Monday, December 22, 2014

Chewy Kitty--No Cubelets

So our item for review came in! Yay! But, what the said it was for the kitties?!?! I feel so betrayed! And if that wasn't bad enough, I was shooed out the door so mom could let the kitties try out the item. Humph. Santa better make up for this, and this better not happen again---I'm looking at you Mom and the (nice) peoples at Chewy that allowed this slip of insanity to happen.

Oh well, here it is. Mom chose the Wellness Divine Duos kitty noms. These feature a Chicken Pate and Diced Duck cubes. It's all real ingredients and Mom was so happy to see that this meaty, wet kitty nom did not have the nasty ingredient carrageean in it. Mom learned all about it when Simon got older and sickly. It's very bad for kitties,can cause inflammation, intestinal cancers, bad poops (which is what we think ended up taking Simon from us) and so on.

It is very common in wet foods (even people foods, so watch out!) to make it gelatin like, and trust us, it's hard to find a wet food that DOESN'T have this stuff in it. Mom read labels after labels after labels and it was hard to find. So, she was so happy to see it wasn't in this kitty nom.

I think Winston knew this was just for him!

Initial Winston reaction: He was all over it! But then he kinda slowed down, and took his time to nom it up. Which mom liked. But then we noticed something...

He ate the Pate stuff, but wasn't into the cubes. In fact, he kinda played with them. Winston, stop playing with your food!!

Winston says: I gives it 2 out of four paws, I'd give it three if it was just the mushy pate stuff, I don't think I'm down with the cubelets.

So then it was on to Mia to try this out.

Mia was being a diva and insisted that her food be served to her by the light of the Christmas tree. Ugh, kitties.

Mia nommed nice and slow. But guess what she did....

Yep, she left the cubelets too. So, I guess there you have it folks. Kitties are picky, whereas Duncan and I would have just inhaled it all. Final verdict: 2 of 2 kitties agree, pate only, no cubelets. 

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  1. OMD we had never even NOTICED that stuffs... and so we had Mom check and guess what?? it is in our Blue Buffalo wet food... We will need to ask our Dogtor about THIS... THANKS fur telling us...
    OMD wonder why they didn't care fur the Cubelets??? Maybe they would have liked them MASHED UP...
    We Love CHEWY.COM... they give us a chance to TRY thingys to see if we want to buy them... and our furends give us grrrreat reviews to help us decide.
    Merry Christmas to all of you... and we wish you a Happy New Year too.
    The BP is gonna make Christmas a BLAST this year...