Friday, October 14, 2011

Hike 3: I Got Too High

So it was Sunday, the day before mom and dad were going to leave us for the day to go see Biltmore, so they decided they needed to tire me out. So we left Duncan to snooze at the cabin and took a looooong hike in the Moses Cone (the place with the big white house) trail system to Flat Top Mountain.

I saw my first cow. Not as impressive as those Giant Dogs. But don't let the peaceful scene fool was WINDY!!! And this trail walked through fields with no tree protecktion, and at one time mom's hat almost flew off! Brrrr!

As you can see, we are going waaayy up there!Actually, a little past that.

We also stopped to tell Mr. and Mrs. Cone "thank you" for allowing us to use their lands. What a beautiful spot to spend forever! I also maked sure there was no zombie activity so that we wouldnt' be suprised by a zombie never know, Howl-o-ween is close!

We got a little wind break in the and I on a rock. I don't know why she needed to have fuzzy paws like me, I didn't think it was that cold!

From a viewpoint you can see the pretty colors and Blowing Rock, the small town we stayed outside of...

About halfway up we found another cool viewpoint. Our cabin was back behind Blowing Rock, I think I'm pretty close!

And then finally we found the top! And what the crap is this thing?!?!?!

Mom and dad said it was a can see forever up there or something.

Mom: "See those peoples up there, you can do it!"

And I was like: "Heck yeah!"

Dad: "Who's going to own that fire tower!"

Me: "I am!"

Mom: "Who's a big brave girl!?!"

Me: "I am! Let's do this! Let's show this tower who's boss!!! GAMEFACE!"

So we started up...Oh yeah, take that firetower!

Who's your daddy?!?! I ain't scared of nothing! Look how high....ohhh....

Holy crap! Look how high I is!! Noticing how high I was about the third level and that this isn't natural for doggies, I pulled out the lay flat and don't move defense...much like a turtle.

After some gentle prodding and some Zukes PowerBones treats I made it down. What the crap was that?!?! What were you thinking, what kind of parents send their little princess up that DEATH TRAP?!!? Call the ASPCA, HSUS, Matlock, anyone!

Oh well, fearing I'd have a complete come-apart if either of them went up, mom and dad settled for beautiful views while I chomped my PowerBones.

 Looking around we saw that Grandfather Mountain still had snows on it from Saturday's little storm!

And the mountains looked like the went on FOREVER!

In the end, we settled for a nice family photo ON THE GROUND!! It was a great hike, other than mom and dad trying to kill me on the metal death-trap. And their plan worked, between this and my Deer Encounter yesterday, I was konked OUT!


  1. Most definitely file a complaint with PETA. Those fire towahs is bad news traps of death fur sure. (So is cows - stay far, far away from them. They gib major stink eye.) I is lucky that mom is skeered of fire towahs even tho she tries to climb them while I stay safely at the bottom with all fours planted on earth. She has made it to level 5 by scootching up the steps on her behind with her knuckles all white, hanging on fur dear life and knees knocking. So why even do it, I ask you? Silly hoomans. But, good thing you could keep your eyes on Duncan napping back at the cabin while you woz on the mountain.

  2. Hey Anna!
    Wow, what a long, long walkie! I think you were actually really brave for going that far up. My deck is about as high as I go. Leave the climbing to the squirrels! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. Wowzers, that was the hike of all hikes! We are so very impressed with you AND your parents, Anna. We were so relieved when you decided not to go any higher - that was so scaaaaaaarrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy!!! You are one brave girl!

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful vacation with all of us.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Whew, you youngsters really have wild adventures, huh??? That's quite a haul!!!!
    Looks like the leaves are a couple of weeks ahead of us...we live about an hour and a half NE of I85 (White Co., GA)...when we go camping/boating, we always go under the I85 bridge at GA/SC state line, near Lavonia!
    Roll Tide!!! War Eagles!!!

  5. They were tiring you out alright. Great hike!
    Benny & Lily

  6. Such a cool blog! I have a German Shepherd and a GSD mix and I work with GS Rescue in Los Angeles. They are the best dogs in the world!! I'm fostering little dogs right now but my heart is always with the GSDs! I really enjoyed your blog!

  7. HOLY GWALK A MOLEY... ANNA... you took on that TOWERING THINGY??? AND WON!!! GOOOOD GOING GIRRRRRRL.. I am very VERY much Proud of you!!
    THANKS fur Sharing with us!!

  8. HOLY COW looks awesome and I cant believe you went up on the tower. Ive actually seen a few of those fire towers and they are amazing!! We are so jealous of your adventures.

  9. Anna, what a cool adventure! I think I could go up one of those fire towers, but when we come across them, Mom and Dad always leave us attached to the bottom while they climb up. Morgan wants no part of it, but I think I could do it, and surely Dad would carry me back down if I needed him to. Right?


  10. Oh Anna, you're so brave! I already felt giddiness when I saw you up there let alone I would walk up to that scary tower like you. Your trip was full of adventures and events.

    I'm considering to say BYE to my humans and move to you, is there any room for a tiny me?

  11. We think you are brave just to TRY going up that fire tower! We wouldn't have! Those stairs with air in between them are freaky!

  12. Okay, I'm reading posts I missed during the weeks I was busy and traveling. Jessie used to pull that "lay flat and don't move" thing too! Gosh Anna, I'm amazed you went up 3 levels. Jessie would have been doing the lay flat move halfway up to the first level!