Monday, October 31, 2011

Night of the Living Pets

Well, it's Howl-o-ween, which means it's time for little ghost, goblins and whatnot to come to our door asking for noms. I don't know why I can't do this...I'm sure there's some noms people could give me, but mom says no, it's time for the little peoples! Pfft!

Anyhoo, I'm still in Anna Jail, restricted rest until my leg heals. It's doing much better, but I should have a checkup this week then mom wants to wait till at least this Friday to let me run free. Urgh! So needless to say, I've been spending a lot of quality time indoors with mom, while she watches Skeery movies. I help protekt her, cause nothing scares me (except skateboards, but that's a whole other story). But the other night we heard a loud BUMP I went to check, and looks what I found!!

OMD it's Mia of the Black Lagoon!! I always thought it was weird she wanted in the tub with mom, but now I knows, she's a monster!! I slammed the door (walking not running per doctor Vet's orders) and then we heard a moan from the bedroom......

It's Alley Mummy!!! She's always sleeping in the bedroom, it must be her crypt under mom and dad's bed!!! And she was moaning "NOMS NOMS NOMS!" cause she's a husky mummy!  Mom and I "briskly walked" out and shut the door...then we saw something more terrifying!!!

It's Simon-acula!! He was so skeery, I passed out.....

When I woke up, I saw mom in a lab coat screaming "They're alive!!!" I looked and saw mom had turned Duncan into Franken-Duncan and me int othe Bride of Franken-Duncan!! OMD!! This can't be happening!!! I'm a monster AND married to my BROTHER!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Then I woke up! Whew! What a skeery dream! No more skeery movies mixed with anti-inflamatories for me!! I'm ready for calm holidays that revolve around noms, like Turkey Day and Christmas!

Have a wonderful, but not toooooo spooky Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anna's Prison Camp: Victim 1&2

Well, I've completed day one of a seven day sentence in Anna's Prison Camp (APC). Let me tell you, doing your "doo-ty" while mom or dad hold your leash and Rebel runs around you wanting to play is not easy my friends...these type of imprisonment tactics are cruel and unusual...I feel like I'm in gitmo.

I began putting weight on my leg again, hoping it would prove to the wardens that I'm good to play, but nope. The week-long sentence still stands. So, since I'm in prison, I've learned from many movies that I need to be top dog or the Dog Father. Being top-dog means you have minions to do your dirty work so YOU don't get in trouble with the wardens. I have found my minon....his name is Rebel.

In the cover of darkness our plan hatched. I was in the living room with Dad Warden while Rebel went to "sleep" with Mom Warden. All seemed well, our alibis were set...until mom warden woke up and found this on the counter, I must warn you, the scenes are graphic:

That is what's left of dad's body pillow and the remains of one of my loves his body pillow and uses it when he's not curled up with mom or me.

As mom slept, Rebel apparently took out a homemade shank he made from a stick in the yard and brutally murdered the body pillow and the make sure they wardens got the message, he left something very odd and sinister...

Yes, that is the stuffie's leg INSIDE the pillow!! This kid is HARDCORE!!

Apparently dad walked in and saw this gruesome scene last night before he went to bed...he dragged the bodies of the fallen to the counter so mom could see it, with this note:

I don't think our message got across just started laughing. Not quite what we were going for. Hmm....maybe I need to recruit Simon as a minon as well. He's a kitty and kitties are pretty evil when it comes to hatching plots...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pain and Loss


First off, I want to extend a heartfelt sympathy and an honorary post to Miss Lilac of  Tales and Tails. Lilac's mom had to make the hard, but loving decision to let Miss Lilac cross the bridge. Please go and give her your condolences and support through this hard time and read her beautiful post about her dear girl. Much love to the whole family. Run Free Pretty Purple Lady!!!


In other news, it seems I've hurt myself. Yep. After a week of running around in the mountains, chasing deer and everything else, it was playing at home with my cousin Rebel that did me in.

Apparently I did somthing to my left hind leg while spazzing out   playing with Rebel. I started limping. Mom came home and asked dad what happened. He said he didn't know. Mom did not like this answer.

So mom gave me a good once-over...pulling here, moving there. Nothing. So they thought I may have just pulled something. Next morning? Yep. I'm still not putting any weight on that leg. Now, I can walk and run on it, but I won't stand on it. Mom even put some frozen peas (BLEH!) on it to help. Nope.

