Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time Machine Thursday- Veterans

Happy Veterans day!! Today is the day we thank all the peoples who were in the military (or who still are) for fighting for our freedoms. Thanks to peoples like my PawPaw, we have the ability to run and live free--enjoying noms, toys, chasing squirrels and spending time with our families.

There's also another kind of Vet (and no, not Dr. Vet!). The K-9 veteran. Dogs are used a lot in military actions, we have been for years. But only recently, has it become common to help save these dogs when they come back from their tours. Before they were either put in the "Big Sleep" or sent off to more tours. Now there's a group working to give these brave vets a warm bed to sleep in with peoples to love them.

Please check out Save A Vet ( They work to rehabilitate and save doggie vets, allowing them to live out the rest of their lives in peace. Mom has a shirt from them and it's pretty cool! Or just give $5 to give our K9 Vets a second chance at life.

Also, today is the anniversary of the end of World War One. Below are some doggies that helped fight the good fight in WWI:

So if any of your peoples served in the military, thank you!!!!


  1. What an excellent post!!! Happy Veteran's Day!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. Nice post. We really like the people helping the veteran doggies!

  3. Thanks for sharing that wonderful post about the vets. Loved the old pics of the veteran dogs & their peeps.
    Why is it we have to stay out of the way for people like the plumbers & heater guys???

  4. That's a great post, Anna! We're so in envy of your time machine and wish we had one!

    I'm still giggling over the FrankenBerry comment!


  5. What a GREAT post!

    Our khanine pals have done so much good stuff!


  6. A beautiful tribute to those brave soldiers and canine!!!

    Thanks, Anna.

  7. Yeah for remembering the pups! I have a War Dog book I'm working through...along with about 4 other books. I really should finish at least one of them...

  8. Hello!! I have an award for you!! Stop by :)

    Licks from me Olive!

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