for two years. Animals had always been a large part of my life, we've always had a dog, a cat or two and countless numbers of hamsters and god only knows how many fish. My husband, on the other hand only had one dog growing up. I found that terribly sad, so for Valentine's Day, I arranged a scavenger hunt of clues that ended with him getting in the car, blindfolded and I drove him to the local Humane Society.

We walked in and he looked at the puppies, and then to the adult dogs. There in one of the runs was this adorable little 1-2 y/o shepherd/collie mix that was just smiling and running in circles (little known to hubby, my girlfriends and I had scoped out the H.S. the day before and really liked this fella!).

We asked to have some one on one time with him in the yard to see how he did. His name was Duncan. And as soon as Duncan got in the yard on that rainy day he ran straight from us to one of the HS workers who was smoking outside. He had NOTHING to do with us, but adored this guy who just petted him and kept on smoking.

Needing to think about this, we left and went to the local IHOP with a newspaper looking at classifieds. Hubby said he really wanted a puppy...but it wasn't puppy season and there weren't any in the paper. Thinking my Valentine's Day present was a complete bust and that poor Duncan would be left at the shelter I did what any girl would do--I lost my shit. I started crying and babbling in the middle of IHOP about how I was sorry he didn't like my present and that I really thought he would like that dog that ran in circles and BOOO HOO HOO!

Stunned, hubby said "no no, it's a great present, let's go back and get that dog"

We went back and decided to take Duncan home. When we left all the shelter workers were coming and hugging him and ooohing and aahhhing over him. That's when we found out he'd been there for almost a YEAR! This was a kill shelter, but no one could come to putting this dog was fate. It also explains why he cared more about the smoking worker dude than us, and also why when he got out of his collar on the way to the car he RAN BACK to the HS!!!

Through the next year we worked on Dunc and his issues. He'd clearly been abused by a man at some point in his life, and it took a year before we gained his full trust. But he was so sweet. He loved to be petted more than anything. He looked after Maggie Dog when she was a puppy and was terrified of Simon. He would get out of my hubby's yard and go steal shoes from the neighborhood bringing back only one of a pair.

In the 10 years we've had Dunc, he's made countless friends and is "the man". I've had people try to buy him from me (seriously...WTF?) and he's given back to the community through visiting nursing homes as a therapy dog. He mourned the loss of Maggie and is teaching Anna the ropes of how to be a great dog. He chases things out of the yard and would protect me in a heartbeat. He LOVES car rides and food. He knows bedtime is at 10 p.m. and no later or he'll just go to bed and leave you. He snores like a 90 year old man and will not go outside if it's raining, and has the bladder of a camel.

Duncan is the best Valentine's Day present ever. For his Birthday he's getting a whole cornish hen and lots of belly rubs. Even though he's starting to slow down, he's still the best dog in the world. I hope and pray I have many more birthdays with him. Happy Birthday Duncan Dog! We love you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowdog for Max Dog!!

Hey everyone! We're surviving Snowpocalypse with the help of some bully sticks!

I wanted to share some snow photos...and I had to keep a promise. Mr. Max Dog isn't feeling well and I promised him I'd make him a snowdog (snowmen are soooooo overrated!) since he's never seen snow. So without further delay......DRUMROLL!!!!!!!!!

Isn't he cute??

Uh oh...snowdog senses a gazelle on the African prairie.....

Muwhahaha! Anna-zilla attacks snow dog...and in doing so takes off his head...
Nom nom...tastes like....water?
I hope this helps you feel better Max! I wish dad was here so he could have got photos of mom chasing me around the yard, with me holding Snowdogs head in my mouth! Muwhahahah!

I'm going to stay put...all my snow is turning to ice! Boo! But snow is fun to eat!!!

School, Noms and Snowpocolypse Watch

There is white stuff falling from the sky!! OMG WHAT IS IT?!?! It's SNOW!!!!

It's just starting to stick, so I don't have any good photos, but I will this afternoon. We're now up to the projected 3-5 inch amount for the day. WOW!!! The Snowpocolypse is ON like Donkey Kong (I have no idea what these means, mom says it sometimes!).

In other news, last night was very eventful. I had school and let me just say, I kicked ass. Yep, I did and took names.

We got there early, I was a little nervous and mom had me to do some sits and downs and she had CHEESE! Then the other class got out early so we went ahead and got in the ring where I got to warm up and did good. The rest of the class I sat, did downs, walked pretty and even wagged my tail and played with my toy. I had fun!!

And then I got a present from my boyfriend, Chewy the Shihtzu. Mom's going to get a photo of him next week. Chewy had a b'day party (he's one...I know, I'm such a cougar! RAWR!) and brought me some noms from his party! Awww! What a great man!

Then one of the instruktors who was filling in (our main instruktor had a stomach bug....ew!) was very impressed with my sit/down stays! Mom asked if she could drop the leash so she could walk further away and they said OK. So mom walked 15 feet away from me for a minute. The new instruktor was very impressed and used me as an example of a down stay!

