Friday, September 4, 2009

Ear it is!

My buddy Brownie has entered into a contest that I know something about...EARS!

Mom wonders if I'll ever actually grow into my ears, but she loves them anyway. They feel all soft and get wonky when I get sleepy. Soooo I decided to enter my satelite dish ears into the contest being held by Bentley and Lexus as the Munchkin Memoirs.

So I had to look at all my ear photos (which is like everyone of me since my ears HAVE to be with me!) and decided on this one, it's when I was a smaller pup and mom loves it!

And these are of me bigger...with even bigger ears!

Anyway, mom loves my ears. Mom has freakishly small ears...but I digress. So mom bought my fabric for my BAND-ANNA today! Yay! It's so Auburn-iffic I can't wait to see how it turns out. Of course, she's kinda still new to sewing so God only knows what it will look like, but at least it doesn't involve anything complicated like sleeves.

Have a great looooong weekend!


  1. We love your ears too. When we were younger, our ears were too big also and we DID grow into them, so you will too. All your pics are really cute - good luck in the contest.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. Mom has no idea what my ears looked like when I was your age (or younger)...

    Woo do have some khute ones!

    Good lukhk!


  3. You should certainly win some kind of prize for your big, beautiful ears...
    GO DAWGS!!!

  4. You have great ears Anna! Thanks for entering our contest. We will post about your entry very soon.

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins