Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mom's Old

Today is mom's birthday! I awoke her with tons of puppy kisses. I asked dad how old she was, cause I was going to give a kiss for each year, but when he said she was 31, I tried my best, but man, I was give out by about 22.

So if mom is 31 how old is that in dog years? Like, a gazillion? Wow. She looks good for a gazillion years old!

Dad is working so it's up to me to entertain her on her birthday. I'm up to the task. The weather has been FAN-TASTIC here...70s during the day and almost 40s at night. So I've had a lot of excess energy and lots of zoomies.
So, as part of mom's birthday present, I'm listing all the reasons I love her:
1. She lets me sleep on the bed.
2. She buys me toys/bullysticks.
3. She prepares my food.
4. She laughs when I run around with her bra/underpants/socks in my mouth.
5. She gives awesome belly rubs!
6. If she thinks someone is messing with us, she gets as pissed as a mother bear and will rip your arms out and beat you with them....yeah, with your OWN arms!
7. She has cute nicknames for me.
8. She will drive all the way to Petco since I'm a spaz and won't go into Petsmart.
9. She has not covered up pit number 2 that I've dug.
10. She's an awesome mom!
I think tonight mom said we'll be chilling out together, she'll be preparing our raw meals and watching Project Runway and drinking red grape juice (that I'm not old enough for!)
Happy Birthday mom!


  1. Happy Birthday Anna's Mom!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom, and your list is probably the very best gift you could give her.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. Happy Birthday to your special mom!

    I khan SOOOOO see where woo get your good looks!

    Hey, at least woo didn't have to try to keep up with mine! I mean, woo needed to get to 50!

    As fur the AGJ, my mom will tip a glass to your mom tonight!


  4. Anna, that was very nice of you to post a tribute to your mom today! Happy Birthday to her, I hope its a great one!

  5. Happy Birfday to your mom! If'n you think your mom is old, them my mom is ANCIENT! Akshually, we is both ancient coz we is both about the same age in peeple years - around half a hundred...

  6. Aww. Happy birthday to your mom, Anna!

  7. A day late Happy Birthday to your mom!!!! I know you make her so happy! I bet she got a million presents and kisses from you! (Hey..she's very far from old!!)

  8. HAPPY late BIRTHDAY to your MOM!! You look great and I hope that your day was super fantabulous!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to your mumsy....

    We would like to say that we thought our ears are not cuter nor nicer than yours or Santa's/Draco's and you were a worthy contender....we think we won as I do have a lot of supporters here in good old KL ( Kuala Lumpur, that is) and also we think dadster arm wrestled some votes ha ha.....

    Have a great week
    pee ess: mumster says your mumster is not old in hooman years and wished that her birthday was also a romantic one