Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am a _________

As you know from my blog title, I'm a German Shepherd. But cause I'm not a "traditional" colored GSD, most peoples get confused...and I get called lots of different things.

To be exact, I'm what they call a bi-color melanistic GSD (that's me in the middle). Mom and dad didn't even know I existed until they saw me. They've seen the normal, all black, all white, but not a black gal with tan toes! We're actually one of the rarest coat types. Mom and dad call me "Bear" but it's cause when I was a little puppin I looked like a little black bear! 

Anyhoo, when I young, I was called all kind of things...a long haired Doberman, a Doberman mix, a rottie with cropped ears (a woman accused mom of cropping my ears and went off on mom!), but mom's favorite was one woman actually stopped the car and asked if she was walking a JACKYL!!!

Okay, I can MAYBE see it in the ears, but for reals?? Plus I didn't know Alabama had a large Jackyl population....sigh...

And TWICE now I've been called a wolf....once last year in the mountains and AGAIN this year! But they also lumped Duncan into the wolf catagory this time. I ask you this...even if I looked somewhat wolfish (helloooo the ears people??) would you ever see a wolf, hiking a trail on a leash with a matching collar...and a blue backpack?!?!

Also this year in the mountains, we ran into a "know it all" people, AKA a jerkface per mom and dad, who decided to tell mom and dad EVERYTHING there was to know about dogs. Then he said, "BTW, I love your Belgian Malinois"

Huh? At first mom thought he meant Duncan, since he's at least brown although about 5 inches shorter and 20lbs heavier than any Mal, but no, jerkface meant ME!! When mom said "no, she's a GSD" he tried to argue with her that I was NOT that! Do wha?? So mom mumbled a "whatever, have a nice day jerkface" as dad pulled her away knowing she was about to go crazy-rabid-wombat on the man and we went on our way.

If I was a wolf, I'd have put the bitey on him, but I'm a lady, so I didn't do that. It's amazing what peoples thing they know about dogs...what have you been called that's been crazy?


  1. Crazy hoomans, I've been called a wolf more times than I know, I am always like "have woo ever even seen a wolf" when that happens. My little brofur nukie looks a lot like woo Anna - we are pretty sure he is predominantly shepherd :) Take care furiends,


  2. Well since nobody knows what I am for sure I gets called all kinds of things. Mostly I gets called cute so I don't care.

    Mommy has been asked if I am a Belgian Malinois, St. Bernard, Siberian Husky, Great Pyrenees (which is what the lady @ the animal shelter labeled me),Australian Shepherd (which the vet things I am) and a slew of other breeds. Nobody believes Mommy when she tells them I am a Mutt.

    Mommy ran across these White Shepherds when she was looking for me. http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/americanwhiteshepherd.htm


  3. Oh Anna, I am friends with one of my cats. Maybe I can ask her to come talk to your cats for you. Arty lets me love all over her and we plays together. It is lots of fun. ~Fenris

  4. Ha ha! People are so weird!
    The funniest one was a person that thought Tibby was a small St. Bernard.....yeah, she weighs 20lbs and doesn't look like a St. Bernard, but whatever!

    Having a rare breed can be difficult sometimes, because people are 100% positive that Tibby is a mixed breed (or mutt as one man called her!). Nothing wrong with a mixed breed, but just because you haven't heard of my dog's breed - don't argue with me! LOL!!

    I think your fur colors are beautiful Anna!

  5. We think you are beautiful

    Stop by for a visit

  6. I've been called everything. Everyone I meet has a new breed to add to what I might be... so now when people ask what I am, mom and dad say "brown." If they say pit bull mix, someone says I'm a boxer, or a lab, or a french mastiff, or a rottie -huh? Whatever dudes...

  7. Peeples has thought I woz a coyote while hiking. Yup, Wile E Coyote, that be me, BOL. Akshually wot most peeples ask is if'n I is a purebred. Mom want to flash them her skeery white legs and say "Who gives a *****BLEEP****" but she just says "She's a shelter shepherd." Duss you know how many peeples now think "shelter shepherd" be a breed? Mom dussn't even get into it with them. So put my pikshure up there with those udder 3 and unnerneath it put "Sable Shelter Shepherd". Let jerkface chew on THAT!

  8. We are always referred to as wolves:) And when Dakota was a pup in obedience class, the trainer (who raised GSDs) always referred to her as a GSD wannabe:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Oh Anna! I can't imagine how anyone could not see your gorgeousness immediately and know that you are a German Princess! Really!

    Sometimes people mistake me for a Whippet, but my favorite is when people ask if Blue and I are Great Danes. Seriously?


    P.S. Sorry to tease you about the puppy pictures! This might make you feel better! ;) We'll be talking about him on Thursday! http://www.flickr.com/photos/30966697@N08/sets/72157627937883827/

  10. we are called pugs or piggies
    Benny & Lily

  11. I have been asked so many times if Lady is really a German Shepherd, and if so, what type, that recently we decided we should make up a type. Because the people just don't seem satisfied with the answer "Yep, she's a German Shepherd." So, next time someone asks - she's a "Great White Northern Shepherd." I was going to do a post about this one of these days! :)

  12. I'm so used to be called 'Lassie' since I was a puppy and sometimes I do think I'm a 'Lassie' now, LOL! My humans do refer me as 'miniature Lassie' when it comes to people who don't know me at all. Weird humans!!!