Friday, November 14, 2014

Creature of Habit

Hey all. I've been MIA again, mainly due to mom doing some traveling and then the Bald Puppy catching a stomach bug then sharing it with mom! Wasn't that nice of him?

Anyhoo, on to today. So, I think most of the country is like us right now, flippin cold. Which is fine, we like cold. It feels better outside and feels really good on the couch with the heater on. But this morning, it was the first COLD cold of the year. And it caused problems.

Let me first start with our morning schedule:

1. BP wakes up
2. Mom wakes up
3. Me, Duncan and usually a kitty or two go outside, do our business and patrol the perimeter.
4. Mom and BP do things inside involving clothes and stuff.
5. We get fed outside (cause of the raw noms)
6. Mom and BP leave for the day and we go back inside to chill or go back to bed with dad.

That's it. It's a great little schedule. Can you see where there might have been a problem with that schedule this morning? Mom didn't think much about it, until she was on step #4 when she noticed this staring at her:

And he doesn't just stare. He huffs and pants and then walks off then walks back. He's very determined. Mom was "like what the crap?" then realized, oh yeah, because it was so cold outside step #3 was shortened and we were brought back in after we pottied. But since we bypassed step #5 before coming in, the old fart was not happy.

Mom tried to explain this to Duncan, that she saved him from the brutal, arctic tundra, but he didn't care. He gave her the stone cold senior stinkeye of death.

I guess old farts just get set in their ways. I don't know what his big deal is, I, on the other paw, was relaxing comfortably on my the spare bed, warm and awaiting noms.


  1. Bilbo is the same way, God forbid anything changes!!!
    We think you are right...Old Farts are set in their ways....
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  2. creatures of habit - it is hard to break :)

  3. LOL that is routines for you. Have a fabulous Friday and stay warm.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. OLD PHARRRRRRRRRRTS are SEASONED ones... Just Sayin.

  5. Duncan, as a fellow senior, I agree, all schedules shuld be strictly adhered to. Dammit!!


  6. The khold sooooo ROKHKS!

    Now fur the snow!

    PeeEssWoo: That is a winning stinkeye!

  7. Phantom has the best stare of all. He never looks for anything in the morning, but he just paces all night and stares at Mom and Dad to tell them he wants a cookie, and another one, and another one . . .

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning