Saturday, September 12, 2009

Squirrel Conspiracy or Trap?

I saw something odd today and I'm trying to wrap my little puppy brain around crossed into the apex of squirrel territory...the roof.

Mom "said" it was to "pressure wash" the patio awning, but I'm not sure if I buy it. She was up there where the squirrels always go to taunt me and throw things while chattering mean things to calling me "Dumbo" and "Poop butt". Now I'll give her this, they have been pressure washing the house like crazy in preparation to paint it, but ON THE ROOF?? Seriously mom??

I watched her with an eagle eye but she got to some areas I couldn't see. I tried to climb the ladder but daddy said NO! (daddy also got no pictures of my attempts...way to step up dad). So I've come to two conclusions:

1. Squirrels have been beaming secret messages into the window to my mom to make her go to them, the dark side. I'm not sure how this can happen since I'm always sleeping next to her and haven't noticed any Squirrel activity on our roof or near the I think squirrels may be too stupid to have mastered the control of laser beams...

2. Maybe mom was up there actually setting up squirrel traps to help US in our fight against the squirrels in preparation for the giant mutant squirrel war that is coming....

Since I love mom, I'm going with option two. Or maybe they were just pressure washing? Nah, I'm thinking mom is on our side and will be a vital asset since she can go into their domain and set up traps. Go mom!!

Now we're chilling out inside getting ready for the Auburn game tonight. Auburn won last week and after some dude on the TV ran the ball back a looooong way for a "touch down" mom and dad were jumping around like crazy and I jumped around too and howled with them. I love football!


  1. Way to step up!

    I mean, he missed your khlimbing the ladder of sukhcess!

    ANYWAY, those khritters are at it again! Mom khaught one of mine hanging out near Mr Toad's bathtub!

    The nerve!


  2. You are so lucky, Anna, to even have squirrels to try to catch. There are none here, only in the woods when we walk, but then they all stay high up in the trees. Tell Mom to be careful up there.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  3. I dunno bout that power washing the roof exkoos. Sounds rilly suspishus to me. Why would you wash up there when that is where the rains fall and keeps it clean? Just woofin.

  4. Yay!!! congrats on this week's game as well!! Auburn is starting off well... My Daddy's UGA won as well... PHEW! I was going to hide under the bed if it didn't turn out well!! BOL!