Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Little Wild Chicken Bits

We is finally getting around to our review of our Chewy.com item this month! The holiday season does get crazy! And it's not even the holidays! Wow!

Anyhoo, we decided to try out the Blue Wilderness Trail Treats, Chicken Wild Bits-- since we do like to hike on the trail and were interested to see how wild and crazy these chickens do be. Duncan checked out the package...

He thought he looked just like that wolf on the front. Pfft...okay old man! While he was admiring "himself" mom did look at the package and made sure that it was all good stuffs, which it was. No grains, colors, preservatives and junk like that. Mom was pretty sure it would be okay, since we used to eat the Blue Buffalo dry noms before we went on the raw diet.

The only thing mom didn't like in the ingredients was Maple Syrup and potatoes. I, personally, see no problem with Maple Syrup!!!

Now these are kinda like training treats, they is pretty small. Mom told me to sit so I did, then she took too long to take the picture so I showed her my next trick of going PFFTTTTTTTT! GIVE ME NOMS!

I did nom them up, they was pretty good.

Duncan did nom with a quickness...in a blur the treats in mom's hand is gone! He may be an old fart, but Duncan don't play when it comes to noms.

We even shared with my girlfriend fence neighbor Abby. She did like them too.

Overall, these were pretty good. We ate them, but mom said we didn't go CRAZY for them like we have some other items, so the Wild Chicken name isn't too appropriate. But, this might be good for training treats, they did enough to get our attention, but not enough that we couldn't think straight because we was drooling like Nom Zombies.

We does give it 3 out of 4 paws and think it would be good for training.Also, we is not paid for this review or our modeling services. We participate in bloggy reviews for Chewy.com and just receive the item to try out.


  1. WE Adore and LOVE Chewy.com
    You did a super job of reviewing these scrumptious snacks..

    We wish YOU and your Peeps and the BP a Very Much Happy THANKSGIVING...

  2. it does seem odd to have maple syrup in chicken treat

  3. Maple syrup, you say? If only they'd throw in a little bacon, too!


  4. Hi Anna!
    Firstly I just have to say, YES a wild, free roaming, real life Hedgy-hog is living in my garden, in his new Hoggy Home, they are due to start their hibernation now so need a safe place to stay! We don't have armadillos in our country, but Mum has seen a few when she traveled to America, she likes armadillos but agrees that Hedgehogs are cuter!
    I love the sound of your Mr Chewy stuff, wild chicken sounds good to me, and you all look like you really enjoyed it! Lip smacking good! Duncan seems to be the most impawressed with the packaging and smell, he does look quite like the wolf on the front! Abby your next-door neighbor really looks like she enjoyed it and you Anna you look pretty happy that they have maple syrup in them, I wouldn't be complaining either! I'm looking forward to seeing you hike and have some of those chicken treats! Love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Wait, back up a minit! Who do this neighbor fence dog with a likeness of ME be? I say she do has the look of a Nom Zombie. I only has that look fur chicken JERKY and you can hold the maple syrup!