Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vacay Day 3: The Chase

During our trip, when we weren't out seeing BEAUTYFUL sights like the above, we hung out at the cabin.

Most of the time, I was dog tired so I'd pass out...err...recharge my super puppy energy supply.

But then this place also had a firepit!! At first I was confused as to why mom and dad would take perfectly good sticks and throw them in to be burned! I tried to fight them at first (I had a nice little secret stockpile of sticks I'd saved from them) but then gave in and decided to help them. Mainly because when they had fire, they brought out the hot dogs and I'm a sucker of nomming hotdogs, and dad dropped a lot of hotdogs.

Then one night I heard was in the woods behind the cabin. So I went to investigate to proteckt my peoples. The following is an artist renditioning of what occured cause it was getting dark and it happened so fast mom didn't have the camera. So below is what happened...except it was getting dark....and I look cuter in person...

So anyway, mom came to see what I was looking at, she couldn't see me (at this time I didn't have on my no huntin vest nor my inky-blinky light). Dad came up and they heard a twig snap, then BAM!

A deer RAN past mom and dad! Bookin' it! Like runnin' like he stole it type speed. Mom was like "OMG a deer!" Dad said "Where's An...."

Then all they saw was a black blur of ninja-like quickness right behind that running fast deer!

If you slowed it down you would have seen me, running at the speed of squirrel with my eyes lazer locked on that deer's booty!

And then I was gone! Mom and dad called me and in less than five minutes I came back. Deers are fast yo! I'm pretty sure if we hadn't gone on that looooong hike earlier (I'll post that tomorrow) I'd have caught that deer. I don't know what I'd have done with it. Maybe licked it and walked off? Oh well!

So when I got back mom put me in the house, which was fine. Cause I wanted to pass out..err...recharge. From then on out, I always had my inky-blinky light on at night, but I didn't chase any more deers. It was fun though! Last year turkeys, this year deers....wonder what's next?!?!


  1. WOW!! What a deer chaser you are!! The scenery is beeyootiful!! That fire pit looks really cool too!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  2. Hey Anna!
    Wow, you are the mostest perfect camp protection! Great patrol job. I love chasing any critter dumb enough to come near. Love the artist rendering...I bet you were lightning fast! Definitely deserving of a hotdog treat!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. We just got caught up on your great vacation!
    Beautiful photos!
    Did you come through North GA on your way to NC? You should have stopped and said "Hey!"...
    Just want you to know, we root for Auburn unless they're playing Bama...we have lots of Tigers in the family because DogDazeDaddy is from B'ham! :)
    Roll Tide,

  4. Woah! I just got caught up on your super fun trip! Those huge dogs are super scary! I've met them before and I tried to eat one and mom yelled at me... so I don't go near them anymore. And holy deer! I've never seen or chased of of those before!

  5. HOLY MACKEREL!!! Anna! You looked CRAZY going after that deer! That was pawsome though!


  6. We call those wood rats :) I am super impressed with your deer chasing skills, you should join us sometime in it - head on over to Texas :)

  7. are a professional deer chaser, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  8. Whoa! That artist rendishun woz so in the fur real lifelike! Amazing and so thrilling. OK, so I has to tell you a little inky blinky light story. So my Auntie Sue woz in the park with her dog in the dark night and runned into a furrend with her dog wot had a inky blinky light on. So they (the moms) got to yakking like the moms do but kept watching the inky blinky light so they knowed where the dogs was. After a lot of yakking like the moms do, they realized the inky blinky light had not moved so they went on an investigashun. There woz the inky blinky light ON THE GROUND and the dogs woz off hasing the time of their lives without hooman snoopervishun! They had not gone far but they woz in cahoots like "Stand still while I take your inky blink light off then we go ofur yonder and play, k?" Brilliant.

  9. Great reenactment of that great adventure, Anna. We bet it was the highlight of your trip@!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Holy Toledo! Anna, you were this close to having deer jerky and Sommer sausage! My mouth is watering. I swear that the next time you go hiking, Morgan and I have to go with you, because I am certain that between the three of us, we could have taken down that deer!


    P.S. I think our puppy is going to be a little brother, and there's a good chance he'll be solid black. Mom and Dad go to meet them in about three weeks, and they have first pick.

  11. LOL!! Love the artistic rendition of your chase!

  12. You are a super duper great deer chaser, Anna! I really admire your energy and your skills, you are terrific!

    I need you to teach me some of your chasing skills though. I can't even get a teeny weeny kitty here.
    ~ Eva