This morning and no improvement meant we went to Dr. Vet first thing. Dang it! Dr. Vet says she thinks I might have a small ACL tear. Mom was glad it wasn't my hip/knee. So now I'm on anti-inflamatories and rest for a week. REST?!?! I can't rest! Rebel is here!

I have to go in my OWN backyard on a leash now! How embarrassing! I know the squirrels are mocking me! We have to do this for a week. If no improvement then I have to go back and get an EX-RAY to make sure it's not something worse. I don't know how it could get worse than having to do your "business" with mom and dad six feet away from you while squirrels taunt you, but apparently it can.

So today begins Day 1 of Anna Prison Camp.

I still have some hiking photos to share, so I'll try to post those this week so I can remember the days of running free!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend: Mollie and the Little People

Well we had a busy weekend, so I'm taking a break from my vacay photos to tell you bout it! First, mom got some info on poor, sweet little pittie that needed transport to her new foster mom (and potential forever home) from north Alabama all the way to Mobile! That's the END of the state! Well they had it all but was missing the middle leg, so mom said "I love hitchhikers!"

So Saturday morning, mom went and met Miss Mollie. Isn't she cute!?! Mom said she was super sweet! How did this sweet girl end up traveling from one end of the state to the next?!?!

Apparently Miss Mollie's foster parents in north Ala were doing great. Then they told the rescue they were going on vacay and needed to board her. Then this week the vet called and said Mollie had been there for THREE WEEKS!! Her Fosters DUMPED HER! Grrrrrrr!!!  

Peoples are so stupid and confusing sometimes. But that's okay, Miss Mollie is going to a new great home! Mom was happy she had the chance to meet such a friendly and trusty puppin!

Then, that night, mom's BFF and her family came down! That means time with the J-man! The J-man is the first little person I ever met.  Here's a pic of me and him when I was 7months and he was still a little booger!

And here's us now!

We played ALL night!! Of course mom didn't get pics of that, she was too busy blabbering to J's mom. And we watched the AU game and AUBURN won against the Gators! Whoo hoo! We're not totally sucking! :)

So the next morning before they left, we played with my stick one last time...I'd get my stick and he'd chase me, then he'd get my stick and I'd wait for the opportune moment...

Wait for it...... 

Almost go time..... 

And steal it in the cover of shadowy darkness!! Muwhahahahaha!

It was a lot of fun. Duncan liked the little peoples cause they dropped food and noms on the floor so he could gobble them up. I also gave a lot of slobbery kisses to J's sister C. She's 16 months but fun to kiss on! And she gives away Cheerios like it's nobody's business.

Then Sunday mom and dad went to Granny and Pawpaw's but left us at home. But that's okay, apparently cousin Rebel is coming to stay with us Tuesday for a WEEK!!! WINNING! Hope you had a great weekend too!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hike 3: I Got Too High

So it was Sunday, the day before mom and dad were going to leave us for the day to go see Biltmore, so they decided they needed to tire me out. So we left Duncan to snooze at the cabin and took a looooong hike in the Moses Cone (the place with the big white house) trail system to Flat Top Mountain.

I saw my first cow. Not as impressive as those Giant Dogs. But don't let the peaceful scene fool was WINDY!!! And this trail walked through fields with no tree protecktion, and at one time mom's hat almost flew off! Brrrr!

As you can see, we are going waaayy up there!Actually, a little past that.

We also stopped to tell Mr. and Mrs. Cone "thank you" for allowing us to use their lands. What a beautiful spot to spend forever! I also maked sure there was no zombie activity so that we wouldnt' be suprised by a zombie never know, Howl-o-ween is close!

We got a little wind break in the and I on a rock. I don't know why she needed to have fuzzy paws like me, I didn't think it was that cold!

From a viewpoint you can see the pretty colors and Blowing Rock, the small town we stayed outside of...

About halfway up we found another cool viewpoint. Our cabin was back behind Blowing Rock, I think I'm pretty close!

And then finally we found the top! And what the crap is this thing?!?!?!

Mom and dad said it was a can see forever up there or something.

Mom: "See those peoples up there, you can do it!"

And I was like: "Heck yeah!"

Dad: "Who's going to own that fire tower!"

Me: "I am!"

Mom: "Who's a big brave girl!?!"

Me: "I am! Let's do this! Let's show this tower who's boss!!! GAMEFACE!"

So we started up...Oh yeah, take that firetower!

Who's your daddy?!?! I ain't scared of nothing! Look how high....ohhh....

Holy crap! Look how high I is!! Noticing how high I was about the third level and that this isn't natural for doggies, I pulled out the lay flat and don't move defense...much like a turtle.

