Friday, October 9, 2009


I'm kinda may be doing her first rescue transport this weekend! At first I was like "huh?" and she said this poor GSD named Robbie needed a new first I thought that meant he was coming to live with us, but mom said no, someone had given him a new home but they were in Florida and needed to get Robbie to them. Sooo mom is going to help get Robbie to the state line on Sunday!

Here's a snippet of Robbie's story from a humane society volunteer:

This young fellow was dropped off today (10/3/09). The guy brought him in and didn't leave any info, he just drove off. He appears to be young, maybe around a year. He is thin and hungry. He doesn't appear to have been dealt with a lot, he's very shy and backs away. He will come forward for food, I was putting a handful of kibble in the run with him at a time, but he's not real gentle about taking the food from your hand, he will graze you with his teeth. He's not trying to be mean, he doesn't know better. I stroked his head while he was eating and he didn't show aggression, just kept eating. They are not sure if they are going to consider him a stray and hold him for 5 days or if they are going to consider him an owner surrender. I don't know how he is with other dogs and don't know his heartworm status. I think he has good potential if someone has time to work with him and let him know someone cares about him. Every time I quit feeding him he'd come to the gate of the run and look at me as if to ask why I stopped.

Robbie's new owner said he was tested and isn't aggressive at all, just shy, because he had bad peoples (ggrrrrrrr!). Mom is kinda excited! She and dad were supposed to paint the house this weekend, but it's supposed to rain all weekend, so now she has time to help Robbie get to his new home alllllll the way in Tampa! Lots of peoples are working to get Robbie to Tampa. You know, some times you peoples are A-Okay in my book!

I might ride with mom to keep her company, or dad may go with her. it's about 3 hours to the state line so a 6 hour drive day. She'll take her camera and get picks of everything! Wish us luck!


  1. My mom is all leaky and goosebumpie fur ALL of woo!

    There is nothing like the feeling ALL of woo will get from this!

    TANK WOO fur doing this!

    More humans need to try and help do this if they khan fur so many of 'us' need help in some way at some point in our lives!

    It always makes us sad when we know of pups that need to get places and there aren't enough kharing folks to help get them there!

    It is all part of PAW IT FURWARD!

    Khyra AND Her Mom

  2. That is Wonderful!!! You guys are doing a great job. We are looking forward to pics of the trip & Robbie. Hope you can go too Anna. You might be good company for Robbie and help him feel more comfortable.
    Hugs & slobbery kisses
    Ernie & Sasha

  3. As horribuls as it is that bad peeples dumps their dawgs like that, some of us is better off hasing been dumped so we can ends up in a way better place. I agree that Robbie is just skeered coz I was like that too so tell his new peeples has pashens, takes him to obedience class to bilds up hims self-esteem, slowly show him the werld and then he bees a happy boy who luvs them forever! But I has to say Anna, you should not go along. Not a good idea to has two dawgs wot not knows one anudder in small space togedder and coming from a shelter he could brings you shelter cooties :(

  4. We applaud and commend your Mom for doing this. Our Momster hopes to be able to help one day when her life eases up a bit. Anna, give your mom some big kisses from us for doing such a wonderful thing.

    Woos and hugs, the OP Pack

  5. That is just so wonderful! Thank you all for doing the rescue transport for that dog. I hope you have a great trip, get lots of pictures and stay safe.

  6. Aww! Kudos to your mom for doing such a nice thing. Can't wait to read all about it!