Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Friday?

I awoke this morning to something different...a cool breeze in the air and a sense of something mom and dad call "Fall".

I don't know what "Fall" is, this is my first fall and so far, I think I like it. It's nice and cool outside. I think it feels great, and mom and dad do too after they put on a "pull over". I'm also noticing some other cool fall things:

1. There are lots of leaves and stuff to roll around in. Dirty stuff. Rock on.
2. It's nice to snuggle up with mom and dad on the couch with blankets!
3. It's not so bloody hot!!

Now, there is a downside...apparently our nemisis, the squirrels, also enjoy "Fall". They are EVERYWHERE!! The other night on our walk (the Batman walk) we were walking on the school track and there, not five feet from us was a squirrel. Mom didn't see it, if it wasn't for me, I'm pretty sure he would have jumped her and scratched her eyes out like a rabid spidermonkey. But I scared him away. Mom would not let me chase it though, but he got the point.

They are also working really hard on burying their little landmines all over. Mom says they are burying nuts but that's just stupid and makes no sense. Why would you bury nuts?? I'm not falling for it.

This weekend dad is off Sat and Sunday! He and mom are going to paint the house and I, of course have to supervise, but I'm also keeping an eye out for squirrels. They are on the move my friends, do not become lazy, we must stay aware and vigilant for our peoples!!!


  1. LOL! Squirrels are pretty kooky in the fall when they start burying things and running all over. It makes Marge mad, too.

  2. Be khareful they don't try to hide their nuts in the paint khontainers!

    Happy Rolling!


  3. Squirrels are everywhere and we believe it really is landmines they are burying in yards. Be very careful where you step!! Squirrels are tricky creatures!!!

  4. Anna, you get 'em girl!!! My momster too says that the squirrels are burying nuts, but I just think SHE is nuts... those things are landmines that are going to blow up when we take a tinkle! Harrumph...

  5. The skwerels is all confoosed by us. It wented from 70 degrees to 35 degrees way too early and the skwerels is all worried coz they does not has their winter stashes togedder yet. I feels kinda sorry for them. OK I'm over it, the chase is on.

  6. Hi Anna, I woke up to snow this morning in my neck of the woods!!!! I looooove snow!!! Keep your eyes on those squirrels, don't trust them for a second and good luck supervising this weekend!!! Looking forward to following your blog!!!

    lotsa licks,

  7. Hey Anna, one thing I've learned while surpervision of painting. Watch your tail. Last time I supervised I ended up with white paint on my wonderful black tail. I got teased for weeks about looking like a skunk!
    PS. I hear ya 'bout those darn squirrels. Watch 'em carefully.
    ~ Dalton, the black dog