Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Duncan-ator

This morning mom left with Duncan....and no me. Daddy stayed home with me and I was very upset that both mom and Dunc left me....I mean, I'm supposed to go everywhere! So I woke dad up and demanded he tell me where in the bloody blazes they went.

Dad said "Dr. Vet"

I said "But I always go for moral support when Dunc goes to Dr. Vet...what gives?"

Dad said "Duncan is getting laser therapy"

This kinda scared me...I mean, I love to play with Duncan but what kind of unfair advantage will lasers give him??? I was thinking of this:

But dad said that what it's nothing like that (whew!) that it's a therapy to help with Dunc's "authoritis". It's a new therapy called a k-laser and it's supposed to make him feel all better. So I anxiously awaited his arrival home (just in case dad was lying and Duncan was actually turned into a robo-dog with laserbeam could totally happen okay??).

And what do you know, he came home normal. Mom said he really liked it, that it was like a "spa" treatment and that since his authoritis isn't too bad that it should work wonders for him. He has five more treatments to go. I'm so excited my big bro is going to feel better! This means more playtime for us!


  1. I'm glad woo explained!

    I thought maybe he was getting his fur reduced!

    I'll khross my paws fur him and fur woo!


  2. Wow, that sounds very interesting and promising. We hope it really helps Duncan. How nice of you to want to be with him, Anna.

    woos, the OP Pack

  3. Hope the procedure works! Let us know how Duncan is feeling when he gets home!

  4. We sure hope the treatment helps big bro Duncan so he can keep playing with you lots! Don't worry far as we know (hopefully) there are not any razor like things going on like in the picture but we sure can understand how you would think it! Give Duncan a kiss for us.

  5. You have such a furry good momma and dadda to take care of you and Duncan so good. You should always give them lots of smiles and kisses to show your appreciation☺

  6. Hope that the laser stuff helps Duncan! Though I hope it doesn't turn him into robo-dog cause that would be no fun!

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