Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Couch

Something weird has happened at our house...

It all started with mom getting our new coffee table. Isn't it cool? It looks like an old barn door. One of mom's friends made it! Mom said this is step one of "re-fur-nishing" the house. I think there's plenty of fur since she's ALWAYS vacuming and complaining about black furballs, but mom says it's time to get rid of the old, hand me down stuff and get "real people" stuff. This includes our couches. (see if you see anything odd in this photo?)

Apparently mom and dad don't like our ghetto furniture. Who can blame them, after what I...err...the kitties did to the couch years ago.... but now that the remodel is done, it's time to get some new stuff!

I have to say, I'm not too worried, as long as it's a big enough couch for all of us, but apprently, mom and dad have pissed off Alley...yes, if you look closely in the first photo you will see the reclusive cat who dwells in mom and dad's bedroom lair, making devil noises and only emerging to feed....much like a vampire or zombie.

Mom and dad said Alley doesn't do well with change, so apprently it only took her three years to get used to me and emerge! Way to be on it kitty!

My theory is she heard mom and dad are getting new digs so Alley is occupying the couch...since she doesn't do well with change...well she does but only in three year intervals. She has been occupying for the last three days.

Until then, I'm quite confused as to why there are now all THREE kitties in the living room...napping on my couches. Is it a sign of the apoco-lips? I'm keeping my eye on them....


  1. Annie... you better keep a eye on those kitties... looks to me like they're up to something!

  2. yes, keep your eye on them!!!!1

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. Occupy Couch...that's funny!!!

    Looks like some bad weather rolling through AL, be safe!

  4. OMD, do not let those evil kittehs out of your sights! When the noo fur-knit-your arrives, they mite make ghetto fur-knit-your out of it and blame YOU again! Hope you is not hasing any tornaders there and hasing to go in the bafroom with the evil kittehs.

  5. how did mom break the couch?
    Benny & Lily

  6. BOL! I hope the Occupy Couch movement doesn't take off! I heard that it wasn't a pretty sight at that park on Wall Street the people left there. If those cats decided to, things could get really ugly!


  7. You're so sweet, kind and generous! I don't think I'll let any kitties near me at all, let alone sharing the couch!

  8. Hey Anna!
    Wow, new fur-niture can be fun! My peeps swear that they had to wait for me to grow up so they could replace their old stuff. Hmph I don't get that. I thought I was just "modifying" it a little. They called it the Frankenstein Collection! BWAR HAR HAR. Love that new table! Pawesome. Kitty might need therapy to cope with this! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  9. Do you allow mom and dad on the couches? Or do they have their own furniture somewhere else? It doesn't look like there's room for all of you and them too, especially now that Alley has emerged!

  10. Anna, your big conspiratorial fears about the kitties always crack me up! Your mom really knows how to capture the over-thinking our shepherds must do while we just fuss over how darn cute they are ;)
    The hand-me-down furniture dilemma got me, too. So much of our furniture has been the same. We are in Dallas where we're lucky enough to have an Ikea and 2 people that agree on the style of furniture we pick. For once, the dogs get no say in something - but they do seem to take possession pretty damn fast!
    Enjoy your re-furnishing shopping!

  11. Well, I am quite in favour of Occupy Couch myself. That is what I normally do though, so I'm not sure that the hu-mans will fink it is much of a difference.
    The stinky kitteh purfurs Occupy Computer himself, which the hu-mans & I find kind of annoying when we want to write our bloggies.