After some gentle prodding and some Zukes PowerBones treats I made it down. What the crap was that?!?! What were you thinking, what kind of parents send their little princess up that DEATH TRAP?!!? Call the ASPCA, HSUS, Matlock, anyone!

Oh well, fearing I'd have a complete come-apart if either of them went up, mom and dad settled for beautiful views while I chomped my PowerBones.

 Looking around we saw that Grandfather Mountain still had snows on it from Saturday's little storm!

And the mountains looked like the went on FOREVER!

In the end, we settled for a nice family photo ON THE GROUND!! It was a great hike, other than mom and dad trying to kill me on the metal death-trap. And their plan worked, between this and my Deer Encounter yesterday, I was konked OUT!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vacay Day 3: The Chase

During our trip, when we weren't out seeing BEAUTYFUL sights like the above, we hung out at the cabin.

Most of the time, I was dog tired so I'd pass out...err...recharge my super puppy energy supply.

But then this place also had a firepit!! At first I was confused as to why mom and dad would take perfectly good sticks and throw them in to be burned! I tried to fight them at first (I had a nice little secret stockpile of sticks I'd saved from them) but then gave in and decided to help them. Mainly because when they had fire, they brought out the hot dogs and I'm a sucker of nomming hotdogs, and dad dropped a lot of hotdogs.

Then one night I heard was in the woods behind the cabin. So I went to investigate to proteckt my peoples. The following is an artist renditioning of what occured cause it was getting dark and it happened so fast mom didn't have the camera. So below is what happened...except it was getting dark....and I look cuter in person...

So anyway, mom came to see what I was looking at, she couldn't see me (at this time I didn't have on my no huntin vest nor my inky-blinky light). Dad came up and they heard a twig snap, then BAM!

A deer RAN past mom and dad! Bookin' it! Like runnin' like he stole it type speed. Mom was like "OMG a deer!" Dad said "Where's An...."

Then all they saw was a black blur of ninja-like quickness right behind that running fast deer!

If you slowed it down you would have seen me, running at the speed of squirrel with my eyes lazer locked on that deer's booty!

And then I was gone! Mom and dad called me and in less than five minutes I came back. Deers are fast yo! I'm pretty sure if we hadn't gone on that looooong hike earlier (I'll post that tomorrow) I'd have caught that deer. I don't know what I'd have done with it. Maybe licked it and walked off? Oh well!

So when I got back mom put me in the house, which was fine. Cause I wanted to pass out..err...recharge. From then on out, I always had my inky-blinky light on at night, but I didn't chase any more deers. It was fun though! Last year turkeys, this year deers....wonder what's next?!?!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hiking Day 2: Not So Creepy Trail and Camo-Flage

So hiking day two was an interesting day! It was mom's birthday!!! So I woke her up with slobbery kisses and said let's go! But man, it was cooooolllld outside that day. It was kinda raining at the cabin, but mom said "let's go to the Cascades/Mountain to See Trail" for a quick outing before our Auburn Tigers played!

While we were driving, you know what? That rain stuff turned to SNOW!!! Mom and dad were giddy over it. I was like "Ahem, let's go!! Trails people!" Gah!

So we got to the trail and it was windy! But I got some refreshments before starting off.

Duncan isn't a big fan of getting his feet wet....loser!

This is the same trail LAST was all foggy and SPOOKY and weird...this year it was.... 

Still a little creepy, but not so bad. All the dead piney trees were still there, but without the fog it wasn't near as spooky. 

What? You want me to go in there by myself?'s not that scary...... 

Whew, not too scary! And since this trail is BARELY used I got to go off leash. Ahh...freedom. But a few times those dead piney trees made noise in the wind like "CREEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" and "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" so I'd run back to mom...just to make sure she was know...she was scared not me the big bad German Shepherd....

I'm glad we made the hike...the views were beautyful!

When we got back, mom and dad had time to kill before the game, so we walked around the property, I thought I'd play hide-go-seek from them...

But somehow they kept finding me....

 Ah-ha! My no huntin' me vest!!! No wonder I can't hide (I'm sure it had nothing to do with my giant ears!).

Did you hear that!?! I heard gunshot! Good thing I'm wearing my vest so no one thinks I'm a wild critter for nomming or putting on a wall.  

 Oh, and it's waterproof!

That's it for Day two. Auburn won, cause it was mom's b'day and all! No tomorrow...tomorrow is interesting. I'm working on my artist renditioning of one of the events that happend, cause it happened so fast mom didn't have a camera!!!