Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Secret Lair! Muwhahahahaha!

Shhhh....I'm going to show you something super-duper secret today....are you ready?

I've been going under the bed while mom gets ready for work in the mornings. Mom doesn't know what I do down there, but she hears some odd shredding like noises that tend to stop when she says "Anna? What ya doin down there?" Only to resume later in a menacing munching manner.

Today, mom decided to look under the bed. She had to prepare herself for the carnage she might see in my secret puppy lair of doom (insert theatrical villain music here).

She lowered down, lifted up the bed skirt and saw.....

Me! Okay, so it doesn't look THAT bad you say. Other than the dust bunnies mom doesn't vacuum, what's the big deal....let's zoom out shall we and use my telestrator to show you the true carnage:

Hi, my name is Annabelle and I have a TP/Kleenex problem. I love to grab them and sneak them to my lair, rip them to shreds and roll around in their feather-like carcasses! Then I finish it off by stealing all of mom and dad's socks! Muwhahahahahahaha!!!

Mom was not amused...she took the sock but left the torn bodies of the TP and kleenex (and the dust bunnies who I think I can make an army las resistance bunnies!!) for another day.


  1. Anna...I think there is a therapy group for that..tee hee


  2. Anna, I think dogs should have a therapy session for this problem. I have the same problem with TP/tissues and socks. I love to eat tissues, found that the TP actually did span through 3 rooms when I was only a puppy and have stolen almost all of mom's socks out of the laundry basket. We have alot in common! Love Hollydog

  3. HI Anna,

    You fit under the bed? I've never gone under mom's bed. Ever.

    When I was a little pup, I had a thing for tissues too. It didn't take me long to teach my mom not to leave them laying around for me to find. BOL


  4. Haha! I'm sure you can make some money breeding dust bunnies - at least mom says she's a breeder...


  5. Wow, wot a pawsome hidey spot you has! I would prefer one like that eggsept for mom has a platform bed so getting unner it is not an opshun for me. Bummer.

  6. We don't think you are alone, Anna. We are sure there is a club somewhere for Addicted Tissue-aholics. We can't get at the trash here and we don't fit under the beds so no secret dens for us.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  7. Anna, we do this too! It drives our mom nuts! A couple of days ago we stole a toilet paper roll from the bathroom and ripped it up too!

    <3 RCTR

  8. Anna! You are too funny! I bet you would like Glory.

  9. You silly dog, Anna! Are you thinking of starting a village down there with all the stuff you're collecting?

  10. I hope woo got the skhwirrel that planted all that alleged 'evidence'!


  11. Anna....I have the same problem! OMD! My spot under the bed looks just like that!! Maybe we can tag team or something!! Muhahaha!

    Licks to you and if you find a cure..let me know!

    Olive :)

  12. I love going under the bed! I do it when Mom's asleep, though, and it scares the heck out of her. He he he...

  13. Hi Anna!

    It's great that you got the bed to hide all the evidence! hehehe As for us, we stay outdoors and one of our favorite playtime events is shredding anything we fancy at a given moment --- leaves, paper bags, leaves, plants even laundry sometimes. (oops!) It drives our Mama(Grandmom) mad sometimes. Good thing our Mommy cleans our mess and reminds Mama how adorable and sweet we are deep inside. Waaaaah

    We never mean any damage really, we are just really a playful pack. *wink wink*

    -Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

  14. This is one of the reasons why Mom is building us a new bed. We liked to go underneath our old bed and get into mischief so she retired that bed to another room and now we have no under-bed to go to! Hoomans just don't understand about out special places do they?

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  15. Anna we are not only TP/tissue addicts! We also love any kind of paper product! Toliet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, and paper in general. You are NOT alone!

    Woofs and Kisses!