Thursday, December 9, 2010

I haz don't

Hey all! We are in full fledge-Christmas-Festivus-mode at our house! Whoo hoo!

Well, wait, let me back up. At first, we didn't have our tree up...then mom through a pissy fit and ta-da! The tree was put up this last Sunday night. Mom was NOT happy that we waited that long to put the tree up. She's a day after Turkey Day kinda gal, but with all the house painting and stuff going on it got pushed to the side. But it's up, mom's happy, dad's alive, all is well!

But then I started to get mail. I got some Christmas cards from my bloggy friends!! Mom was pea-green with envy! So was everyone else...what gives??

Oh! I haz mail!! Time to open it!! La la la!

What nice cards!! Hey, why are you looking at them like that??

Simon tried to steal my cards! I fought him off, be as he walked away defeeted he stuck his tongue out at me!! Boo kitty!!!
Oh no mom! Not you too! These is my mails!!!!!!
It was a wicked battle, but I still has my mails! Maybe with a few extra bitey marks on them, but I have them!! Mom has only received one Christmas card, I've received five!! Wowzer! I hope this doesn't affect my Christmas presents, I mean, I know the big man (aka Sandy Claws) is watching, but I had to protekt my mails!!
Oh, and PS! Go Auburn Tigers! We're playing for the National Championship!! We have to wait till January, but I hope my kitties beat up the Ore-gon ducks!!


  1. So far my Mom and I both and an equal number of cards. I was in the lead for a while, though!

  2. That is wonderful Anna!! It sure doesn't look like Christmas in this house yet and I don't have any cards!! You bet to hang on to them tight!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. Is you sure you has a good grip on that card wif your teefs? I sure hope your mom did not stick her tung out at you too fur not gibbing up YOUR card.

  4. I've thinking about woo and THOSE khytties!


    I wonder if Orie-Gawn dukhk tastes like - ummm - Auburn Khytties?


  5. Well, jealousy brings out the worst in everyone! It's not like you can help being a popular diva dog that everyone adores. Goodness! I know how that is.

    I hope you're going to show us pictures of your tree! I love seeing everyone's Christmas trees!


  6. Wow, you've more cards than your mom which means you're more popular!!! What a lucky girl you are!

  7. Glad you got your mails back Anna!! It always seems to disturb the pawrents that we get more mail than they do!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three