Friday, December 10, 2010

Maggie Memories

Two years ago today, mom and dad had a different kind of family. They had Duncan, and the kitties, but they also had my big sister I never met--Maggie.

Maggie was mom's first furkid she had on her own. Mom adopted Maggie when she was in college in Auburn. Mag was mom's second dalmatian, she had another one when she was growing up.

Mom says Maggie was way different than me. She was STUBBORN! But they didn't mind. She was very smart though and very caring. She was terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks. She grunted and made all sorts of noises. She loved toys, sneaking on the bed and going for car rides. She liked to sit on dogs smaller than her, she loved mud--she was almost human in the way she would look at you and be like "seriously??" She was a perfect time-keeper and knew exactly what time was feeding time, when mom and dad should be home, etc. She was a master at stealing toys and bones. She was an esape artist and could jump a 6-foot privacy fence in a single bound, but she'd always come home.

Two years ago today mom got a frantic phone call from dad...saying she needed to come home NOW! Mom had never heard dad sound like this and refused to come home until he told her what was wrong. He said he thought Maggie was dead. Mom said to meet her at Dr. Vet's and she rushed out of work and drove to Dr. Vet. She went waaaaay fast and beat dad there, when dad arrived carrying Maggie they rushed in. Dr Vet's staff was FAST and did everything they could, but Maggie was gone at the age of seven.

Dr. He Vet said he tought she'd thrown a clot...there was nothing we could have done. Mom and dad were so upset. Mom took off work that day. She and dad just stayed home and cuddled with Duncan and tried to wrap their heads around it.

A week later I came into the pikture. Mom, Dad and Dunc couldn't take the emptyness in the house anymore. I remember them saying I had a lot of "Maggie-isms" but I had no idea what that meant at the time. Dunc wasn't sure about me, he was so used to Maggie bossing him around, but I think it helped all of them cope in losing Maggie Dog.
I never met my Rainbow Bridge Big Sister, but mom does show me the pikture and paw print that Dr. Vet's office made for mom and dad. So Merry Christmas Big Sis! You're still deeply missed!


  1. You story about your Maggie made my eyes all leaky. You had some big paws to fill, Anna, and I think you did it furry well.

  2. Crap, that is sad. It takes a lot to make a big grown dog like me get teary eyed. Dang it. Maggie sounds like a fun girl. Thank goodness you came along to help your people and Duncan.


  3. I'm so sorry about your Maggie. She sounds like quite the gal! I love the part where she liked to sit on smaller dogs. That sounds fun!

    My the Mom tells me a similar story about Comet, the sister I never met.

    One fing I know to be true... Me and you are showered in the love. That's for sure.

    wif love from the Luke

  4. Anna, we are so sorry about Maggie. Mom knows the feeling of loss very well and gets all teary eyed. She is still kinda upset over losing Alex and that's been four years ago. I guess you and me both have great big paws to feel but I think we are doing a good job of it. Your Maggie sure was a beauty and I know how much she was loved. Lots of love to all of you, Holly and mom

  5. On the day one of Thuglet pals khrossed, this is doubly leaky -

    Maggie is and always will be furry special -

    Fur a time I thought I was reading about a Dal-Sibe BUT the always khame home part.......

    It is furry special that Maggie sent woo to your mom and dad - and that she's there nodding in agreement AND maybe even making THAT seriously now face!


  6. We didn't know your sister Maggie either, but you sure made us see what a great pup she was. That was so sweet of you to tell us about her today. We know how sad your Mom and Dad must have been that day. You are now a very special pup because you were one of the best ways to put some smiles back on your parents' faces. Great post, Anna.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. I'm so sorry about your sister, Maggie! I'm sure she's running free and happy over the bridge and also watched your dad and mom and all of you. Thanks for sharing the lovely story of Maggie too. She was a beauty!!!

  8. Just think, Maggie was so wonderful that she led to you! My sister Treat was like that. She was so great that they needed another hound to fill the hole, and that hound was me. Maggie was beautiful and I bet she loved every minute of the time she spent with your Mom and Dad!


  9. Leaky eyes - yup. I'm sorry she had to go under such scary circumstances. Much love

  10. Thank you for introducing us to your sister-past. The hu-dad says he often thinks of all of the dogs past and looks forward to one big, furry reunion one day.

  11. Hi Y'all,

    I have an "over the rainbow" big sis I never knew, too. It took my Humans a lot longer than yours to decide they needed me. I'm actually glad it took so long or they would have had a different me...hmmmm...a not me?

    Maybe those "Rainbow sis's" are our guardian angels.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog