Tuesday, September 22, 2009

B'day Loot and a Stupid Hat

Thanks for all the B'day wishes! It was the best birthday EVER (well, it was my first, but it was the best!).

I got all kinds of great prezzies! Mom did good. I loved unwrapping them. You actually get to destroy paper and NOT get in trouble. It's actually encouraged. I didn't ask questions, I just went with it, and after you destroy the paper there are prizes inside. I think birthdays should be everyday. Here's my loot!

Hmm....wonder what's in here???

OMG a pink camo WUBBA!!! I love wubba's!!!

What do you think Duncan??

Wow! Wubba, a giant spider and an Octopus Cuz!!

Yeah, I racked up! I love Wubba's (go get your dog one now!) and I've already partially amputated on of spider's legs. The Octopus Cuz is also great, it's by the same people who make my Bawk Bawk and Cuz. They squeak LOUD!

Okay, now onto a more pressing subject. Mom decided to humiliate me by putting an ice cream cone on my head. This is NOT cool like a Band-Anna. Here's the photographic evidence of my torture...someone call the SPCA on them!!!

So I destroyed the first one, thinking awesome it's all done! But noooooo mom got a pack of the damn icecream cones. I finally relented so she could get one more picture....

Then tried to find the ice cream in the cone. There wasn't any, so I just destroyed this one as well. She gave up after that, but she was highly entertained and said I looked "so cute". I ain't buying it. Whatever makes her happy I guess...but sometimes peoples are so weird.


  1. Maybe next time your momma should make a hat for you out of a real ice cream cone! Now, wouldn't that taste GOOD! Now that you are a whole one year old, we must say, you are lookin' mighty fine!

    We're gonna talk to our momma 'bout one of those Wubba's.

  2. What a fun birfday!!!! Sasha has a BLUE wubba. They didn't have any pink camo ones. She really likes it too. It used to have a little squeak noise but it is no more.
    Hope you did finally get some ice cream.
    Love, Ernie & Sasha

  3. You rilly made out! We gotted foster dog Buttons a pink wubba last weekend and she luvs it! Takes it to bed wif her at nite even.

  4. Happy Birthday to you! You are so beautiful! I take it you really didn't like your ice cream cone head piece, huh? I don't either but my mom insists on trying to put one on me (it always comes off) and she gives up eventually. Love your presents..cool stuff. Have lots of fun. Love, Holly and her mom

  5. Anna, re-happy birthday. you got pawsome presents, but I gotta agree with you that you are way too fashionable to be wearing ice cream cones on your head! Please destroy all the rest 'em before my momster gets her hands on those!

  6. Wubbas ROKHK!

    'nuf said!

    PeeEssWoo: I mean, I won't even mention your khute pawty hat!

  7. Oh yes, indeed, Anna, you did furry well, wubbas and cuz are great and look at that whopper spider - let me at it.

    Play bows, Thunder

  8. happy barkday! Sorry we couldn't wish you Happy barkday yesterday, the stupid computer thing crashed, glad you had a luvvly lot of prezzies, shame about the ice cream

  9. Happy Barkday Anna!!!! It looks like you got lots of cool presents! :)

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  10. Whoa! Looks like you got a lot of good stuff!

    Once again, happy birthday, Anna! Hope you enjoyed every minute of it.