Friday, December 16, 2011

Occupy Couch--Senior Style

A few weeks ago I posted about how Alley, the kitty, had emerged and begun an Occupy Couch movement . Don't worry, that is over, she didn't have the moxi to carry it on for long. But the other night, while mom was watching TV, a NEW Occupy Couch movement took off before our very eyes--a senior one.

Duncan is funny. He's all "Ohh...ouch, I'm old and arthritic! Pitty me! Give me noms! It's all I have to live for blah blah blah..." If mom and dad try to get him on the couch when they're there, he lifts one little paw and is all "Ohhh..ouch...can't make it....bad knees you know....ow....noms?" But an amazing thing happens whenever mom and dad leave home...he hops his jolly old butt up on the loveseat, stretches out and begins to snore.

Then when mom and dad get home, he hops down and stands there like "Ohhh...ouch....I've been laying on this floor all uncomfortable and old, must have noms blah blah blah..." but mom and dad don't buy it, they've caught him on the loveseat and realize there's always a mysterious "warm spot" that is quite Duncan sized on the couch...

So imagine mom's suprise when she was sitting on the couch talking to dad on the phone and I was happy puppy land nomming my bully stick on the floor when Dunc jumped his big ol' butt up on the loveseat...IN FRONT OF US ALL!! Mom was like "holy crap!", I was like "Whaaa?" and dropped my bully stick, Simon was all like "Hmmph, I 'm a kitty so I just sleep through stuff."

Funny thing is, Dunc just refused to look at mom. As if by not acknowledging her presence she wasn't here and wouldn't know he was snoring on the loveseat! Mom was like whatever, took a bath and when she got out he'd gone back to his uber-comfy orthopedic dog bed, like nothing had ever happened.

I have to admit, I'm quite impressed...


  1. So mom woz reading this and LOLing coz a dog she had afore me did the same thing. He woz not allowed on the FURniture but when he woz an old geezer, mom woz on the loveseat watching televishun when he just plopped his big ole self up on the couch and started snoring away like he furgotted mom woz in the room. Mom did not has the heart to make him get down so she pretended she did not see him. Honestly, Anna, I think we can get away with anything when we is old geezers.

  2. Phantom used to love to snooze on the couch, now he rarely gets up there, must be those back legs. Mom says she would love to know more about the Ester C and the proper dosing of it. If she has time, please ask her to send us an email:

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Dunc, you old trickster, you have to wait until AFTER they leave to enjoy those perks! Arwen has definitely reached the age where she will push the limits on things just knowing that she's out of mortal danger. "yeah, I've lived with them this long, they're not going to kill me for this..."
    Well played, Duncan, well played.

  4. Duncan sounds really really cool! I like his style.

    I never try jumping on the couch. Closest I get is putting my front paws in someone's lap when I want some fuss (or to go outside... or to be fed...)

    Love and licks, Winnie

  5. Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho!
    ~K and The Pups

    ROLL TIDE!!!

  6. Hey Anna!
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a happy 2012!
    Grr and a Merry Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend