Friday, February 12, 2010

School, Noms and Snowpocolypse Watch

There is white stuff falling from the sky!! OMG WHAT IS IT?!?! It's SNOW!!!!

It's just starting to stick, so I don't have any good photos, but I will this afternoon. We're now up to the projected 3-5 inch amount for the day. WOW!!! The Snowpocolypse is ON like Donkey Kong (I have no idea what these means, mom says it sometimes!).

In other news, last night was very eventful. I had school and let me just say, I kicked ass. Yep, I did and took names.

We got there early, I was a little nervous and mom had me to do some sits and downs and she had CHEESE! Then the other class got out early so we went ahead and got in the ring where I got to warm up and did good. The rest of the class I sat, did downs, walked pretty and even wagged my tail and played with my toy. I had fun!!

And then I got a present from my boyfriend, Chewy the Shihtzu. Mom's going to get a photo of him next week. Chewy had a b'day party (he's one...I know, I'm such a cougar! RAWR!) and brought me some noms from his party! Awww! What a great man!

Then one of the instruktors who was filling in (our main instruktor had a stomach bug....ew!) was very impressed with my sit/down stays! Mom asked if she could drop the leash so she could walk further away and they said OK. So mom walked 15 feet away from me for a minute. The new instruktor was very impressed and used me as an example of a down stay!

Mom said she should have seen me four weeks ago and then she'd be really impressed! Mom wishes Instruktor Beth was there to see this! But we'll just show off more next week. Right now I'm sitting warm in the house until mom gets home to play in the snow with me. I'll have photos I promise and I'm working on my snow-dog plans for Max Dog!!


  1. Totally impressive wif the stays! I knows it seems udderly ridikulus now and you does it to humor your mom - that is how I felt about it when I was learning it - but it does has benefits. I has founded that it gibs me many more privileges than I had afore I knowed it. So keep up the good werks and has fun in your snows! Can't wate to see your pikshurs!

  2. Hey there Anna
    It sounds like you training is coming along wonderfully. I wish we were there to see it all. You are going to become a real star...we know!
    Enjoy the snow...can't wait to see your snow dog! Geesh, can you believe it, we've never seen snow!

  3. Have fun in the snow and great job at class, Anna!

  4. What a talented gal you are turning out to be Anna...You are so rockin' the training classes!!

    Hope you get to do lots of snow zoomies when your Mama gets home!


  5. Excellent work in Class and enjoy the snow :)

    Licks from Olive

  6. It will be furry nice to see you playin' in the snow! Sounds like the whole world is getting snow this year!☺

  7. You and your mom make a great team, Anna - it takes two to tango and all that silly stuff. Great job on the sit stays. Hope you had lots of fun in the snow. We can't wait to see pics.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  8. It sure sounds like you had a great class last night! I'm so proud of you! Snow..who would have thought it. I can't wait to see the pictures of the snow and the snow dog plan for Max Dog!! Lots of love! Debbie and Hollydog