Mom said she should have seen me four weeks ago and then she'd be really impressed! Mom wishes Instruktor Beth was there to see this! But we'll just show off more next week. Right now I'm sitting warm in the house until mom gets home to play in the snow with me. I'll have photos I promise and I'm working on my snow-dog plans for Max Dog!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow, Birthdays and Rebel!

It's coming...oh it's coming....the great Snowpocolypse of 2010! It's going to snow 1-4 inches here in Alabama! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!

Actually, I'm quite excited about this!! It's supposed to start snowing will be at work, but she may sneak me to work with her so I can got out and play in the snow with her!! Yay! I know some of my northern buddies are probably laughing at this, but snow in Alabama is a big deal...especially if it's like more than an inch!

Will post pics tomorrow/Saturday!

Then Saturday we're going up to see Granny and Pawpaw for their Birthday's. That means I get to play with Rebel!

In other news, Sunday is a BIG DAY! For the people's it's Valentine's Day, but for our household it's Duncan's Birth/Gotcha Day! Ten years ago on Feb. 14 mom took dad to the humane society and they picked out my most awesome big brother! To celebrate, I'm allowing mom to use my blog on Sunday to made an Ode to Duncan. Not only am I being super sweet in allowing her to do this, I'm also going to be busy because...

REBEL is coming to stay with us!!! Whooo hoooo! (Photos from his last visit)

My cousin Rebel will be with us for a week or so. I'm sooooo excited! When we leave Granny and Pawpaw's we'll be bringing him with us! Last time he visited we destroyed half of my stuffies, which have since been replaced. We'll see how they do this forecast, stuffie stuffing will rain on the floor again.

Mom is off Monday as well, so we'll have extra playtime. Whew, I'm tired just writing all of this!

I really hope to get some good snow...I really want to play in it! It may only happen once again in my lifetime! Mom was smart and stocked up on bully sticks for us since this is going to be a "national disaster" in the Alabama area...I think we only have like one snowplow in the state!

I have school tonight so we'll see how that goes. Mom has been working on my "STAY" command and I can do a down stay with mom 20 feet away from me for a minute or so. Dad was very impressed, so we'll see how I do in the classroom!

Oh, and I'd also love to give an extra big shoutout to my buddy MaxDog from South Africa. Still thinking and praying for you buddy!!! Giant hugs and kisses...I'll try to make a special snow-dog just for you!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

In the Dark

Firstly, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a TP/Kleenex addiction, and I'm thinking if sooooo many of us have this "issue" then it's not US with the issue, but the peoples!!

Anyway, last night we went to school. It was dark and rainy and windy. When I got into class I was nervous and shaking a little bit, then the other doggies from my class showed up and I started wagging my tail and calming down.

I didn't really listen worth a crap last night when it came to "sits" mom had to tap my butt, but I was more aware of mom and not near as spazzy---until BOOM!

Thunder, big boom, lights out.

OMG I was in the dark with all these weird dogs (and Chewy, my shihtzu boyfriend)!! Mom had me and told me to stay calm. Finally the lights came back on and I was like "what the crap?!?!"

I started to shake a little bit again, but mom got me into walking pretty and I calmed down. I do really good at my sit/down stays. Mom can be 3-6 feet from me and I just sit there...mostly cause I'm looking around but I did watch her during some of her "watch me's!"

Afterwards the trainer said I was still doing great compared to how I was...oh and that' I'm pretty. So I licked her in the face. We only have four classes left before the TEST...OMG, I don't know how this is going to go. Guess mom will be dragging me out again this weekend to do some more outside/new place/Petsmart training.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Secret Lair! Muwhahahahaha!

Shhhh....I'm going to show you something super-duper secret today....are you ready?

I've been going under the bed while mom gets ready for work in the mornings. Mom doesn't know what I do down there, but she hears some odd shredding like noises that tend to stop when she says "Anna? What ya doin down there?" Only to resume later in a menacing munching manner.

Today, mom decided to look under the bed. She had to prepare herself for the carnage she might see in my secret puppy lair of doom (insert theatrical villain music here).

She lowered down, lifted up the bed skirt and saw.....

Me! Okay, so it doesn't look THAT bad you say. Other than the dust bunnies mom doesn't vacuum, what's the big deal....let's zoom out shall we and use my telestrator to show you the true carnage:

Hi, my name is Annabelle and I have a TP/Kleenex problem. I love to grab them and sneak them to my lair, rip them to shreds and roll around in their feather-like carcasses! Then I finish it off by stealing all of mom and dad's socks! Muwhahahahahahaha!!!

Mom was not amused...she took the sock but left the torn bodies of the TP and kleenex (and the dust bunnies who I think I can make an army las resistance bunnies!!) for another day.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wubba Wednesday

I love my Wubba!!!

I don't think so Mom!!!

Duncan, you better step off my Wubba!!

Have a great day!