Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow, Birthdays and Rebel!

It's coming...oh it's coming....the great Snowpocolypse of 2010! It's going to snow 1-4 inches here in Alabama! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!

Actually, I'm quite excited about this!! It's supposed to start snowing will be at work, but she may sneak me to work with her so I can got out and play in the snow with her!! Yay! I know some of my northern buddies are probably laughing at this, but snow in Alabama is a big deal...especially if it's like more than an inch!

Will post pics tomorrow/Saturday!

Then Saturday we're going up to see Granny and Pawpaw for their Birthday's. That means I get to play with Rebel!

In other news, Sunday is a BIG DAY! For the people's it's Valentine's Day, but for our household it's Duncan's Birth/Gotcha Day! Ten years ago on Feb. 14 mom took dad to the humane society and they picked out my most awesome big brother! To celebrate, I'm allowing mom to use my blog on Sunday to made an Ode to Duncan. Not only am I being super sweet in allowing her to do this, I'm also going to be busy because...

REBEL is coming to stay with us!!! Whooo hoooo! (Photos from his last visit)

My cousin Rebel will be with us for a week or so. I'm sooooo excited! When we leave Granny and Pawpaw's we'll be bringing him with us! Last time he visited we destroyed half of my stuffies, which have since been replaced. We'll see how they do this forecast, stuffie stuffing will rain on the floor again.

Mom is off Monday as well, so we'll have extra playtime. Whew, I'm tired just writing all of this!

I really hope to get some good snow...I really want to play in it! It may only happen once again in my lifetime! Mom was smart and stocked up on bully sticks for us since this is going to be a "national disaster" in the Alabama area...I think we only have like one snowplow in the state!

I have school tonight so we'll see how that goes. Mom has been working on my "STAY" command and I can do a down stay with mom 20 feet away from me for a minute or so. Dad was very impressed, so we'll see how I do in the classroom!

Oh, and I'd also love to give an extra big shoutout to my buddy MaxDog from South Africa. Still thinking and praying for you buddy!!! Giant hugs and kisses...I'll try to make a special snow-dog just for you!!!


  1. Wait a minute? There is a snow plow? Laughing. Hope you have a lot of fun, but don't get buried in the snow drifts.

    Hope you and Rebel have a destructively good time.

  2. Hey Anna!
    You'll have to record that snow! flake by flake! BOL! There are two things I've never seen in my life...snow and the sea! Sad hey? well, I'll just have to watch your blog for the snow and can't wait to see the snow dog.
    Thanks so much for the shout out. Im hanging in there at the moment.
    Love ya lots.
    (Can I be the first to wish you a happy Valentine's day perhaps?)

  3. So, I has a burning kweshun - how does you clean ice off your cars? Does you has ice scrapers in the stores there? I hear they don't has them in Flowerida. We woz supposed to has gotten like sebenteen inches yesterday but my yard only gotten eleben inches. I will has to go post the moovie of our snows on my bloggie.

  4. HI Anna,

    You mean your mom isn't stocking up on milk and bread and snackies? That's what happens here whenever a big snow is coming. BOL


  5. Wow - you're going to have fun and be really busy for the next few days! Enjoy the snow. I really don't like it myself. It's too deep for me to walk through here...and we only got 5 inches...

    Have fun with Rebel & the TOOOOYS!

  6. Snow in Alabama???? Amazing!!!! We missed all the big stuff here from the last storm. We hope you can get out there, Anna, and have lots of fun in the snow. And then have a grand time next week with Rebel.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  7. WOW...Good luck with your snow Anna!!!

    We just got rain here in South Texas today...but Dallas is getting LOTS!!!


  8. You sure have a lot goin' on 'round your place. Weather conditions, friends comin' to visit, school homework - when do you get the time to nap!☺

  9. Anna, you did make me burst out laughing!! Thanks..I needed that...really!!! You are so excited and I'm happy for you!!! It sounds like you are going to have a great time in the next several days!! Get your mom and dad to be sure to run to the store for the milk, bread and eggs (no idea why everyone goes crazy here to go get just those items!) Have a happy time and I sure hope your training session goes well!! You really have a snowplow in Alabama haha! We need a few hundred up here in Virginia this year. Lots of love, Debbie and Hollydog

  10. Woo need milk, bread, eggs, and toilet paper STAT!

    I hope woo get snow snow snow!

    Woo so have pawesome times ahead of woo!


  11. We know exactly what you mean, Anna. Snow is a big deal for us, here in Tennessee too. Our snow was GIANT for us that we had a couple of weeks ago. It's supposed to snow again here on Saturday and Sunday. We live about 45 minutes north of Huntsville and the Alabama line.

    Enjoy your snow and your visit!!

    Woofs and Kisses!