Monday, October 10, 2011

Hike One: Price Lake Where the Wild Things Are

We're back! I have to say, this year's trip to North Carrylina was pretty awesome!!! I have lots to blog about, so we'll start on day one (well, actually two, but hike one). Mom and dad weren't sure how "hiking ready" the old man was this year, so we decided to do an easy favorite at Price Lake. A 2.8 mile loop around a lake and then go from there. The trees were in pretty good color as we started our day.

Ah, the trail! How I've missed you! Backpack, check. Water bowl. Check. Noms, check. Poo bags for my pooing big brother, check. Let's rock.

As soon as I could get to water, I made a run for it! Mom and dad said "come on, there's more water!"

So I went PFFFTT! What's the point of hiking at a lake if you can't get in the lake!?!? GEEZ!!!

 Then we found a really pretty tree. Fall was creeping in!

Dad said "Let me get my pretty girls by the pretty tree!" That dad, such a suck-up. Right, but a suck up.Then we noticed something on our tree!

Seems some beavers have made their way to the lake! They've been nomming on the tree! We saw lots of beaver tree noms. Some trees were even on the ground! This makes my stick facination look not so bad.

Dad and Dunc looking cool. But really, we were at a standstill cause the trail was flooded! You know why?!?

 Those beavers had built a dam where the trail crosses! We got our feets wet, which was fine with me, but Duncan didn't like it and dad got beaver mud in his shoe! EWWWW!

 But once we reached the other side, we saw our beautiful tree! So that made it all okay.

I got in one last that water felt good. It tasted good too!

Then we saw that the beavers had built them a house out in the lake! I don't know much, but I do watch a little HGTV and that place looks like a fixer! I mean, it needs some work to make it Anna-worthy.

Then we found ANOTHER critter! On the way out we found this deer standing by the road. She hung out for a while. She just stared at us. This is a lot calmer than my NEXT deer encounter that I'll share with you later (yes, I'm a tease!)

We got in the car and got ready to go on to our next hike. Dunc did pretty good, although I'm totally embarrassed by his tongue in this photo. I mean, how un-civilized! He's making our Bugz Bunny Blanket look BAD!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about me meeting some REALLY BIG DOGS! OMG!


  1. so beautiful. We love that you guys had your backpacks on
    Benny & Lily

  2. Now that is one awesome adventure! I loved all of it except the beaver mud part. Ewww!

    I can't believe that Angel went and had those puppies early while I was on vacation! There were eight puppies at first, four boys and four girls, and there was one black of each and the rest were black sables. One of the boys died yesterday, but we don't know which one. Mom is hoping it wasn't the black one! BOL! Dad is mocking her love for the black Shepherds now. We'll see what happens. I think we go to visit them next month or something.


  3. Love the pictures! Your vacation sounds great! Love, Debbie & Holly

  4. What a lovely place for hiking and swimming, you're a lucky girl, Anna.

    I haven't seen any beavers before but I guess they are interesting creatures. Well, I'm sure they are not as pretty as we, the princesses, right?

  5. Those are ambitious beavers, trying to chew down a tree that big! Wow.

    Beavers are amazing, with how they build lodges that other animals can't get to.

    You sure are giving your brother "the look" in that last photo! I like his tongue!

  6. Wow, those beavers have been busy. Did you see any while you were there? We can tell you really love that water, Anna. Duncan did well too - we sort of like that tongue - remember the tongue contest?

    Brink on the next hike.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. That hike looks like so much fun!! Beaver nomms!! We've never seen them or the beavers for that matter!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  8. Oh, Anna, wot eggsiting adventures with beebers and nommed beeber trees (and I so knowed that woz YOUR tail and not a beeber tail, Anna) and lakes and beeber mud in dad's shoo and stufs. Wow, fun times! Well, eggsept fur the embarrassing Duncan tung ruining your pikshure. You gibbed him good stink eye, Anna.

  9. Hey Anna!
    Wow, great hiking! My mom's last name used to be Price and that lake looks pawesome. I agree to the pttthhh for not getting more swimmie time. Looks like those beavers were pretty dam busy!! BWAR HAR HAR ahem. Well, someone had to say it!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP